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Norfolk 2024


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Making a splash!

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Wednesday Cleaning!

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Proof that they can do this at home...

Bouldering Game

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Initiative exercises


Fencing and Archery- Miss Paul's group

Thursday 14th March 

We enjoyed our final full day of activities and we were all together for a quiz and a campfire. We wrote our own questions for the quiz and tested each other - the instructors were very impressed and couldn’t answer most of them. Campfire was brilliant. The instructors were great fun and we were all up chanting, singing and dancing. There are a few hoarse voices! One more sleep until home time. 

Quiz time!

Mrs Quinlan’s group - Climbing and Survival

Obstacle Course and Blind Trail- Miss Paul's group

Thursday - Aeroball, Climbing and Survival - Mrs Phillips’ Group

Lake walk- Miss Paul’s group


Obstacle course - Mrs Quinlan and Mrs Phillips

Wednesday 12th March

A fabulous day! We spent a lot of time together as a whole class, taking part in team games, giant canoe and bouldering all together. There was a surprise challenge at the end of giant canoe, which some of us threw ourselves (quite literally) into. We have been enjoying the food and free time as well. 

Low Ropes - Mrs Quinlan

Mrs Phillips’ Group - Initiative Exercises

Low Ropes (Miss Paul’s group)

Teaching the teachers how to play chopsticks

A few from Mrs Phillips’ group

Mrs Quinlan’s group... a few activities

Tuesday 12th March

An early start ready for a huge breakfast. Our day was filled with a range of activities: climbing, caving, low ropes, blind trail and more. Lots of children reached the top of the climbing wall at great speed. Three of the instructors have commented on how lovely the St Peter’s children are so the teachers are very proud. 

Survival Skills with Miss Paul

Lake Walk (Mrs Quinlan and Mrs Phillips)

Dinner time!

Monday 11th March

We arrived at Norfolk around 2:30pm, after a successful coach trip listening to our class playlist. After seeing our rooms, a tour and a safety talk, we got stuck into Manor Olympics. We had to compete in a variety of challenges: welly throwing, Dizzy Lizzy, Sharky Shark and more. Team Boiled Egg (Mrs Quinlan’s group) were the winners but it was very close. Everyone had a lovely dinner of lasagne or chicken and potatoes. There was time for one more activity (fencing, archery or orienteering) before bed. Looking forward to a fab day tomorrow. 

Manor Olympics

Settling into Rooms