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Home Learning Outline for week commencing 13th July

Below is your last home learning pack of Year 3!  I have included a new English/maths pack and also attached the extra optional English pack from last week (in case you haven't seen it yet and would like to use it). This the last week on fractions. I know fractions has been in the maths packs for quite a few weeks now, but there is a lot to cover on the Year 3 Curriculum! I have  also added the worksheets linked to the National Oak videos in the New Learning section on here. These have moved onto perpendicular and parallel lines. If you are interested in some more related learning on this, I have uploaded some extra packs that I would have uploaded on here, if there was more weeks left of term. Please use or do not use as you see fit. Some of these will have questions linked to angles and lines within them.  I have added a couple of different reading comprehensions. The French project and RE Booklet have been been uploaded again as you probably haven't had chance to complete all the tasks inside. The 'Starters for STEM' activities mentioned on the timetable can be found in last week's home learning pack. 


White Rose maths have produced some useful short question booklets covering a range of Year 3 maths topics. Why not check them out if you haven't already. They have answers too. You can view these to download on the below attached weblink.


Home Learning 6th July 

Below you will find the resources for this week's home learning pack. The Starters for STEM, French project and spelling sheets should be used over the next two weeks. The RE on the timetable is still the same booklet that I have attached in previous home learning packs. The maths and English combined home learning pack has guidance and answers. I am aware that the fraction learning is new but several parents told me that they liked the structure of these booklets which is why I have been regularly including them. I know it feels like there has been a lot of work on fractions in the last few home learning packs. This is necessary because the unit on fractions in Year 3 would have been taught in school over at least a 4 week period as there are many steps and objectives to cover.  Under the new learning icon, I have attached sheets to the next lot of National Oak learning. This has now moved on from fractions and is covering angles. You may like to look at the sheets attached (answers to the sheet questions are on the videos- link given). 


If you are struggling with the new concepts at home and would prefer to answer some maths questions based on something you have already learnt in school, please make use of the new resources that White Rose have provided:

On this link, they have given questions to lot of different topics for each year group and they contain answers. They are a brilliant resource. 


I have also attached some fluency based maths questions that can be used as you wish. 


Home learning week beginning 22nd June 


Home Learning Pack week commencing 8th June 

Home Learning Pack week commencing 1st June 

This week things look a bit different.  The tasks on the daily timetables have now been simplified and put on one weekly timetable. In the home learning files, you will find the timetable for the week as well as the Maths, English, RE and topic. If you are not following the timetables provided, you can continue to access the activity booklets as and when you need to. Remember there is no pressure or expectation to follow a strict schedule, but use it as you wish. If you are still working through some of the topic resources from the last work packs, they can be found further down this page. I hope you enjoy trying some of these resources. :)



Half term activity ideas

Home Learning for the week commencing Monday 18th May 

Please find below a new set of resources for the next week beginning 18th May. All resources referenced in the timetables have been linked in the Home Learning Packs section. Remember there is no pressure or expectation to follow a strict schedule, but use it as you wish. Please feel free to continue using any of the resources from previous home learning packs. :)

I have added some activity ideas for half- term below as well. Again, please feel free to use as you see fit. :) 

Home Learning Pack for first few weeks of May

(weeks commencing 4th and 11th May)


 Hello! I have uploaded new home learning packs for the next couple of weeks. There will be no daily timetable for Friday the 8th May as it is a bank holiday. Although I have said that VE activities could be used on Thursday 7th, please feel free to use these as you wish. If you are following parts of the daily timetables, the French booklet and topic ideas are linked to the documents I uploaded for the last two weeks. Please use these resources as you see fit. Thanks. 

VE Day resources (on daily timetable for Thursday)

New Home Learning Pack (weeks commencing 20th and 27th of April)


It is now a new term! In the latest Maths and English booklet, there are a few pages with learning that we would have covered in the rest of the school year. Because of this, please do not worry about them, or feel the need to complete them. The pages are: 9, 10, 15, 18, 20

Many other activities are related to our new topic! 'Save the Planet!'  

I will shortly be adding the timetables for next week too so you can view them before the week starts. 

Remember there is no pressure or expectation to follow a particular schedule, but please feel free to use it as you wish. I hope you enjoy some of the activities. :) 




Home Learning Pack 2 (Activities not Maths or English)

Home Learning Packs                                                                   These home learning packs are designed to give children tasks to complete at home and should take roughly two weeks. You can use them as you wish. If you have self-isolated before the school closure, you may have already started pack one, so please move on to pack two when ready. Try to enjoy some family time together, keep active and be creative. I have included a 30 day Lego challenge and a creative drawing prompt challenge power point (creative one a day). Just so you know, some tasks have answers attached.