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It is really important to read at home! Reading has the power to benefit your child in so many ways. It can improve your child's understanding and analysis of the world around them through questioning and exploration of a text and its pictures. Reading can help expand your child's imagination and inspire them to try ideas they may not have otherwise thought of. Crucially, the development of reading is very closely linked with their development in all other areas of learning, especially writing. 


Parents can support their child's reading development by regularly reading at home. Just 10 minutes every evening can make a huge difference. Please see the Parent Guides below for additional guidance or speak to your class teacher. 

It was lovely to see so many of you at the early reading meeting on 20th October.  The Supporting early reading at home document is the powerpoint that was shared at the meeting.

A child saying the sounds - Sounds-Write Initial Code

Here is a link to a child saying the sounds precisely.