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KS1 nativity- A Bundle of Joy!

Great Fire of London Day

London’s burning

Still image for this video

Working as historians to find out about the Great Fire of London

We discussed what evidence and sources of information are and how historians use these to find out about the past. We looked at a variety of sources about the Great Fire of London to find out about when and where the fire started. We looked at paintings, maps, an extract of diary entry, a part of a contemporary newspaper and a few other sources. 

World Mental Health day

More material exploring and testing of their properties in science. We have learnt about absorbency and tested some materials to see how absorbent they are. We have investigated materials for their transparent and opaque properties.

After exploring different images of bridges, learning about joins and finding out about types of support ( for free standing structures), Years 1 and 2 designed their own bridge to make. Their bridges had to be free standing, be stable and be able to hold a toy car. 2.10.23 Years 1 and 2 had a great afternoon of making bridges

Design Technology (DT) As part of our bridge freestanding structure project, we practised making cylinders, flanges, arch/ triangle supports and bridges.

Science: Physics learning. We have been exploring different materials and their properties this term. We have also investigated the different materials in our school grounds. We tried to use tallies to record how many of each material we could spot and find outside the school building.

Local fire brigade visit 12.9.23