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Fairtrade Prayer and Reflection



One of the psalms describes the earth like this:
‘The world and all that is in it belong to the Lord; the earth and who live on it are his.” (Psalm 24:1)
And that reminds us why choosing Fairtrade is important.
Everything in the world belongs to God, but sadly not everyone remembers this.
Sometimes people who run businesses forget that they have to care for God’s world and God’s people. Sometimes the desire to make money makes people forget that they should still be fair.
That’s why CAFOD and many other charities helped to form the Fairtrade Foundation back in 1992.
By giving those who make and produce food, cotton and other products fair pay, the Fairtrade Foundation helps to protect people’s lives and gives them a better future.
So choosing a fairly traded banana or bar of chocolate might not seem to make much of a difference.
But it’s actually a really good way of helping others.
Swapping to Fairtrade is a good choice – but also a really easy one!
And if we all do it, then we can be God’s hands on earth.
Let us pray
Dear God
We pray for those people around the world who grow and produce the things we eat and buy.
We pray that they get a fair price for the things we buy from them.
We pray that we can help support these people by buying Fairtrade goods so that we can help create a better and more just world.