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Week commencing 12th October


We have been working on planning our story in class changing the character from the Crow to the Polar bear.  The Polar bear will be going to the Arctic to get some ice.  We will be working on this for the next two weeks


We also have been looking at using adjectives, nouns and verbs as well as looking at the life of Amelia Earhart.

Reading Comprehension Choose the one that is easier to read

In order to see the work we have been looking at in class this week the videos can be accessed on this website.


You can also look at using Numbots and Purple Mash for maths games to help with maths skills.

Week Commencing  5th October.


In English we are continuing to write the story of the Crow's Tale - have a look at the power point and see what sentences you need to write.


In maths we are working on using related facts and knowing our number bonds.  You can use Numbots or Maths Shed to practice these skills or look at the power points and work sheets to help.  Have look at White Rose maths for 5 power points to describe the ideas discussed in our lessons.


In our topic this week we have are looking at female pilots who were pioneers in the field of flying and then we are looking at the different parts of a modern day plane.


In RE we are thinking about the fact that we may have some worries but God is always there to help us take those worries away.  We are talking about who can help us if we have a worry and where we can go for help.