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Returning to school social story

Dear Parents/Carers,


I have had a tidy up of our class page, please click on the rainbow to read daily messages, click on the book for home learning pack resources. I have started to add some fun Easter resources on this page too. The clipboard icon takes you to the daily timetables. Soon on this page, I will be adding an optional Easter timetable with fun ideas and activities to do at home over the next two weeks. The iPad icon will take you to some web links and information about E-Safety. Please take some time to read this information. 



Miss Paul 

Arrival of the Easter Holidays...


We have now reached the end of the Spring Term and the start of the Easter holidays! The last few weeks have been very strange with lots of adjustments for all us! I imagine this Easter holiday will probably look a bit different from previous ones. However, like a normal school holiday, I hope this will be a time where you and your family can spend some quality time together. 


Just to let you know, the teachers will still be posting a daily message Monday- Friday both weeks. I hope you enjoy reading the messages as much as I enjoy thinking about what to say to you! :) Shortly, in the Daily Timetable section of our page, there will be an Easter timetable. The activities and ideas are purely suggestions and they are only there as inspiration. Resources linked to the timetable, can be found in the Home Learning section part of our page under 'Easter'. 


Mrs Findley and I hope you have a lovely Easter and, most importantly, we hope you have some fun together as a family, make some good memories and stay safe. 


Miss Paul and Mrs Findley



Welcome to Year 3

Dear  Parents/Carers, 

Welcome to Year 3 and Key Stage Two!  I am really looking forward to working with you and your child over the next school year.  Year 3 is a great year, with lots to learn and enjoy.  As with every new school year, Year 3 will have number of new routines and challenges.  It will be a fun year but also hard work.  Mrs Findley and I will be with the children every step of the way to ensure that they are prepared for the rest of their journey through Key Stage Two.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at any point throughout the year. I am happy to help in whatever way I can. 


Miss Paul


PE Days 

PE kits should be brought in at the start of the week and will be sent home on a Friday. 

PE will normally be on a Thursday afternoon and a Friday morning. 


Homework Help 

Here, you will find a list of suggested websites and documents to support you in helping your child.

Please check these sites before allowing your child to access them; reviewing the sites ahead of time will also ensure that you are able to help your child find the best resources available within the site.

Type in Grammarsaurus onto youtube for grammar songs 




Reading Information

In Key Stage Two, we encourage children to become more independent readers and the expectation is that pupils read at home each day for at least 10 minutes.  This term, your child will select reading books, of the appropriate level for them, with an adult from either the class book corner or school library.  One reading book will stay at school in their tray and another will be sent home.  The children can bring in a book from home to read, however this needs to be clearly labelled and it is their responsibility to look after it.  We recommend that children choose a variety of authors and genres to read. The children are required to record the details of their reading in their green reading records.   In order for the children to succeed at school, children need to be able to read fluently, have varied and rich vocabulary and fully comprehend what they have read. 

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) 


DEAR takes place every day straight after lunch. The idea is everyone drops what they are doing and picks up a book and reads. This will last between 10-15 minutes and all you will hear is the turning of pages throughout the school while everyone enjoys their book including teachers!

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