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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Welcome back! We are a few weeks into term now and both Mrs Payne and I are enjoying getting to know you all. Already there has been discoveries, exploration and plenty of learning. We have many great plans and experiences lined up for Autumn 1 so make sure you are ready to learn but most importantly ... ready to have fun! 


Miss Cosens

Daily Timetable 


Hello Year 1.

I hope you are having fun at home and enjoying some family time. I know this is very different to normal school days, so I will be uploading a daily timetable of the different activities you could have a go at doing that day, although you can do them in any order you like. There will also be a comment about how my day has been and possibly even a riddle or joke for you to try and answer.  

Thursday 2nd April 


Did you get fooled yesterday by my April Fools joke?
I had a lot of laughs making the April Fools timetable.
Did you get to fool anybody? Or did anybody fool you? You'll have to remember for next year if not. 


Now for a riddle ... 


It floats like a log. It look likes a log. But it is not a log. What is it?

Wednesday 1st April 


Hello Year 1, 


I hope you are all enjoying your time at home. I have been making sure I go for a walk everyday to get my daily exercise, I have walked along the Worth Way and Gullege which I expect some of you know! I have been doing some jobs in my garden, especially when the weather was so nice last week! Make sure you all keep busy. 


From Mrs Payne.  

Tuesday 31st March 


I had a song stuck in my head all day yesterday. It went ... 


♪♫ Never smile at a crocodile ♪♫


Do you know what film this song is from? Peter Pan  


Oh okay, another clue:


Monday 30th March 


Hello, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some great family time. What did you get up to? I managed to get outside for a walk around my local park on Saturday but did you see the weather on Sunday? It was crazy! There was rain, sleet, sun, snow maybe? and definitely lots of wind! So unfortunately, I had to stay in all day. But I did do some craft and read some more of my book that I started in our DEAR time at school. 


Today, I don't have any pictures or videos but don't worry ... I have a riddle! It should be an easy first one.   


I have big ears and no fingers or toes. 

I have tusks on my face and a trunk for my nose. 

What am I? Elephant


Come back tomorrow to find out what I am! 

Celebration Assembly


Every Friday morning, our school gets together and celebrates the children who have been fabulous that week. Their teacher could have nominated them for trying extra hard in their learning, handwriting, listening, sharing, manners or even being extra helpful to staff and other children. Now, we are not at school and so I cannot nominate anyone this week, but it would be lovely for you to nominate someone.


Is there someone at home who has been extra helpful, extra kind and caring or extra polite to everyone around them? Could you let them know? Maybe give them a big hug, or make them a thank you card/note and let them know what they have done that has been so great!


Obviously we are continually thankful of our key workers (NHS, police, teachers, delivery drivers, food retailers etc.) out their doing their bit to keep us safe. So if you can't think of anyone to nominate at home this week, maybe you could draw the key workers a picture and put it in your window to say thank you! 


Have a lovely weekend everybody, stay safe, keep active and be kind. I will be back on Monday. 

Friday 27th March 


I hope you had a fab day yesterday being creative with your African animals!

I was at school with a few children and we had a giraffe-off! I hope you enjoy our creations and the amusing names we chose.


I give you Jeremy, Jack, Joshy and Jacob giraffe. 

Picture 1
Year 1 Playlist 

Home Learning Packs 


The home learning packs on this page will give your child some additional tasks and activities to complete over a 2 week period. If you have self-isolated before the school closure, you may have already begun with Home Learning Pack 1, so please continue with Home Learning Pack 2. Remember that the Easter holiday is coming up and we are not sending out any Home Learning during this period. Children are not expected to be working during this time, as much as you possibly can, enjoy some family time together. As always, please encourage children to read whenever possible.  

Reading at Home

It is really important to read at home! Reading has the power to benefit your child in so many ways. It can improve your child's understanding and analysis of the world around them through questioning and exploration of a text and its pictures. Reading can help expand your child's imagination and inspire them to try ideas they may not have otherwise thought of. Crucially, the development of reading is very closely linked with their development in all other areas of learning, especially writing. 

Parents can support their child's reading development by regularly reading at home. Just 10 minutes every evening can make a huge difference. 

Thank you for your continued help and support on this matter. 



** Our PE days this term are Monday's and Wednesday's.  Please can you ensure that your child has a labelled PE kit which incorporates clothing for inside and outside lessons, thank you**

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)


DEAR takes place every day straight after lunch. The idea is everyone drops what they are doing and picks up a book and reads. This will last between 10-15 minutes and all you will hear is the turning of pages throughout the school while everyone enjoys their book including teachers!

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