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There some online English, Maths and Foundation lessons available for Reception.  This style of learning may suit some children so if you have not yet tried a lesson you may wish to do so.  It is recommended to start from the first lesson in Week 1 even if it is Week 3 or 4.  If you do use them please encourage your child to join in and do the activities rather than just watching.  

Today you will need pages 20,21,22 and 23 from Mavis the Magical Cat.

Today you will need pages 17, 18 and 19 from Mavis the Magical Cat.  Pages 18 and 19 suggest making a 'magical potion' (jelly).  If you think you would like to do this activity please have a look and try to get some jelly cubes and raisins/sultanas or similar.

Today you need pages 13,14,15 and 16 from Mavis the Magical Cat.  You do not need to print any of these but you will need to read them and look at the images so it may help to print them.  You will need Addition, page 4 from EYFS Summer Week 3.
Today you will need page 12 from Mavis the Magical Cat.  A new tricky word has been added to the PowerPoint, you could just print the first page if you have previously printed this. 
Today you need page 11 from Mavis the Magical Cat and page 2 from part, part whole.  Page 1 of part, part whole explains the activity.  The tricky words are the same as last week so if you already have them there is no need to print them.
I know this looks like a lot of documents but you do not need to use or print all of them.  The Colonel Tom Moore documents are for extra information if you need it.  There are five VE Day activities so there is a choice, have a look and only print the ones you wish to use.  For Maths you only need pages 2-4 of EYFS Week 2.
Today you will need pages 9 and 10 from Mavis the Magical Cat.
Today you will need page 8 from Mavis the Magical Cat and page 5 (Capacity) from EYFS Week 2.  You do not need to print the entire documents.
Today you will need pages 4-7 from Mavis the Magical Cat and page 6 (3D shapes) from EYFS Week 2.  You do not need to print the entire documents.  If you are printing the tricky words the document is the same every day this week so you only need to print it once.

I will be suggesting completing activities from specific pages from Mavis the Magical Cat each day.  The EYFS Week 2 pack contains Maths and Phonics activities.  I have suggested specific Maths activities within the daily timetables.  The Phonics activities can be completed if you wish.  The EYFS Summer Week 3 document contains Maths, Phonics and Writing activities.  It is intended for use the week beginning 11th May.


There are additional maths activities under the star button Maths Challenges at the top of this page.

If you write any letters or numbers at home remember this is how they should look.  We had just begun adding loops j, g and y. We would have gradually begun adding instrokes to other letters. 
You only need to print one page of the Spring themed size ordering.  Choose your favourite image.
You can use the same tens frame later in the week.  Keep it so you don't need to print it more than once.

Monday 20th April

Please see the Easter timetable for suggestions of what to do each day.  Take a look at the activities to see if you think your child would enjoy them before printing.  Some of them include items such as googly eyes which can be drawn if you do not have them.  Although paper plates are suggested you could use cardboard such as a cereal box.

These photos will helpfully help explain the 1-10 maths challenge.

1.  Place numbers randomly.  2. Ask your child to order the numbers.  3.  If your child can do this challenge them to spot which number is missing.  Do this with different sets of numbers within 1-10.  4. Give your child 3 random numbers, ask them to order them from smallest to largest (you will only need one of each, I just made some extra ones as examples).

Tuesday 31st March

Friday 27th March