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Environmentally friendly at all times
Compost all our fruit and veg
Our outstanding environmental work helps the world to be a better place
Contribute to owning the Green Flag
Off go the lights, computers and whiteboards
Delight in our School Grounds
Eco is Golden

St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School is committed to caring for God’s creation by doing all we can to look after our environment.

Fairtrade Fortnight starting 25th February 2019

Fairtrade Fortnight starting 25th February 2019 1
Our Eco board has been changed ready for Fairtrade fortnight.  On Wednesday 27th February the school will celebrate with a special Fairtrade Day starting with a Fairtrade Breakfast at 8am in the School Hall, followed by an Assembly and then each class will be doing a Fairtrade activity.  
After school there will be a Fairtrade stall and Fairtrade Easter Eggs will be on sale.  Children are asked to wear Fairtrade colours (blue, green and black) and bring in £1 which will be donated to Traidcraft Exchange which helps the people who produce our food in developing countries to give their families a better way of life.

The Big School's Bird Watch 2019

The Big School's Bird Watch 2019 1
The Big School's Bird Watch 2019 2
The Big School's Bird Watch 2019 3
The Big School's Bird Watch 2019 4
The Big School's Bird Watch 2019 5

Thirteen children and four parents took part in the Big School’s Bird Watch after school on Wednesday 30th January.  It was a cold and snowy afternoon but we did spot some birds.
 “I saw 3 blackbirds and 2 seagulls, I think I may have seen more but they could be the same ones.” - Alice Year 6

“I saw a few pigeons and a blackbird.” – Purdey Year 3

 “I saw a starling.” – William Year 5

“We saw more than I thought.” – Patrick Year 1
 “We saw more than last year.” – Ollie Year 2

Mrs Joy is compiling the results the children and parents recorded but we believe we spotted more birds than last year.  Thank you to Mr & Mrs Bushaway, Mr Hawkins and Mr O'Sullivan who came along to support their children.

Picture 1 Eco Team 2015-2016
Picture 2 Reception Area - allotment Summer 2015
Picture 3 Plastic Bottle Greenhouse & Broad Beans Summer 15
Picture 4 Autumn Colours & Plastic Bottle Greenhouse 2015
Picture 5 Walking Bus Notice Autumn 2015
Picture 6 Near The Meadow Summer 2015
Picture 7 Meadow 2015
Picture 8 Ecoboy 4th Oct 2015
Picture 9 Litter Collection Summer 2015
Picture 10 Eco-board - Solar Energy Display 2013
Picture 11 Gardening at Windmill Lane Community Garden
Picture 12 Gardening at Windmill Lane Community Garden
Picture 13 Meadow
Picture 14 Building the Plastic Bottle Greenhouse
Picture 15 School Grounds Week 2013
Picture 16 Health Living - Eatwell Display
Picture 17 Food Chains Display
Picture 18 Water Butt and Plants
Picture 19 Main Hall Recycling Bins
Picture 20 Allotment Produce 2013
Picture 21 Autumn Watch 2013
Picture 22 Switch It Off Energy Presentation 2013 Yr 6
Picture 23 Harvest Donations to Crawley Open House
Picture 24 Green Day January 2013
Picture 25 Feeding the Birds
Picture 26 A Selection of Moths
Picture 27 Recording Bees
Picture 28 Allotments
Picture 29 Fruit and Vegetables Growing Outside Reception
Picture 30 School Grounds Week
Picture 31 Shield Bug
Picture 32 Wind Turbine Project Year 5
Picture 33 Mothtrap and Allotments
Picture 34 Poplar Hawk Moth
Picture 35 Visit to Haskins Garden Centre
Picture 36 The Eco Team
Picture 37 Plastic Bottle Contruction Mark I
Picture 38 Healthy Living Eco Board
Picture 39 PV Display Board Recording Energy Produced by PV's
Picture 40 Strider Visiting the School 2013
Picture 41 Fruit and Veg Art
Picture 42 Quiet Garden Big Pond Survey 2013
Picture 43 Tree Planting East Court
Picture 44 Tree Planting at East Court
Picture 45 Tree Planting at East Court
Picture 46 Tree Planting at East Court
Picture 47 Reception Vegetable Plot Summer 2012
Picture 48 Gardening at Windmill Lane Park
Picture 49 Small Meadow Area
Picture 50 Our PV Array on the School Hall Roof
Picture 51 Eco-School Green Flag Awarded Oct 2009
Picture 52 Litter Pickers
Picture 53 School Grounds Week 2012
Picture 54 Eco-Board February 2012
Picture 55 Gardeners and Allotment Summer 2012
Picture 56 Gardening Club Summer 2012
Picture 57 Weeding
Picture 58 Dirty Digging
Picture 59 Getting Ready to Plant
Picture 60 Fabulous Flowers
Picture 61 Planting
Picture 62 The Smelly Garden
Picture 63 Next to last