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Creative Task

Try these experiments at home.  Take photos of you carrying out your experiment and of your results – or draw them!  Go online and find out about the science behind your experiment.  Try and use scientific words to explain what happened.

EXPERIMENT 3: How does the length of your shadow change during the day?

You will need:-

  • Chalk, a stick or stone to mark you position
  • A ruler
  • Pen and paper to record your results
  • A sunny day!!


  • Stand outside in a place that will get sun for most of the day.
  • Mark the position of your feet using chalk, a stick or stone – you will have to stand in exactly the same position every time you take a measurement so make show your marker will help you do this.  Alternatively, you could push a stick into the ground and measure the shadow of the stick.
  • Every hour, stand in the same position and mark the top of your shadow (use a stick or stone) – you might need someone to help you do this.
  • Use a ruler to measure the length of your shadow.
  • Record your results in a table like the one shown below.
  • Repeat this every hour for a whole day.


Length of shadow (cm)









  • What happens to the length of your shadow during the day?
  • When is it longest and when is it shortest?
  • Why does the length of your shadow change during the day?
  • How does this fact help us tell the time and why is time different in different countries?
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