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A Little Message of Encouragement!


Wednesday 2nd September

As Monday fast approaches I am sure you are all a bundle of mixed emotions.  I read this recently and I think it explains very simply how to try to support your child with their back to school nerves.  We are really looking forward to seeing everyone again, St Peter's needs it's spark back. I am sure, in no time it will seem like to long break is a distant memory and life is back to normal.  



Friday 17th July

So that's it, you've done it, you have survived the strangest term in school I have ever known (and I have been here a long time).  I am sure you have had so many mixed emotions about staying away from school for so long, excitement at the beginning; reluctance about school work; boredom when each day seems the same; loneliness from not seeing your friends; closeness from spending so much time with your family; calmness from not needing to rush around so much; the list is endless.  But now the long summer holidays are ahead of you.  There will be no school work looming over you and hopefully you will be able to catch up with some friends safely.  The school can't wait to welcome you back in September and we are all going to work hard to ensure this will be your best year yet. 

Have a great summer!!!!!


Thursday 16th July

The summer theme continues with the Jump Ahead pages today, although the weather may not be making us feel too summery.  I hope you have been enjoying the activities and using them to help develop your focus and concentration skills, as well as your motor skills.  If you have enjoyed them, you can always carry one with some similar activities over the summer holidays.  Maybe you have other activities you enjoy doing such as Lego or Knex construction, Hamma beads art, making models with clay or playdough etc.  

Its good to focus the mind and body! 


Wednesday 15th July

Good morning. We did lots of art and craft activities in school today, we made hand-print pictures, a pinwheel and a paper plate sunshine.  I really enjoyed getting crafty and I hope the children did too.  Have you learnt any new art and craft techniques over the last few months.  This has been a great time to practice you drawing, colouring, painting and cutting and sticking skills.  You may have also tried some sewing or model making using junk or clay.   If not, why not give something a try over the summer holidays, it's not to late to try something new.  You never know you might love it. 

Explore, create, enjoy! 


Monday 13th July

We hello there and welcome to the last week of an extremely unusual term.  There will be a Summer Holidays theme to the Jump Ahead pages this week just to get you in the mood.  I know lots of you will not be having the summer holiday you may have planned, but that does not mean you don't still get to have lots of fun.  Embrace the sun and plan yourself a great stay-cation.  Maybe you could camp in the garden,  make a beach with a paddling pool and play-sand,  decorate outside and have a garden festival with your favourite music. 

 You are only limited by your imagination!!!!


Friday 10th July

So I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon playing with a Toot Toot track, I do not like to brag but I think it was our best one ever!! I also managed to nip to a garden centre and only bought a few more plants for my garden.  I just can't help myself, I cannot resist a beautiful flower.  My family think I am mad, but flowers and gardening makes me happy and keeps me calm and relaxed.  I makes me feel good and then I love watching all the wildlife that comes to enjoy all the plants.  What do you do to relax?  It is important to make time just for you, to do what you love.

Find your happy! 


Thursday 9th July

Good morning everybody.  Despite the weather I had a good day yesterday.  I found a way to shine through the grey.  I wonder what today will bring.  I haven't actually got any plans for this afternoon so I have decided to be spontaneous.  I am not very good at that as I like to be organised and plan ahead so I know what's coming, but sometimes it is good to venture out of your comfort zone and try something different.  I will let my son choose something he would like and then I will just see what happens.  Mrs Coster is learning to go with the flow!


Wednesday 7th July

Hello everyone.  Another day, just a bit dull and grey.  What shall we do to brighten up the day.  I recommend getting out some paint and creating a beautiful bright picture, putting on your favourite music and singing and dancing along and cooking something yummy to eat!! If you treat the day like the sun is shining, then you will feel warm and sunny no matter what is going on outside.  

Shine bright today! 


Monday 6th July

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I enjoyed a long but blustery walk yesterday, followed by some gardening and a yummy chinese for dinner.  I had really started to enjoy doing some simpler things at the weekend in the past few months.  Before I would try to fill them with loads of interesting and different activities, but recently I have slowed down more and found I have have just as much fun without cramming in so much I am exhausted by Sunday night.  Slowing down and taking your time can be a good thing! 


Friday 3rd July

Wow! it's Friday again already.  So the weekend is fast approaching and the days are flying by.  Did you manage to make yesterday great?  I have been looking at all your great class pages.  Your teachers certainly have got you busy.  If you are finding the work a little too tricky to do at home, then why not just try one thing a day.  Pick you favourite looking activity and do just that one to start with.  I am sure after months, you are really missing your teachers and school life, but it is a real test of your determination and strength of character if you can continue to do something, even if you find it hard.  

If you really put your mind to it, you will do more than you thought!!



St. Peter's Catholic Primary School believes that all pupils should be respected and valued as per our own school values.


We strive to ensure that all pupils:


  • are happy, included and an important part of the school community
  • have a wide and balanced curriculum which is differentiated to meet individual needs
  • can learn and make progress according to their individual developmental trends
  • are assessed using appropriate assessment tools and guidelines
  • are able to recognise their strengths and talents to achieve success


In line with our Inclusion Policy, we will provide opportunities for all pupils whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, attainment and background.


We are part of the SEND locality network for East Grinstead, which is known as 'NEST'. We work collaboratively to meet the needs of our families and children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.


Information about West Sussex Local Offer which provides access to services throughout the county is available on their dedicated website.


We maintain links with outside agencies, and continue to develop the expertise of the school learning team in order to ensure that the child's needs are provided for. As a school we believe that all children have an entitlement to be included and access a broad and balanced curriculum.


The range of special educational needs and disabilities for which provision is made at the school:


  • Speech and Language – Speech sound issues and language and processing difficulties
  • Social Communication difficulties including Autistic Spectrum Condition
  • Physical needs requiring Occupational Therapy
  • Mental Health issues including emotional needs resulting from separation or bereavement
  • English as an additional language
  • Learning difficulties including Dyslexia
  • Children who struggle with learning and academic rigor
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Medical Needs
  • Child Protection Issues


Mrs E. Coster

Special Education Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo)

Any comments or complaints should be emailed of the school office and marked - for the attention of Mrs Coster.


Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) Information