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29th June

Weekly Timetable

We have now subscribed to a new website called EdShed. This has a variety of spelling and maths games which can be found in the 'Maths and Spelling Sheds'. How exciting! This is designed for children in years 1-6.

EdShed can be accessed on the web site link below.


Your usernames are similar to your Numbot/ Timestable Rockstars usernames. It is the username for Numbot/Timestable Rockstars with an sp added at the end of it (no gaps).

For example, if your username for Numbot/Timestable Rockstars is sopcos, your EdShed username would be:



Your password for Numbot/Timestable Rockstars is either a 3 digit number or a combination of 3 letters. For Ed Shed, we have had to give you a 6 digit password. We have just doubled your Numbot/Timestable Rockstar password.

For example, if your password for Numbot/Timestable Rockstars is 741, it will be 741741 for EdShed.