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St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School


Environmentally friendly at all times
Compost all our fruit and veg
Our outstanding environmental work helps the world to be a better place
Contribute to owning the Green Flag
Off go the lights, computers and whiteboards
Delight in our School Grounds
Eco is Golden

St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School is committed to caring for God’s creation by doing all we can to look after our environment.

One of our Year 4 boys has made an amazing poster highlighting the importance of not littering our oceans.
Even through we are not at school one of our Year 3 children has been inspired to complete an Eco project.  He loves gardening and the idea of recycling was inspired  to use milk bottles to create a 'green wall' to plant herbs, vegetables and flower.  He is very proud.  Rightly so, this a fantastic project.  Well done! 

Year R enjoyed tasting pancakes with Fairtrade toppings

Fairtrade Day – Tuesday 25th February

On Tuesday 25th February the school will celebrate with a special Fairtrade Day. Children are asked to wear either normal clothes or clothes in the Fairtrade colours, all we request is that they bring in £1 contribution which will be donated to the Fairtrade Foundation.  There will be a Fairtrade Breakfast starting at 8am that day running until 8.40am with the Town Mayor, Danny Favor.  Fairtrade fruit juice, Fairtrade bananas, croissants, bread and Fairtrade Jam and Honey will be offered for the price of £2.50.  If you wish your child to take part, please complete the form that will be sent home with your child today and return it to the office with your money by Friday 14th February. We will not be able to take any slips or payments after this date as the food for the Fairtrade Breakfast will have already been brought.  Unfortunately we are unable to cater for anyone who has any allergies or dietary requirements. Please be prompt arriving for breakfast i.e. between 8am and 8.15am as the Hall will have to be cleared and we want to give pupils the chance to eat up and have a chat with their friends.

Fairtrade Teddy Trail

For the second year running Fairtrade EG is running a Teddy Trail competition during Fairtrade Fortnight which runs from Monday 24th February until Sunday 8th March.  Teddies wearing a Fairtrade logo and a letter of the alphabet are to be found in various places in East Grinstead.  Spot the teddies and make the letters into a word.  Forms are attached with this newsletter or can be collected from the School Office, or EG Library from 24th February onwards.  The correct three winners will receive a Fairtrade Easter Egg as a prize.  Completed forms should be returned to EG Library by Wednesday 11th March.

Eco Team 2019/20

Green Day 2019

Crisp packet recycling to raise money for Air Ambulance KSS

We have been collecting empty crisp packets.  On Green Day children brought them into school.  Some of the Eco team helped sort through them and removed any non crisp packet items.  We weighed them and have 3.7kg so far.  We are going to continue collecting them to reach a minimum of 8kg so they can then be sent off to be recycled.  The funds will go to Air Ambulance KSS.  Children can bring their crisp packets into school on Friday 15th November.

The plants in our garden have grown and some are now ready to eat.

Sussex Wildlife Trust sent us 'The Lost Words' by Robert Macfarlane. Some of the Eco team drew and wrote about some of the lost words from the book.

Eco News Spring 2019

A pheasant decided to investigate our school grounds before school.

Fairtrade Easter egg competition winners

Year R spotted signs of spring in our school grounds.

Fairtrade Day 2019

Year 1 made the Fairtrade logo using coloured rice.


Year R learnt about how chocolate is made and then tasted Fairtrade chocolate to see if they could tell which was dark, milk, white or a surprise chocolate.  The surprise was orange!

Year 4 discussed the problems in the cocoa farming industry and how many of these problems can be overcome by supporting Fairtrade.  They wrote their ideas on chocolate bars.


Later in the day Year 4 chose how to represent the various stages of cocoa production through dance.

Year 5 completed a reading comprehension on Fair Trade and created a fact file with answers to explain what Fair Trade is and how this affects farmers in other countries who are producing goods for consumption.


They then looked at the Fair Trade logo and were tasked with creating and designing their own version of this. They also looked at all of the people involved in the production of chocolate and gained a greater understanding of pay proportions each of these people receives.


We had a Fairtrade assembly where some of our Year 5 and 6 children shared a drama about a futuristic world with no chocolate.  A guest from the Fairtrade Foundation explained more about the difficulties cocoa farmers are experiencing and highlighted the importance of Fairtrade chocolate.
Children dressed in Fairtrade colours for the day, making a donation to Traidcraft Exchange which helps the people who produce our food in developing countries to give their families a better way of life.  After school some of the children helped run a Fairtrade stall.

Fairtrade Breakfast

Children enjoyed a Fairtrade breakfast before school with their friends.  Thank you very much to our parent and grandparent helpers.

Fairtrade Fortnight starting 25th February 2019

Our Eco board has been changed and a banner displayed outside ready for Fairtrade fortnight.  On Wednesday 27th February the school will celebrate with a special Fairtrade Day starting with a Fairtrade Breakfast at 8am in the School Hall, followed by an Assembly and then each class will be doing a Fairtrade activity.  
After school there will be a Fairtrade stall and Fairtrade Easter Eggs will be on sale.  Children are asked to wear Fairtrade colours (blue, green and black) and bring in £1 which will be donated to Traidcraft Exchange which helps the people who produce our food in developing countries to give their families a better way of life.

The Big School's Bird Watch 2019

Thirteen children and four parents took part in the Big School’s Bird Watch after school on Wednesday 30th January.  It was a cold and snowy afternoon but we did spot some birds.
 “I saw 3 blackbirds and 2 seagulls, I think I may have seen more but they could be the same ones.” - Alice Year 6

“I saw a few pigeons and a blackbird.” – Purdey Year 3

 “I saw a starling.” – William Year 5

“We saw more than I thought.” – Patrick Year 1
 “We saw more than last year.” – Ollie Year 2

Mrs Joy is compiling the results the children and parents recorded but we believe we spotted more birds than last year.  Thank you to Mr & Mrs Bushaway, Mr Hawkins and Mr O'Sullivan who came along to support their children.

Green Day 2018

Year R looked for signs of autumn in our school grounds.


A few days later Year R created transient art from natural objects.