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Norfolk Trip Day 5

Day 5 Norfolk trip


I started this at 5.21am, I could hear feet above me as I typed.  I am going to go and see who is awake and what is happening with getting ready for our homeward trip.  Will we need to sit on those suitcases to close them?  Will they have packed everything?  We do a room inspection every morning and to be honest they are doing well especially the boys houses.  


The teachers also choose a person or persons each day who have impressed them.  There are many reasons for choosing them - politeness, team effort, helpfulness to others, kindness, smiling faces, good listening, kind heartedness.  We will be putting up photos of our daily winners later.  The children receive a very expensive gold medal to reward them in a very special medal ceremony each and every morning.


We will be having breakfast this morning at 7.30 and then we have to be packed and out of our houses by 9 with luggage packed ready to leave after lunch.  We will be doing our 2 activities this morning which I think includes a scavenger hunt, a blind trail, the obstacle course and the camp craft.  Once lunch has been eaten and the coach packed we will be on our way and back to school to reunite you with the children, their dirty washing and tales of their adventrures.  School will keep you informed of our progress along the way - M25 on a Friday afternoon ---hhmmmm.  See you all later.

Norfolk Trip Day 4


Another great day here in sunny Norfolk.  We all found that we had to wake children up today to get them moving, tiredness was setting in and to top that our breakfast slot was 7.30 this morning!  That was a challenge.  We had planned to start waking them about 6.30 but some refused to let go of their slumber!  Once they were up and about breakfast was eaten and energy levels returned ready for another day of fun and games.  We all went out together on the giant canoes, raced around the lake not quite in the style of the Oxford - Cambridge boat race but we got there - our coordination wasn't quite that good.  Lots of challenges were set which even included Mrs Claffey standing up on the front having to sing Twinkle Twinkle.  I think everyone enjoyed that.  Some of us did some survival skills building dens and hedgehodge houses, learning how to check what is safe to eat if ever we are lost and how to summon help in the depths of Norfolk.  We saw some fantastic team work from the children in completing their tasks.  


Lunch went down well and we were off again on a camp craft expedition whilst others in the groups when to complete the obstacle course.  Again children were able to challenge themselves to overcome their fears, go a step higher off the ground or to complete the whole challenge.  Amazing team work.  Finally we came back to do some team games before dinner - a full roast dinner with chicken, pork or toad in the hole.  Our evening activities included a blind trail where trust was so important, some blindfolds were removed and talk of water and snakes made others a little untrusting.  Everyone had great fun though.  Another group competed the low ropes trail even challenging another school to a race around the track carrying a football in a helmet - you just have to love the games here.  The score was 1-1 and gracious in losing as in winning.  


The fun came when we came to packing ready for the off.  Please have the washing machines on stand by.  Remember those neatly packed cases with everything looking pristine, well they are but a memory.  Some may come back with a black bag of dirty clothes and a suitcase crammed with a mixture of shoes, pyjamas and anything else they have found around here.  Have to say they are not doing too bad a job so far.  

Norfolk Day 3


Well that was a busy day!  We were up early again, most houses awake and moving by 6.  Room inspections followed and we have to say they are doing well.  Most rooms are very tidy when we look at them and the competition is tough.  If they say they can't keep their rooms tidy at home, don't believe them, they can.  Breakfast was consumed no one is going hungry.  Lots of different actitivities were completed during the day.  Some of the favourites have been the fencing and the archery,  Personal targets have been set with climbing and often achieved with those children who might be a little fearful of heights conquering a fear, going just that little bit higher or completing the course totally.  It has been great to see them working together and encouraging each other.  We also had a lovely lake walk yesterday learning about the wildlife that lives on this site, we saw much of the wildlife as we walked and signs of different animals that could not be seen.  

Following our dinner all the groups came together to have a go at some initative exercises......... hmmm.  Some of them we were able to solve, some took alot more effort.  Balancing 12 nails on one nail baffled us all!  The children have done so much running around during the day that once we returned to our houses they were soon in their beds and asleep.  Apart from the odd bathroom visit nothing was heard until they were woken up this morning.  Quite a number of gentle wake ups were needed this morning in all three houses.  I was met with a number of sleepy dazed eyes!


We will continue to send photos through to school to post as we go through the day but all the children are having a great time.


Norfolk Trip Day 2

Norfolk Day 2


Well we have just returned from our quiz evening where quite a few sweets were consumed - the sugar was needed as the eyelids were beginning to droop after the early morning start of 5.20.  Please let them sleep in tomorrow morning to at least 6am.  Have you ever heard them asking to go to bed please?  We are back in our houses now and the voices are not quite as loud as last night, the sound of footsepts are slightly dulled and I am sure that they will be settling down earlier than last night.  They have all had a great time and taken time to reach their own goals and challenges.  Some of the groups have completed the fencing and archery challenges.  Another group went off to explore the lake and we also learned how to read a compass and take a bearing.  The sun shone as we played volleyball and worked well together  as a team.  They have managed to eat their weight in food with some great choices of beef goulash, cumberland sausages or cajun chicken this evening.  Several have already planned on another cooked breakfast in the morning.  No one is going hungry, we have had lots of smiles and we are all looking forward to what Wednesday will bring.  


Wish us luck that we all sleep well tonight.  

Norfolk Trip Day 1

Day 1


We were all up early in fact many of the children woke up about 5.30 and were washed and showered before even the staff could wake them up.  Not sure if this will continue but we shall see.  This meant we had some time to wait until breakfast at 8.15 but time was filled in with chatting, room inspections and never ending questions of what are we doing today?  We have loads of photos but the internet here is a little touchy to say the least and doesn't like to upload photos quickly or easily.  No one is going hungy as many full English breakfasts were eaten before the day began with additional plates of toast and cereal if they felt like it.  


Our day then started with a variety of activies which have already included climbing, obstacles course, lake walks.  This afternoon after lunch we have volleyball, fencing and other activities to look forward to.  The children are having a great time encouraging each other when needed and learning new skills.  Will keep everyone updated whenever we can but all is well and everyone is smiling.

We have arrived!

Year 6 residential trip to Norfolk trip


Arrived safe and sound after a good journey.  Children have settled into their rooms.  Everyone ate a good meal this evening - excellent choices of curries, meatballs or pork steaks - plates were cleaned.  We have already started on the activities and competed against each other this evening in the Manor Olympics.  Currently children are showering and getting ready for bed - hopefully sleep will come swiftly as they will be up early in the morning at 7 ready for breakfast and a day of activities.  


Internet here in our rooms is difficult so I will try to put some photos up in the morning for everyone to see but just wanted everyone to know that all is good.

Year 6 Staff Team

Teacher: Mrs More

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wright




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