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Remote Learning

Remote Learning can be accessed on Purple Mash via the link above. Children must log on to their Purple Mash account daily to view and complete the work set for that day.  Feedback will be given that afternoon and then the task will be closed at the end of the day. New tasks will be assigned each afternoon for the following day, if a task needs to be redone it will be reallocated to your child.  Each Friday afternoon, an overview of the subjects and learning intentions for the following week’s activities will be uploaded below. 

If there are any queries or technical issues linked to this, please email the junior or infant email. Teachers will be able to answer these in the afternoon.

If your child is having to self-isolate and you need access to our remote learning, please use the links and resources below to access our online learning tools. Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to upload some resources to the website. These will be emailed separately or uploaded to Purple Mash.

Maths Week commencing 5th January


This week we will be starting to look at multiplication and division.  We will start by looking at equal and unequal groups before moving on to looking at arrays.  Have a look at the videos below.

Tuesday - Recognise equal groups

This is "Spr2.1.1 - Recognise equal groups" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo

Weds 6th January - Make equal groups

Thursday 7th January - Add equal groups

Friday 8th January - Multiplication using the x symbol

Week commencing 2nd November




This week are learning to add using the column method and we are following the white rose scheme.  Look at the on line learning video.  We start with numbers not bridging 10, so when we add in the ones column the numbers do not go over the 10.

We are concentrating on addition and then will move onto subtraction later.


We have moved onto addition using the column method but bridging the 10 now. Have a look at the video that shows the methods of how to bridge the 10 when counting.




We are talking about signs and symbols that we see in our everyday lives.  We talked about road signs that give us warnings or that give us information; about the symbols on maps; about facial expressions giving us a sign of how people are feeling and about signs we might find in the church either at different times of the year or for the different sacraments.




We are starting our new non fiction text and talked about what a biography is and how these are set out.


We have also looked at rhyming words and using our knowledge of sounds to help us when we are rhyming words.  These also help our spellings.



This week we have been looking at the life of Amy Johnson


Week commencing 12th October


We have been working on planning our story in class changing the character from the Crow to the Polar bear.  The Polar bear will be going to the Arctic to get some ice.  We will be working on this for the next two weeks


We also have been looking at using adjectives, nouns and verbs as well as looking at the life of Amelia Earhart.

Reading Comprehension Choose the one that is easier to read

In order to see the work we have been looking at in class this week the videos can be accessed on this website.


You can also look at using Numbots and Purple Mash for maths games to help with maths skills.

Week Commencing  5th October.


In English we are continuing to write the story of the Crow's Tale - have a look at the power point and see what sentences you need to write.


In maths we are working on using related facts and knowing our number bonds.  You can use Numbots or Maths Shed to practice these skills or look at the power points and work sheets to help.  Have look at White Rose maths for 5 power points to describe the ideas discussed in our lessons.


In our topic this week we have are looking at female pilots who were pioneers in the field of flying and then we are looking at the different parts of a modern day plane.


In RE we are thinking about the fact that we may have some worries but God is always there to help us take those worries away.  We are talking about who can help us if we have a worry and where we can go for help.