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jeudi deux avril     Thursday 2nd April


Morning Year 3! 

I thought I might carry on my ‘Thankful Thursday’ theme from last week. One of the things I really appreciate at the moment is having the opportunity to listen to music. I do miss us all gathering together in assemblies and hearing the lovely sound of every voice together. There are a few songs in particular that I may have been caught singing to myself at home... One involves some actions that Year 6 taught us and the other involves a number word. J Have a think.  Can you guess which ones they may be?


Music is helping me daily at the moment. I know I have told you about my short runs, but I don’t think that I have mentioned the hills… Listening to a few particular songs really help me as I attempt to keep on moving up the hill. Singing certain songs or hearing people play certain music can make me smile too or remind me of something special. 


Do you have a few favourite songs? Why don’t you ask if you can play one of them today?  It will only probably be on for a few minutes, but enjoy the time you get to listen to it. Although this is a small thing in your day, it can still be a good part of it!

Why not ask someone in your home what one of their favourite songs is? Maybe you could suggest as a family you listen to it… It could make them smile or remember a favourite memory.  You may all enjoy listening to it together. 

Remember, we can be thankful even for small things like listening to a great song. I hope you like the pictures below. As  promised, my alien picture from drawing with Rob is on the right.     






My drawing challenge for you today is on the timetable. Can you draw your favourite character from a film on the inside of a toilet roll? See the examples on the timetable. Goodluck! :)                                                      

mercredi un avril   Wednesday 1st April 2020


I hope you are all well. I do miss our chats, giggles and hearing all of your great ideas.

Would you believe it Year 3, we are now in April!  Does anyone know anything interesting about today’s date? I’ll let you think about it at home.

Did any of you manage to guess the animal I gave the clues about yesterday or watch them online at the zoo? Yes, you have probably worked out by now, one of my favourite animals is an elephant. Speaking of animals, your English task today (should you get the chance to do it) involves animals. Also, look below who I saw yesterday on a run… I wonder which local resident to our school this reminds you of... I bet if I asked the rest of the school this, they would know too. J                Interestingly, animals keep coming to meet me at the moment. Yesterday was most odd. Look who floated through my letterbox... I couldn’t believe my eyes! Have you ever seen a floating turtle before? It was a first for me. 


Drawing challenge: Can you draw an alien? I will show you mine tomorrow! 



Hopefully this made you smile. :) 

Catch up tomorrow.  Miss Paul 



mardi trente et un mars        Tuesday 31st March

Hi Year 3,

I hope your week has started well.  I know you love animals like me. What is your favourite animal? I have just got very excited as one of my favourite animals is going to be live on a webcam from Colchester Zoo this morning. heard correctly, this morning!  If you use this link it will tell your parents where they can see the live viewing of my favourite animal. Viewings of my favourite animal are  at 11am, but you can catch up with the video later on after this time. 


Before you visit the link, you could try to guess what my animal will be.

Below are a few clues as to what my animal is.  

  • It is believed that these creatures are scared of bees.
  • They can run up to 25 miles per hour.
  • There are three main species of this animal.
  • They have an incredible sense of smell and hearing.
  • In a famous story one of these creatures is multi-coloured, but in real life they are definitely not multi-coloured.
  • This creature was a famous character in a film last year.
  • Apparently, these animals can identify themselves in a mirror (I’m not sure of the accuracy of this fact)!


I’ll reveal tomorrow the answer if you don’t get chance to catch them online at Colchester Zoo.

Did any of you draw a scarab beetle yesterday? 

Optional drawing challenge: Can you draw an Egyptian boat?  Check out the video below.




lundi  trente mars            Monday 30th March 

Good morning wonderful Year 3! It’s Monday and the start of a new week! 

What did you get up to this weekend? I was quite busy... I caught up with some more friends again on the phone (you know how I like to chat), I tried to keep active by running around part of the housing estate I live in, I went to my church ‘virtually’ (online) and I baked some Easter cookies for my family. I was in disbelief yesterday as I looked out of the window at the strange weather we experienced. One minute it was sunny, soon after there was hail stones/maybe some sleet and finally more sunshine/clouds. Whatever you got up to over the weekend, I hope you had some fun.


What are you all currently reading? I am reading the children’s book ‘Vajak’s Paw’ by S. F. Said. It is all about a cat called Varjak who has never been outside before, but is forced outside when several menacing cats take over his home.  I need to find out whether he will survive outside and whether he will be able to save his family who are still inside his home!  It’s worth a read, if you get a chance to.

Here are some pictures of a few things for you.


After my 'Thankful Thursday' post last week I decided to create my ' Jar of joy'. Every day I am putting a piece of paper inside with little things each day that have I have enjoyed or that I have been grateful for. Hopefully in a couple of months it will be really full.   J                  As promised, my coloured picture of Fred the Ted is below (last Wednesday's drawing challenge and my version of Kevin (last Friday's drawing challenge). 



How awesome is this picture below... I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as Egyptians has been our history topic. The picture is a wall of hieroglyphics in the mortuary temple of Ramesses lll at Medinet Habu, Luxor, Egypt. Perhaps you could find out some information about Ramesses lll?


Drawing Challenge for today: Can you draw a Scarab beetle? The step to step guide is on this youtube link:                                                Ask permission first from an adult at home before you go onto youtube! 

We'll catch up on Tuesday Year 3. J 


vendredi vingt-sept mars     Friday 27th March


Hello Year 3! 

On the news yesterday, we were asked to clap a special well done and thank you for the many different people in the nation working so hard to look after us all and keep us safe.  Normally every Friday we clap a special well done to those that have been particularly kind, helpful or those that have tried really hard at something. Wouldn't it be great if we carried this on at home and as a family you gave a special well done and thank you to someone each week? The special well done could be for a small achievement or an act of kindness you have witnessed. You could nominate someone for cooking a lovely meal, someone that made you laugh, someone that learnt a new skill or someone that helped another person with something. This does not need to be limited to someone in your home. As a family, you could nominate someone else you know and send a message to them or give them a call to say thank you and well done for something.


These are some great quotes I found on encouraging others. Remember, your mission is to look out for and 'find the gold' (goodness) in people. Get your thinking caps on for who you might nominate.  J





How are your drawing challenges going? I have really enjoyed doing some art this week. I hope some of you have too.  


Drawing challenge: Can you draw Kevin?  See the links below for how to draw him.


My drawing will follow shortly! 


Have a good few days and speak to you on Monday!  Check out my video link on today's timetable if you fancy listening to a fun song. J

Miss Paul

Daily Timetable Friday 27th March

jeudi vingt-six mars      Thursday 26th March 2020


Salut Year 3! I hope you had a good nights sleep. 

 I have a French fun fact for you! Did you know that when writing the long date in French (like we do in our English books) that you do not need to start the day of the week and month with a capital letter! You do of course when you are writing it in English!  


Apparently, people sometimes call Thursday ‘Thankful Thursday’. Yesterday evening, I had a great video chat with some of my friends. It made me realise how fortunate we are to be able to chat to people who live in different places. I have decided to make a list each day of small things I am thankful for. Here is my list for today. 


I am grateful for many things but below are three!

  • I have really appreciated the amazing sunny weather we have had this week. It has been so lovely going for a run or a walk in the sunshine. 
  • I have enjoyed trying to talk to a group of friends on a video call. As many of you know, using technology is not one of my greatest strengths, but it was fun chatting to my friends in a different way. 
  • I have been enjoying writing to you and imagining you reading my messages. J

If you get chance, have a think today about three things you could you be thankful for. You may well have more than three things! You could write these in a notebook. 


Drawing challenge of the day:

Draw around your hand using either a pencil or pen. Inside the outline of your hand draw different patterns. These can be different shapes, lines, spots and swirls. You choose what goes inside your hand outline. You could use just black pencil/ pen or add some colour. Up to you! See the example below. 


I hope you have some fun today. 

Miss Paul



Hand pattern artwork

Hand pattern artwork  1

Daily Timetable- Thursday 26th March

mercredi vingt-cinq mars 

Wednesday 25th March 


Bonjour Year 3! Comment ça va?   

(Hello Year 3! How are you?) 

Don't worry, my whole message will not be in French! Was that a class whoop or sigh of relief I heard?  I hope you are doing well. :) Just to let you know, I will be updating our class page everyday. There may sometimes be a small amount of french involved ... you will have to wait and see! Below this message, you will find a timetable of how you could structure your day while you are off school. This is only a suggestion. Please use this as you wish. We hope to help you in these unusual times.


Message of the day:

The image below is drawn by Charles Mackesy from the book: 'The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse'.  Today I wanted to say that you are all very much in my thoughts even when we are not seeing each other daily at school. Each of you are important members of our class and of the wider St Peter's School Family. :) 




As a class, I know many of you enjoy being active and creative. Each day, I am going to post a creative drawing/challenge for you to complete (if you wish). This challenge may have a website link with a drawing video to follow or it may just be written on here. I will also post a picture of my attempt of this on here too.

Drawing challenge 1: Can you try to draw Fred Bear? Watch the video link below and have a go.  



I hope you have a good day. 

Miss Paul

Drawing Challenge 1: Fred bear

Drawing Challenge 1: Fred bear 1

Home Learning Pack 2

Weeks commencing 23/3/20   30/3/20

These home learning packs are designed to give children tasks to complete at home and should take roughly two weeks. You can use them as you wish. If you have self-isolated before the school closure, you may have already started pack one, so please move on to pack two when ready. Try to enjoy some family time together, keep active and be creative. I have included a 30 day lego challenge and a creative drawing prompt challenge power point. Just so you know, some tasks have answers attached. 


Welcome to Year 3

Dear  Parents/Carers, 

Welcome to Year 3 and Key Stage Two!  I am really looking forward to working with you and your child over the next school year.  Year 3 is a great year, with lots to learn and enjoy.  As with every new school year, Year 3 will have number of new routines and challenges.  It will be a fun year but also hard work.  Mrs Findley and I will be with the children every step of the way to ensure that they are prepared for the rest of their journey through Key Stage Two.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at any point throughout the year. I am happy to help in whatever way I can. 


Miss Paul


PE Days 

PE kits should be brought in at the start of the week and will be sent home on a Friday. 

PE will normally be on a Thursday afternoon and a Friday morning. 


Homework Help 

Here, you will find a list of suggested websites and documents to support you in helping your child.

Please check these sites before allowing your child to access them; reviewing the sites ahead of time will also ensure that you are able to help your child find the best resources available within the site.

Type in Grammarsaurus onto youtube for grammar songs 




Reading Information

In Key Stage Two, we encourage children to become more independent readers and the expectation is that pupils read at home each day for at least 10 minutes.  This term, your child will select reading books, of the appropriate level for them, with an adult from either the class book corner or school library.  One reading book will stay at school in their tray and another will be sent home.  The children can bring in a book from home to read, however this needs to be clearly labelled and it is their responsibility to look after it.  We recommend that children choose a variety of authors and genres to read. The children are required to record the details of their reading in their green reading records.   In order for the children to succeed at school, children need to be able to read fluently, have varied and rich vocabulary and fully comprehend what they have read. 

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) 


DEAR takes place every day straight after lunch. The idea is everyone drops what they are doing and picks up a book and reads. This will last between 10-15 minutes and all you will hear is the turning of pages throughout the school while everyone enjoys their book including teachers!

Year 3 Birds of Prey visit 8.11.19

Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 1
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 2
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 3
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 4
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 5
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 6
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 7
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 8
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 9
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 10
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 11
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 12
Year 3 Birds of Prey visit   8.11.19 13

Year 3 and 4 Information Evening Power point * Most up to date for September 2019

Year 3 Autumn Term Curriculum Letter

Order in which times tables are taught in Year 3 and 4

Spelling List Year 3 and 4

Times Tables Activities Pack