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School Closure Procedures

I would like to clarify the notification arrangements should the school have to be closed due to adverse weather conditions. Please assume that school will be open as usual unless you are informed otherwise via the school website and others as shown below. In the event that the decision is taken to close the school we will aim to post this information on the school website by 7.30am. Please be assured that we will make every effort to keep you informed as efficiently as possible subject to access to the technology available to us - sometimes the volume of people accessing websites may delay our attempts to provide these updates as quickly as we would like to. Members of the school google email group will be advised by email if the decision is taken to close the school. If you would like your details to be added to the google group then please contact
School Website
Friends of St Peter's Website
West Sussex Grid for Learning
Heart Radio 102.4 FM & 103.5
Meridian FM Radio 107 FM

The decision to close is never taken lightly. Consideration is given to not only the weather conditions but more importantly to the safety of families and staff travelling to school and whether there will be sufficient staff to supervise the number of children who may arrive at school. We must also consider everyone’s ability to return home again safely. May I ask for your understanding and support should we be faced with the difficult decision to close the school due to adverse weather conditions again during term time this winter, thank you.

M Claffey