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The Catholic parish of East Grinstead ranges from South Godstone Surrey, in the north to Wych Cross, East Sussex, in the South. Taking in the borders of three counties, it is a combination of three former parishes, East Grinstead, Lingfield and Forest Row.
There are two churches in the parish: Our Lady and St. Peter’s, East Grinstead and St. Bernard’s, Lingfield.
Masses at Our Lady and St. Peter's are Saturday 6:15pm (Vigil) and Sunday 10:30am. At the 10:30 mass there is a children’s liturgy during the term time except for the 1st Sunday of the month when there is a more child orientated mass. Weekday masses are normally at 9:30am. Holy days of obligation :- 8pm Vigil masses: 9:30am on the day.
St. Bernard’s has a Sunday mass at 9am and similar arrangements regarding the Children’s Liturgy.
The Parish is lively and varied with folk from many countries. Both churches have SVP Meetings and a strong Catenian presence is found in the parish.
Our Lady and St. Peter’s also has a Gospel of Life group, a lunch club for the elderly, a Tuesday Arts Club and an active choir and music group – always looking for new talent.”