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The best way to apply Phonics skills is by reading and writing. 

I have put links to Rising Stars Reading Planet where you can login and read Phonics books.  If you are logging on and marking books as finished I will regularly add new ones.  Remember it is beneficial to read books more than once and they can be found under the 'Books I have read' tab.


Phonics Play is a great website where your child can read real and not real words.


Your child can write about anything they like.  At school we would encourage them to use a sound mat and a tricky word mat.  Sound mats were sent home on the 20th March if your child was at school.  I have attached an updated tricky word mat that includes a few high frequency words.


It can help to have reason to write so they may like writing about something they have done, something they can see or perhaps about a book.  Writing a card to a friend or relative is a great idea.  It is important for them to sound it out themselves rather than copying it.  If they find it hard to remember their sentence it can help to repeat their sentence or record them saying it and play it back on a phone.  It is absolutely fine to write phonetically so 'I like ice cream' would probably be written as 'I lighk ighs creem'.


The Oak Academy English lessons could be a great starting point.  If you try them please start with the first session on Week 1, skip the Phonics if you wish.  There are some great skills we use at school including creating a story map.  By the end of the first week your child will have written a simple story.


The Year R Phonics and spelling information documents details all of the sounds we learn in Year R including the ones we hadn't yet learnt at school.  If your child is really secure with the tricky words we have already learnt there are a few extra ones on the sound mat and they could then move onto the Phase 4 words.