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Environmentally friendly at all times
Compost all our fruit and veg
Our outstanding environmental work helps the world to be a better place
Contribute to owning the Green Flag
Off go the lights, computers and whiteboards
Delight in our School Grounds
Eco is Golden

St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School is committed to caring for God’s creation by doing all we can to look after our environment.

Fairtrade visitor

Mrs. Joy came to talk to the Eco and Fairtrade Team about why Fairtrade is important.  We learnt that East Grinstead is a Fairtrade town, West Sussex is a Fairtrade county and Arundel and Brighton Diocese is a Fairtrade diocese.  Each Fairtrade fortnight a banner is displayed in the town centre and outside local churches.  She holds a stall in East Grinstead library to share Fairtrade information and sell Fairtrade goods.  She reminded us we have been a Fairtrade school since 2009.  Mrs. Joy brought a variety of Fairtrade items and packaging for us to look at and we discussed the Fairtrade items we can buy.  Mrs. Joy also told us about when a Columbian Fairtrade banana grower, Juan, came to the local area to share his experiences with local groups.   One child asked Mrs. Joy why she does so much to raise awareness of Fairtrade and she explained that she feels life is not fair for everyone and she really wants to do everything she can to try to make things fair.  We finished with a prayer.  Thank you very much to Mrs. Joy for coming to speak to us about this important topic.  Mrs. Joy will be running a Fairtrade stall at the school fair on Sunday 2nd July. 

Spring Fairtrade stall

Members of the Eco and Fairtrade team helped sell Fairtrade items including Easter eggs.

The entire school attended an assembly focusing on 'The Future of Food'.  Children learnt about the impact of climate change and how Fairtrade can help farmers. 


Each class then took part in a Fairtrade activity.  In Year 6 children completed reading tasks relating to Fairtrade.  The learnt about sustainable farming and analysed important factors needed for this.  Year 5 explored environmental issues linked to Fairtrade and climate injustice by watching thought-provoking videos and raising and discussing important questions.  


Year 4 spent time learning about chocolate!  They learnt about the importance of buying Fairtrade and how it impacts on farmers, as well as the process of how chocolate is made all the way from bean to bar!  Year 3 stepped back in time to learn about the inequality at the heart of the climate crisis, and how it is still running through these countries today.  The discussed how we can reduce our carbon footprints.  


In Year 2 the children learnt about Fairtrade farming in the Dominican Republic.  They talked about the different products that are produced there and how the climate helps plants to grow.  Year 1 discussed the importance of Fairtrade and why we celebrate Fairtrade fortnight.  They researched where bananas are grown and how they get to the UK.  We then spoke about why it is important to make sure we pay workers fairly.


In Year R the children learnt about how chocolate is made and how choosing Fairtrade chocolate means that farmers are more likely to be able to buy the things they need.  They had lots of fun tasting Fairtrade chocolate.  



Fairtrade Breakfast 2023

As part of Fairtrade fortnight children wore Fairtrade colours to school and some enjoyed a Fairtrade breakfast at school.  The breakfast included Fairtrade juices, jam and bananas.  A big thank you to the parent and grandparent volunteers without whoom this event would not have been able to take place.  


‘My favourite part was getting to eat Fairtrade food with my friends.’  Monte Year 2 

‘I loved the brioche with Fairtrade honey.’ Ajeon Year 2

November 2022 Fairtrade Stall

Members of our Eco team helped with a Fairtrade stall selling items including Advent calendars and Christmas cards.

Year R Transient Art with Autumnal Items

Harvest donations

On Monday 17th October we celebrated the gift of Harvest.  Children came to school in their own clothes and donated items which were shared between East Grinstead Foodbank and Crawley Open House. Thank you for your generosity.


Our Year 6 Eco Team members helped us to deliver the donations to East Grinstead Foodbank.  A volunteer kindly showed them around and explained how the Foodbank works.  She explained that all donations are weighed and she will contact us to let us know the weight of the St. Peter's donations.  

CAFOD's family fast day

Thank you to everyone for supporting our non-uniform fundraiser on 7th October for CAFOD. Your donations will be gratefully received and we are delighted to have been able to raise, £271.37!

Our Eco and Fairtrade Team for 2022-2023

Fairtrade Fortnight 2022

Year R learnt what the Fair Trade sticker was and discussed what food products you might find the sticker. They learnt about the journey of Fairtrade bananas. The children then acted out the journey altogether. The children acted as the farmers watering the bananas. Then they acted as the farmers  checking and washing the bannanas. After this, they pretended to be lorry drivers transporting the bananas and then imagined the lorries going onto a boat for a trip across the ocean. Finally, they pretended to be a supermarket worker. This involved acting out the unpacking of the bananas and placing them into the boxes and baskets in the supermarkets for people to select in their food shopping.

One of our Year 4 boys has made an amazing poster highlighting the importance of not littering our oceans.
Even through we are not at school one of our Year 3 children has been inspired to complete an Eco project.  He loves gardening and the idea of recycling was inspired  to use milk bottles to create a 'green wall' to plant herbs, vegetables and flower.  He is very proud.  Rightly so, this a fantastic project.  Well done! 

Fairtrade Day – Tuesday 25th February

On Tuesday 25th February the school will celebrate with a special Fairtrade Day. Children are asked to wear either normal clothes or clothes in the Fairtrade colours, all we request is that they bring in £1 contribution which will be donated to the Fairtrade Foundation.  There will be a Fairtrade Breakfast starting at 8am that day running until 8.40am with the Town Mayor, Danny Favor.  Fairtrade fruit juice, Fairtrade bananas, croissants, bread and Fairtrade Jam and Honey will be offered for the price of £2.50.  If you wish your child to take part, please complete the form that will be sent home with your child today and return it to the office with your money by Friday 14th February. We will not be able to take any slips or payments after this date as the food for the Fairtrade Breakfast will have already been brought.  Unfortunately we are unable to cater for anyone who has any allergies or dietary requirements. Please be prompt arriving for breakfast i.e. between 8am and 8.15am as the Hall will have to be cleared and we want to give pupils the chance to eat up and have a chat with their friends.

Crisp packet recycling to raise money for Air Ambulance KSS

We have been collecting empty crisp packets.  On Green Day children brought them into school.  Some of the Eco team helped sort through them and removed any non crisp packet items.  We weighed them and have 3.7kg so far.  We are going to continue collecting them to reach a minimum of 8kg so they can then be sent off to be recycled.  The funds will go to Air Ambulance KSS.  Children can bring their crisp packets into school on Friday 15th November.

The plants in our garden have grown and some are now ready to eat.

Sussex Wildlife Trust sent us 'The Lost Words' by Robert Macfarlane. Some of the Eco team drew and wrote about some of the lost words from the book.

Eco News Spring 2019