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Thought of the Day 17.7.20


Well, you made it! It’s the last day of term! 


I won’t be running out of school as quickly as the picture suggests as there’s lots of jobs to be done to make sure that the school and our classroom are safe and ready for your return. I am so excited to start preparing our new classroom and planning all the new memories that will be made next year. I know lots of you are excited to join Year 5 and desperate to be back in school with all your friends, but for now relax, have fun and enjoy your well earned Summer holidays. You have worked SO hard the last couple of months adjusting to new routines and facing new challenges that this break is more deserved than ever. As you can see, some of my goals for the summer are to spend lots of time outside, visit some new places, have lots of cuddles with my dog and have some delicious BBQs. I know some of you have some great plans for your holidays too, so what ever you do, I hope it is FANTASTIC! 


I also want to say a big thank you to your parents and families for all the support during this tricky time. I have really enjoyed being able to keep in touch and be part of your home learning journeys.


Bye for now, see you after the holidays YEAR 5! (I think saying those words will take some getting used to)


Miss Thouless laugh

Thought of the Day 16.7.20


What a fantastic day we had yesterday! It was so lovely to see so many of you and I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I hope you like the photos, it still feels strange to have to stand so far appart, but it is great to see all of your gigantic smiles. 1 more day left of term, make it a good one! 


Thank you for my lovely gifts, you are very generous. 


Catch up for the last time tomorrow :)

Thought of the Day 15.7.20


Good morning Year 4! Its an exciting day today. I am very excited to be able to spend some time with you and I know lots of you are keen to see your friends. Fingers crossed the sun shines all afternoon. I enjoyed reading some more lovely transition letters yesterday and look forward to hearing from more of you. 


Have a look at these lovely illustrations Matilda has sent in. I know lots of you have become amazing artists recently and have had lots of practise over the past few months. I love hearing what you are up to at home.


See you later! 

Thought of the Day 14.7.20


Good morning Year 4! I hope you are all well. 


Did you know it was Flying Ant Day on Sunday? I didn’t! I only knew that there were lots of flies hovering when I was enjoying my picnic in the sunshine and thought I was just suffering a bit of bad luck! Turns out it’s the day in the year that all the flying ants come out due to humid weather. I didn’t know until I heard it on the radio and Mrs Rusling told me all about it when I got into school yesterday. It happens just before the Queen ant sheds her wings and begins to build her nest for her worker colony. I found this fascinating and I am glad it wasn’t just bad luck! Maybe some of you noticed it too.


Today is your transition afternoon on your weekly timetable and a chance to complete your activities which can be found on the ‘Class Pages’ section of the website. Some of you have completed them already and I have received some lovely emails. It is a shame we can’t spend it together but it is still nice to do something fun from home. 


Not long until our exciting reunion in school. Can’t wait! See you tomorrow :)

Thought of the Day 13.7.20


Good morning Year 4! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I enjoyed the sunshine and had a lovely picnic.

Today is a very special day, as it is the Year 6’s final day in school. I will be celebrating with my Year 6 bubble as we wish them well at their new secondary schools. The children who are in Year 6 now were my first ever class at St Peter’s so I cannot believe how quickly time has flown. Even though you still have 2 years until you are in their shoes, I am sure I will feel exactly the same as time just seems to pass in the blink of an eye. I love being your teacher and especially enjoy being able to watch you learn and grow. I am very thankful to have another year of fun together.


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the Summer reading challenge. Don’t forget it’s a great opportunity to document the books you have read and I know so many of you have enjoyed reading over the past couple of months.


Catch up tomorrow :)

Thought of the Day 10.7.20


Good Morning Year 4! Happy Friday! One more week left of the school year and not long until I get to see you all in school. I know that lots of you were disappointed that you weren't able to come in and see your friends this week but it was good to hear that you are feeling positive and even more excited for next week. It was a pleasure to speak to your parents today and celebrate how well you have done this year and how well you have worked in school. You all deserve a big pat on the back! I am so proud to call you my class and looking forward to coming back to school to teach you all after the Summer holidays.


It has been a while since we have spoken about celebration Friday. I would award you all with the Headteacher's award this week because I am so proud. Have a think about who or what you want to celebrate this week and what you are thankful for. 


Have a fabulous weekend! Catch up Monday :)

Thought of the Day 9.7.20


Good morning Year 4! I was really dissapointed that we weren’t able to see eachother in school as planned yesterday. I’m sure the sun will be shining for us next week. It will be much better than soggy bottoms on the field even if it is longer to wait. Now I’m even more excited to finally be able to see you all! Keep smiling and the time will go by quickly!


Catch up tomorrow :)

Thought of the Day 8.7.20


Final rock battle scores:

Boys 6726

Girls 750


Well done boys what a final result!


Don't forget, for those of you taking part in the Rainbow Games, scores are due by 3pm Thursday. I hope lots of you have got involved! As always, I am rooting for my house Hartley, but I will keep my fingers crossed for you all!

Send any videos, photos or your score cards to


One of our class members has had their marine poster featured on the Eco page of the school website. I would love to see some more of your topic work and it could be featured too! If you would like to send me some work, your parents can email it to

Thought of the Day 7.7.20


Good morning Year 4! There is a new Times Tables Rockstars battle up today. Y4 vs. Y6. You have done fantastically well in the battles so far so Keep going! This week the boys came out on top and I will reveal the final point scores tomorrow. 


Can you guess how I spent the afternoon yesterday? The Year 6 leavers had a great time getting revenge on the teachers. I went home with very soggy shoes!


Thought of the Day 6.5.20

Good morning Year 4! Can you believe there is only one more Monday left of the school year after today? It’s been a very strange end to the year but it makes me all the more excited about coming back to school after the summer holidays and spending another fabulous year with you all in Year 5. 


I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and are ready for a brand new week. I had another family birthday to celebrate this weekend and it was nice to be able to spend some time with loved ones and eat some cake too! Now I feel rested and ready to face any challenges this week may bring!


Have a great week :)


Thought of the Day 3.7.20


Did you spot the sleeping sheep? He was 2 sheep away from the dog on the left hand side.


I had a great day catching up with you all yesterday, it is so lovely to hear your voices and find out what you have been up to. Lots of you are excited for next week and I am very excited too! I have already started counting down the days until I see my lovely class! Until then, have a fabulous weekend filled with lots of fun and lots of rest. 

Catch up next week! :)

Thought of the Day 2.7.20


Good morning Year 4! How are you all this morning? I am looking forward to catching up today. In the mean time, here is a puzzle to keep you busy. Can you spot the sleeping sheep? Answer to be revealed tomorrow!

Thought of the Day 1.7.20

Good morning Year 4! Happy 1st of July! 

To celebrate the occasion, why don’t you hop on to Times Tables Rock Stars? There is a new battle girls vs boys! Good luck, I wonder who will win? 


I can’t wait to hear how you get on when we chat tomorrow. Remember, I will begin my calls at 9:00 am but as we are a small class, I may reach the end of the alphabet before the end of the day. 


Speak soon!

Still image for this video
Can you guess the class member behind the mask? A fantastic video showing the Taekwondo pattern called Yul Gok. It is so lovely to see how you have been spending your time at home. Hopefully we might have some other videos to upload on our Year 4 page soon!

Thought of the Day 30.6.20


Good morning Year 4! It is almost July, I cannot believe it! I had a busy day in school with the Year 6 bubble yesterday and went on a VERY windy evening walk. I have been on some lovely walks recently and have really enjoyed discovering new places. My favourite has been the Ouse Valley Viaduct, some of you may have been there for a walk before. It has beautiful big arches and looks like a piece of art when you look down the middle. I wonder what fantastic places you have discovered on your outdoor adventures? Maybe you can tell me about your favourite place you have visited when we catch up on Thursday!

Thought of the Day 29.6.20


Good morning Year 4! Today is a special day, the Feast Day of St Peter and Paul. Usually we would walk to church as a whole school and share this occassion together. As we cannot do this this year, why don’t you spend some time today learning about St Peter and St Paul? As you know, St Peter means a lot to our school as it is named after him. I wonder what else you can learn today?


Mrs Claffey has added some information to the bottom of this page on the school website:


Oh, Lord our God, Saints Peter and Paul steered the early Church by Your Power and were leaders who modelled and strengthened the faith of the Church. Therefore I ask Saints Peter and Paul to pray for my faith to grow stronger and stronger every day.  Amen




St Peter and St Paul - Children's Liturgy (28/06/20)

Thought of the Day 26.6.20


Good morning Year 4 and happy Friday! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter! It certainly was a scorcher yesterday. As you can see, there isn’t much chance of staying cool in my house as my furry friend likes to steal the fan! The things we do for our pets!

Talking of furry friends, it’s time to say goodbye to the ducklings! What a fantastic few weeks they have had keeping cool in the water. I have really enjoyed watching them grow and I hope you have too. That can only mean one thing... one last joke and I will throw in a bonus fact for you too! I hope it makes you giggle. Have a fantastic weekend and catch up Monday! :)


What shows do ducks watch on television? Duckumentaries!


Did you know? Ducks have waterproof feathers because they interlock and have a waxy coating.



Thought of the Day 25.6.20


Good morning Year 4! I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather but staying safe in the sun. I didn’t manage to spend much time outside yesterday but I think it’s for the best as my pink cheeks are still recovering from my day in school on Monday! I imagine some of you might visit the beach this week so I thought I would give you a beach themed spot the difference after our duck challenge yesterday. I wonder if you can solve it quicker than I did?

Talking of the duck challenge, how many did you see? The answer was 16!

Not many days left of the lovely ducklings being in school which means my hilarious jokes will be coming to an end! (I’m not sure who will miss them more, you or me?)


But for now...

Where do ducks go when they feel unwell?

The ducktor!



Thought of the Day 24.6.20


Good morning Year 4! I hope you are having a good week so far. How quickly have the ducklings grown?! I can’t believe it! I am glad they now have names too.


Did you know? Ducks have been domesticated as farm animals for over 500 years! Despite there being many types, all types of ducks are descended from the Mallard or Muscovy duck.


How many ducks are there in this picture? Can you spot them all?

Thought of the Day 23.6.20

Good Morning Year 4! The weather is heating back up again so make sure you wear lots of sun cream when you are outside! I could feel my cheeks turning pinker by the second at lunch time yesterday. I had another busy day in school with the Year 6 bubble. In the afternoon we had a tin foil boat making contest to see if we could make them float. These are some of our creations, why don't you have a go yourselves! 


The highlight of my day was seeing the lovely ducklings swimming on the playground. Check out the most recent updates.


Another duck themed joke for you today!
What time do ducks wake up? The quack of dawn!

Thought of the Day 22.6.20


Good morning Year 4! Another weekend has flown by and we are back to Monday! I wonder what the ducklings have been up to over the weekend? Don’t forget to check out the ducklings page for updates.


It was so lovely to hear about all the books you have been reading when we spoke on Thurday. I have just discovered that the annual Summer Reading Challenge is taking place online this year. It is called ‘Join the Silly Squad’. For those of you that have enjoyed getting stuck into a good book at home, why not join the challenge?


Did you know? There isn’t only one type of duck! I was fascinated when I began researching all the different types and their beautiful markings. I wonder what our St Peter’s ducklings will look like when they are all grown up?





Thought of the Day 19.6.20


Good morning Year 4! Happy Friday! How lovely it was to speak to so many of you yesterday and hear about all the fantastic things you have been getting up to. You are all working so hard and having lots of fun in between which is great to hear. 


It was also such a lovely surprise to arrive at school to find 4 very fluffy ducklings.

A duck themed joke for you today:

What do you get when you cross a duck with some fireworks? Firequakers!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Don’t forget, it would be great to see some videos next week whether that be sports challenges or just a little message.


Catch up on Monday :)



Thought of the Day 18.6.20


Good morning Year 4! I am looking forward to chatting to lots of you today to see what you have been getting up to. Have you seen the first ducklings video? There is an opportunity to help choose a name for one of our ducks so have a think and get involved!


Today at 10 am there is a chance to tune into a CAFOD National Assembly. I really miss assembly times at school and cannot wait for the day we will all be able to sit and celebrate together again.


In line with our duck theme, here is a fact for you.

Did you know? 

Ducks are related to swans and geese as part of the Anatidae family


Catch up tomorrow :)

Thought of the Day 17.6.20


Good morning Year 4! Could you believe the weather yesterday? It definitely couldn’t make its mind up! As promised, the soon to be ducklings arrived in school. I say soon to be ducklings as they haven’t actually hatched yet! Luckily it should only be a couple of days before they have hatched and you will be first to know as there is a special area on the school website where you can see updates on how they are doing. I am very excited if you can’t tell! The ducks aren’t the only visitors in school at the moment as Miss Coster is looking after some creepy caterpillars. As much as I enjoy looking at them (from a distance), I will be very pleased when they spread their wings as beautiful butterflies. You can follow their journey on the Year R page if you wish.


Now we have covered all our crazy creatures, time for a reminder about this week’s Sussex Games challenge. The theme is Boccia and it would be great to hear lots of you have got involved! 


Catch up tomorrow! Enjoy your first glimpse of the duckling’s house and all its gadgets!


Thought of the Day 16.6.20


Good morning Year 4! I hope you are well. If you got my hints yesterday, you will know that today is the day the duck eggs are expected to arrive in school. I can’t wait to share the updates with you. Whilst out on the field yesterday, we noticed this particular shape in the sky. I’m sure it is a duck. It must be a sign! 


I had a very interesting afternoon with the Year 6s creating paper aeroplanes to compete and see whose can travel the furthest. Lots of research and trial and error took place, but it was great fun! Why don’t you have a go at home? There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, but it is worth trying a few until you get it just right! 


Catch up tomorrow! :)


Thought of the Day 15.6.20


Good morning Year 4! An exciting start to the week as we prepare to welcome some special visitors. If your parents haven’t read our latest school newsletter then you may not know what I’m talking about. I will give you a few hints...


As we waddle into a new week, we hope to stay chirpy. Any challenges we come across might ruffle our feathers, but we know we can always hatch a plan to overcome them. 


Got it yet? If not, have a go at singing this song. Not too much though as you will drive everyone absolutely quakers! :) 



🦆 Five Little Ducks 🦆 THE BEST Song for Children | LooLoo Kids

Thought of the Day 12.6.20


Good morning Year 4! A sing song for today as it’s Friday and you really can’t stop that Friday feeling! It looks like the weather may be brightening up a little which is promising. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I have had a couple of soggy dog walks this week and although the rain is refreshing, I much prefer the sunshine! As usual, there will be updated timetables and learning packs appearing today ready for your new week on Monday. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Catch up next week!

"Can't Stop The Feeling!" Official Movie Clip | TROLLS

Thought of the Day 11.6.20

Good morning Year 4! As I logged on to the school website to post my message today I noticed the photos at the top of the school website which feature some members of our lovely class. It made me think about how long it has been since I have seen all of your smiling faces in person! I am sure lots of you have grown taller and probably have longer hair (If you have managed to escape an at home trim smiley). Next week St Peter's are launching a new Keep Active challenge. Hopefully lots of you will get involved and we will be able to see some videos of those smiling faces that I miss so much. The details of the challenge are on the poster below.


Catch up tomorrow!



Thought of the Day 10.6.20


Good morning Year 4!


A rainbow to brighten a cloudy day....


Follow this link to download the free e-book 'Rain Before Rainbows' by Smriti Halls and illustrated by David Litchfield. It has beautiful illustrations and has been written for Save the Children’s Save with Stories campaign which is helping children most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.


It is Wednesday so we are 1/2 way through our learning week! Keep going you are doing great!


Catch up tomorrow :)

Thought of the Day 9.6.20

Good morning Year 4! I hope you are well. This week’s active challenge is athletics themed. Hopefully lots of you will get involved and help to push us up the leader board. Luckily lots of the activities can be completed indoors, so you can avoid the grey clouds! Can you believe we are on our 12th week of home learning?

In that time we have had:

  • 2 half terms
  • 10 claps for the NHS
  • 3 full moons
  • The hottest day of the year
  • 4 Bank holidays
  • A Rocket launch
  • VE day anniversary celebrations
  • Lent, Easter and Pentecost

… and lots of new experiences at home along the way.

Fingers crossed that by the time another 12 weeks have passed, things in the world might be slowly getting back to normal. Whatever happens, keep doing what you are doing as you have adapted fantastically and achieved many great things in the past 12 weeks.

Thought of the Day 8.6.20


Good morning Year 4! Today will be another busy day in school for me. I had a lovely weekend though and I am feeling ready for a brand new week! I wonder what you all got up to this weekend? I spent some time with family in the garden and I am feeling very grateful that we are now able to see a few more loved ones at a time. Not being able to see many people has definitely shown me how much I appreciate my family and friends. I even managed to catch a burst of sunshine and go for a walk. I took a photo which I’m sure will make you smile. My cheeky pup may have grown a lot since you first saw him on our class blog, but he is clearly still a baby at heart. I was not very impressed as he clearly hasn’t been listening when we have been talking about germs and being extra careful when picking up strange things. (It was too cute not to take a photo though) 


Catch up tomorrow :)

Thought of the Day 5.6.20


Happy Friday! I hope you have had a good week. Today there will be another timetable and some extra resources in the home learning section ready for next week. The sun may not be shining this weekend, but I hope you all have a lovely weekend spent relaxing with your families. Catch up on Monday! :)

Thought of the Day 4.6.20


Good morning Year 4! Where has the glorious sunshine gone? Try today’s rainbow themed task for a bit of brightness on a cloudy day!


Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the lovely sun returns!


Catch up tomorrow :)

Thought of the Day 3.6.20


Good morning Year 4! Miss Paul’s been busy setting up rock battles again. This time our opponents are Year 5... I wonder who will come out on top?! 


Talking of competition, don’t forget this week’s mid Sussex games on the PE and sports page. We are doing better each week and climbing that leader board!


Good luck :)

Thought of the Day 2.6.20

Good morning year 4! How did you get on with your challenge? I hope it was a great reminder of your fantastic achievements! Yesterday, as you know, some children from other year groups returned to school. It was a busy day and lovely to see some more smiling faces, but I still miss you all very much and look forward to the day I will see you all in school again, whenever that may be.

I wonder what you all got up to? No doubt lots of you spent much of your day out in the sunshine. I do hope this glorious weather continues, it makes everything feel much brighter! Catch up tomorrow J


Thought of the Day 1.6.20


Good morning Year 4! A new month and a brand new week! Today I have a special challenge for you to take part in. Click the link to take part....


Each slide has a 6 second timer, but if you have technical difficulties you may use a timer of your own!


Good luck

Thought of the Day 29.5.20


Good Morning Year 4! I wonder how many of you have had a look at The Ickabog? I started having a read of chapter one whilst I was eating my lunch yesterday. I like it so far!

Today the home learning resources have been updated for your new week and there have been a few changes, so make sure to read the information at the top of the home learning page before exploring the timetable. 

I hope after half term you feel re-energised and ready to take on a new week of challenges on Monday. I am getting ahead of myself, we have the weekend to go yet and today is my favourite day of the week, FRIDAY! Let's celebrate together and look forward to a fantastic weekend.


Catch up next week! :)

Just Dance Kids Celebration

Thought of the day 28.5.20


Good morning Year 4! Again, it was lovely to speak to some more of you yesterday and it sounds like you are all keeping well :)


Have you heard about the Ickabog?! No it’s not a mysterious creature that hides in my classroom cupboard (I hope). It is a book written by J.K Rowling. She has released this fantastic story as a gift to children during this time and chapters will be released weekly on the Ickabog website. I know lots of you are Harry Potter super fans, so I had to let you know if you hadn’t heard already. I hope some of you find pleasure in reading the story and it provides something else to keep you busy during this time. Whenever we see eachother again, those of us who have read it can share our thoughts of the story.


Happy reading! Catch up tomorrow!

Thought of the day 27.5.20


Good morning Year 4! How’s your week going? It was so lovely to speak to lots of you yesterday and it definitely cheered me up. I enjoyed hearing about all the things you have been getting up to at home. Lots of you have been enjoying time with family, being creative, learning new skills and have had lots of valuable learning experiences as well. I am definitely proud to be your teacher! Keep up the good work Year 4 and remember to make time for lots of relaxation and fun this week!

Thought of the Day 25.5.20


Good morning Year 4! Happy Tuesday! (I almost said Monday as bank holidays always get me in a muddle) I hope you had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine and are looking forward to a positive week ahead. I am back in school today with the key worker children and looking forward to hopefully spending some time out in the sunshine. It was so lovely receiving some examples of your Earth Hero projects at the end of last week and I hope you enjoyed completing it as much as I enjoyed reading it! It definitely made me smile. Don’t forget it is half term, so take some time to relax and have some fun this week! 

Thought of the Day 22.5.20


Some more inspirational quotes from Dr. Seuss today. Talking of reading, I wonder how many books our class has read altogether by now? Some of you have been making use of our class texts on Rising Stars and that’s great to see. If you do have access to an iPad or a computer, why not have a look? There’s lots to read and some comprehension questions to answer after. The information about where to access these can be found on the daily timetables.


It’s the the end of the week again, so don’t forget to log your Sussex Games scores if you have taken part. Hopefully we can move further up the leaderboard this week!


Next week marks half term and just like the Easter Holidays, things will feel a little different. I will continue to check in with you daily but there is no expectation for you to complete any home learning tasks next week. Some of you may decide to continue with a few bits to keep you busy and that’s okay too. However you decide to spend your time, I hope you have a lovely week, go on some outdoor adventures and spend quality time with the ones you love at home.


Keep smiling! :)

Thought of the Day 21.5.20

Good Morning Year 4! Today I wanted to share with you these lovely images based on some of my favourite Julia Donaldson books... reimagined. They have been adapted to reflect what is happening in the world right now. I think they help to remind us that it’s okay to laugh and find light during difficult times. I also hope they remind you how brilliant you are for doing these things yourself. It may feel like we have been doing this for such a long time now and that it has almost become routine, but remember your actions are helping people! You are doing a fantastic job! 


Catch up tomorrow :)

Thought of the Day 20.5.20

Good morning Year 4! What glorious weather we had yesterday. I am lucky enough to live a short drive away from the sea, so yesterday I decided to have a change of scenery for my daily walk. I went at the crack of dawn and it was so peaceful. The beach was deserted and you could hear nothing but the waves. I came home feeling refreshed and ready to start the day! I definitely think it will be the highlight of my week. I wonder what the highlight of your week will be? Have you discovered lots of beautiful places on your daily walks? I have definitely come to appreciate how lucky we are to be surrounded by lovely countryside and nature spots!

Thought of the Day 19.5.20


Good Morning Year 4! (I told you I couldn’t break the habit) I hope you have had a brilliant start to the week. 


Something I have been enjoying recently is taking part in quizzes with my family and friends over video chat. I am sure lots of you have been doing this too. As it is something I find super fun, I thought I would find some quizzes we could all take part in. I have had a go and my scores weren’t as high as I had hoped! Have a go yourself :)

Disney Song Quiz!


🤔2019 DISNEY Guess The MOVIE From EMOJI Challenge!🤔

Thought of the Day 18.5.20

Good morning Year 4! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Mine involved some more dog walking and some DIY. I have just noticed I am in the habit of starting our daily messages in the same way, it reminds me of taking the register in the morning at school! Now I have noticed, I think it will be even trickier to break the habit, so I will continue as it will definitely make me smile to think of the lovely memories of you all filtering in from the busy cloakroom first thing! There’s lots of things I am missing during this unusual time, but that is certainly one of them. I am sure there are lots of things you are missing too, but at least we have lots of things to look forward to when things eventually return to normal.

 If it is a particular person you are missing, why not send them a letter? We often practise writing letters to different people for different reasons in our English lessons, but these days people often rely on quicker, more modern forms of communication. I for one think that there is something very personal and special about taking the time to write someone a letter. I am going to add it to my list of goals for this week to show the people I care about that I am thinking of them. Why don’t you have a go too? (With an adult’s permission). Royal Mail have some lovely simple templates that you could use, or just stick to paper and pen! I often feel like I am sending a letter to you all when I am writing my daily posts and I am certainly missing you all and keeping you in my thoughts.


Heres to a positive week ahead!



Thought of the Day 15.5.20


Good morning Year 4! It’s almost the weekend!  If you fancy one more challenge before the week is up, head on over to Times Tables Rockstars! The lovely Miss Paul has set up a Boys vs. Girls Battle which will end this afternoon. I know lots of you will be missing competing with your friends on the playground and in sports, so why not get involved?


I also want to take this opportunity to remind you how immensely proud I am of your achievements in learning your times tables this year. We may not be able to take part in our Times Tables Challenge as planned, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you are all rockstars to me! You have worked your socks off and I haven’t stopped boasting to the other teachers all year about how quick you are! I haven’t forgotten about our jar of counters which will be sat ready and waiting for a celebration when the time is right.


Finally, I hope those of you who have participated in this week’s football challenges have uploaded your scores. Fingers crossed we’re heading up the leaderboard this week! There will be a brand new fitness challenge heading your way on Monday. I can’t wait to read this week’s newsletter. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the brand new resources appearing on the home learning page, there will be lots for you to get stuck into! 


Have a fabulous weekend :)

Thought of the Day 14.5.20


How did you get on with the puzzles? We had a go at school and it kept us occupied for hours! 


Not long ago we spoke about making the most of our spare time and learning new skills. For your Easter activities, I included some sign language resources. Since then, I have stumbled across lots more fabulous sign language resources. It is definitely a skill that I would love to learn more about. I know that lots of you enjoy adding signs to the hymns we sing in school, so why not have a go at learning some more? This week I have been practising my name. I wonder if you can have a go?


Maybe by the end of the week I can show you my progress!


Catch up tomorrow :)

BSL Basics: How to Sign the Alphabet and Your Name in British Sign Language

Thought of the Day 13.5.20

Good morning Year 4, wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!


Today is National Numeracy Day! I know we’re a very ‘Mathsy’ class in Year 4 so I have added some puzzles for you to have a go at.


Have fun!


Thought of the Day 12.5.20


Wow what a blustery day it was yesterday, the weather has certainly changed! Despite the wind, it was still lovely to get some fresh air. This weeks active challenges are football themed and I know there are definitely some football fans in Year 4. Why not have a go and help St Peters move up the leaderboard? Luckily the wind can’t stop us having a good kick about. All the information about this weeks challenges can be found on the PE page.


Did you spot some Year 4s on this weeks Active Newsletter? Hopefully there might be some more appearances next week! 

Have a great day, I hope you are enjoying the home learning packs!



Thought of the Day 11.5.20


Good morning Year 4! A brand new week to get stuck into. I am back in school today and looking forward to seeing the key worker children but keeping you all in my thoughts. I wonder how you all celebrated the bank holiday weekend? I know lots of people enjoyed afternoon tea and celebrating from their front gardens. I hope lots of you managed to see the flyover! It came earlier than planned and unfortunately I live too far away and didn’t manage to catch a glimpse but I have seen some fabulous videos. I did however have a lovely weekend doing some gardening and I had a lovely dog walk in the sunshine.


For those of you that love a drawing challenge, have a go at drawing a spitfire yourself!


Catch up tomorrow :)

How to Draw a Spitfire for Kids

Thought of the Day 7.5.20

In school today our activities will be VE Day themed in preparation for the bank holiday and 75th anniversary. I hope lots of you are able to enjoy some VE Day activities at home too.


VE Day stands for Victory in Europe Day and the date marks the anniversary of the 8th May 1945. At 3pm on this date the Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced on the radio that Germany had surrendered and the end of the war was in sight. This year we celebrate 75 years since this victorious day.


Did you know?

At 3pm on Friday a spitfire will fly over the Queen Victoria Hospital to mark the occasion. If you live nearby, keep your eyes and ears peeled! 


The hospital bought East Grinstead great fame during WW2 with its success when treating airmen who had suffered serious burns.


Whatever you do today, take a moment to remember those heroes past and present who put the lives and safety of others before their own.


Have the most enjoyable bank holiday weekend :)


Catch up Monday!


Thought of the Day 6.5.20

I wonder how you are all getting on with your active challenges? We did 2 of the virtual games tennis challenges in school yesterday and had great fun. Hopefully we can get our score even higher this week! 


Here’s a tennis themed joke to get you all chuckling:


What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a tennis court? 





Thought of the Day 5.5.20


How lovely it was to be back in school yesterday, but I still miss my lovely Year 4s just as much! We had a great day crafting paper mache balloon creations which the children had started making last week (I am already working towards one of my goals for the week) and they are beginning to take shape. You could try one of these at home, you need: a balloon, pva glue, newspaper or paper towel and some paint. 


When we were outside playing we even had a visit from chocolate orange the cat! He misses you all too and looked very disappointed not to have a school full of children to greet him and make a fuss.


I am sure you have all been getting on with some equally as fabulous things at home! Catch up tomorrow. :)

Thought of the Day 4.5.20 

I am back in school today caring for the children whose parents are key workers. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time now! I am feeling really positive and ready for a new week and I hope you are too. I have decided to set myself some goals for this week to keep me motivated.


1. Continue with my daily exercise even though I will have less spare time

2. Try out a new recipe for dinner

3. Complete a craft project in school 


Try setting yourself some goals this week, it always feels rewarding to give yourself a pat on the back when you have achieved something great :) 



Thought of the Day 1.5.20

Rain, rain go away! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the sunshine to return. Luckily I managed to squeeze a lovely walk in yesterday morning before it began to pour again, but I think it will be back to Joe Wicks inside for a while. I wonder how you are all managing to keep active now the sun has disappeared? I am really looking forward to reading this weeks Keep Active Newsletter. It seems to be getting longer each week which proves just how many of you are completing fantastic active challenges at home. 

Don’t forget, if you have any fabulous ideas to share, send your photos to 

There are also some fantastic opportunities on the sports page of the school website for you to have a look at.

I am really looking forward to doing some PE and games with the children in school next week.

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to celebrate those who deserve it most today, even if that means giving yourself a pat on the back.


Catch up next week :)


Thought of the Day 30.4.20 

Good morning Year 4! We have an extra special message from a V.I.P today! :)


Hello all my lovely year 4’s

I hope that you are all doing ok and of course missing me like crazy!!! 😊

It’s all a bit strange at the moment with us not being at school. I’m sure that you are all keeping busy and trying hard with doing some learning from home, which I know is challenging.


I’m at home with my two sons Cameron and Danny.

Danny is a bit fed up with me being his teacher now..... apparently I make him do too much work!!!


I miss you all sooooo much and look forward to seeing you all hopefully very soon.

Lots of love and hugs

Mrs Stuart xxx

29.4.20 Thought of the Day

My favourite thing about studying Ancient Egypt with you all was discovering how passionate you were when it came to learning new things about the Egyptians. Even though we have now moved on from our Egyptians topic, I was delighted to find that the Tutankhamun exhibition in London has released a virtual tour to give a sneak peak of the treasures inside. It is only a short video, but I hope you enjoy looking at some of the magnificent artefacts.

Thought of the Day 28.4.20

Good morning Year 4! Can you believe you have been home learning for over 5 weeks now? For some of you it may have flown and for others it may feel like the days have crept by very slowly - either way you are doing great! No matter how you are learning at home, just by getting up and ready each day and getting your brain working, you are achieving great things. I really wanted to set today’s message aside to congratulate you for all your hard work, but I’ll be honest my hair is a bit of a mess since I’m so used to not leaving the house, so I thought I would leave someone else to pass on the message. Unlike my usual students, this one isn’t very good at listening or keeping still! I hope it makes you smile! 


Thought of the Day 27.4.20 

I hope you all had a fun weekend. I enjoyed going for a walk in the sunshine and catching up with family over video chat. I hope you are still enjoying getting active and filling out your Active Challenge Diaries. I find going for a walk or doing some exercise daily gives me something to look forward to and I definitely feel better after! Here are some active ideas to jump start your day. You could Spell your first name, your surname or get creative! Whatever you do, it will help you build a super fun workout!

Thought of the Day 24.4.20

I cannot believe it is the weekend once again. During such an unsettled time I cannot decide whether the days are getting quicker or slower each week. One things for sure, I am grateful that my time in school looking after the children whose parents are key workers is drawing closer. I know it will be strange being in school without all the members of my lovely class but I am looking forward to seeing some smiling faces. I have really enjoyed hearing updates from the other teachers about their days in school.


Recently, I have come across some lovely ideas of how children are documenting their memories during this time. Some days are really tricky and others are much brighter, but it can help us to feel comfort when we look back on our memories after making it through the other side of a difficult challenge.  However you choose to document those memories, the more creative the better, remember that one day we will be able to look back on these weeks and it will all feel a bit like a strange dream! Below you will find some ideas for inspiration.


Don't forget, it is Celebration Friday! Take the time to congratulate, applaud or thank those who you believe deserve it most. 


Have a lovely weekend!


Thought of the Day 23.4.20 

Answers : Recycle, Ocean, Plastic 


Tonight everyone will join together once again to clap for our carers, all the amazing people out there working hard to take care of our country. Why don’t you have a go at making an instrument out of recycled materials just like the examples on our Topic activities grid? I know lots of people have been banging pots and pans and it would be great to use your instrument to help celebrate. If you are following our timetable, later in the week you are asked to have a go at using recycled materials to make music so this could be a great practise run!


It’s always lovely to show our gratitude to those we appreciate and I am definitely very thankful for not only our fabulous NHS carers but everyone who is still working through these tricky times. I am also very thankful for everyone making such an effort to stay safe and stay at home - you are doing great! :)


Thought of the Day 22.4.20


Good Morning! Today I have some anagrams for you to solve. As usual I will post the answers tomorrow. I will give you one clue - the words fit the theme of yesterday’s post!






Good luck!



Thought of the Day 21.4.20 


I hope you have all enjoyed familiarising yourselves with the new learning resources. As you can see, the Summer Term marks the start of our brand new topic ‘Save the Planet’. It is a shame we cannot be together to begin exploring our new topic but thankfully there is plenty of investigating you can begin at home. I just know that this is a topic you will all love. As a school with a fantastic Eco Team, we already do a great job of raising awareness about how we can help protect the Earth we live on and this topic allows us to have a deeper look at how our choices effect the world around us. 

I have already seen lots of fabulous resources appearing which can support our learning in the coming weeks (I am keeping my fingers crossed for an appearance from David Attenborough). For now, here are some short Bitesize clips to get you going.


Did you know? Since making an extra effort to stay inside, pollution levels in New York have reduced by almost half! 

Although we know we will not be living in this way forever, hopefully it will show us some small steps we can take to help our beautiful planet.


I hope you are as excited about our new topic as I am!







Thought of the day 20.4.20   Good morning Year 4! I wonder how many acts of kindness you managed to achieve this weekend? I hope some of you are looking forward to getting back into your home learning routine today after a relaxing couple of weeks. 


I know that sometimes working at home can feel quite lonely - I for one am missing seeing everybody from school everyday! You all know I love dogs and my dog has been providing me with great company whilst I work. I am sure some of you have enjoyed spending extra time with your pets at home too. If you don’t have a pet to keep you company, or love animals like I do, here you can watch the daily routines of some of the animals at Edinburgh Zoo. The animals are very cute and it definitely made me smile!

Catch up tomorrow! :) 

Thought of the Day 17.4.20   Answer: 14

Yesterday I spoke about acts of kindness and all the lovely things going on around the world. Today I want to set you a challenge. How many positive things can you do for others?

Goal: By the end of the week, can you think of 14 acts of kindness that you can do for the other people at home?

Help make a difference to someone else’s day :)

Thought of the Day 16.4.20

Today’s message is a number riddle. 

• I am a 2-digit number.​

• I am more than 6 + 6.​

• I am less than 8 + 8.​

• I am even.

• What number am I? 

Answer to follow!


I have had a lovely week so far and I hope you have too! Despite having to stay at home, my Birthday week has felt more special than ever. I say Birthday week as the celebrations don’t seem to have ended yet. I have been blown away by everyone’s kindness and was even lucky enough to receive some very thoughtful cards via email - what a treat I am very grateful! I wonder if you have noticed or experienced anyone going above and beyond and being kind during this difficult time? I am really enjoying hearing lovely stories from around the world about people being kind to others, long may it continue! 


Speak tomorrow! :)

Thought of the Day 15.4.20  Happy 15th of April! I hope you all have a lovely day. Yesterday I heard a song that reminded me of you all! Do you remember our predators dance from the Autumn Term? I remember feeling super proud of you all when we managed to learn the whole song. I am definitely missing our P.E sessions in school and keeping active with you all. I wonder what active challenges you have all completed over the Easter break? Don't forget you can share your success with the school by sending pictures to and you might catch a glimpse of yourself in the Keep Active Newsletter on Friday. I wonder if you can spot my Keep Active pictures in the last edition of the newsletter?


Catch up tomorrow! In the mean time, here is our predators song to help you have a little dance and keep active. I wonder if you can remember any of our moves?

Predators Dance

Thought of the Day 14.4.20 Good morning Year 4! I hope you enjoyed your Easter Weekend. Yesterday was my birthday. It was a little different to my usual birthday, but I enjoyed myself anyway and had a slice of cake! My birthday almost always falls during the Easter Holidays, so it is very rare I am able to spend it in school. I wonder how many of our class birthdays have fallen during this time?  I hope you all had a great day and are looking forward to extra special celebrations when things return to normal.

A Happy Birthday to you, a Happy Birthday to you! Every day of the year, may you feel Jesus near! A Happy Birthday to you, a Happy Birthday to you and the best one you’ve ever had!

Happy Birthday!

Thought of the Day 10.4.20 As so many of Year 4 have musical talents, I have written today’s message with you in mind. Have a go at this tongue twister:

Tutor Who Tooted

A tutor who tooted the flute tried to tutor two tooters to toot.

Said the two to the tutor, is it harder to toot or to tutor two tooters to toot?

I have already been practising, but I am yet to perfect it!

I am sure some of you have been practising your musical instruments at home. You could even prepare a performance for the members of your family J

I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend. We may be spending it in a very different way to usual but sometimes when we find ourselves with a bit of time on our hands, it can be a great opportunity to think and reflect. This weekend, take a moment to remember why we celebrate Easter but also reflect on the things you are thankful for during this time. I will certainly be making the most of the lovely weather and making sure I set some time aside to chat to my family and do some Easter baking.


Whatever you are doing, keep smiling! Happy Easter Year 4! :)

Thought of the Day  9.4.20    Hello Year 4! I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine :)

Today is all about being kind, selfless and thinking of others. Much like our school mission statement ‘Treat other people as you would like to be treated.’

How many people in your household can you compliment today?

Compliments for my Year 4 class who I miss very much:

  • You all have such wonderful and different talents
  • Your lovely smiles always brighten my day at school
  • You are ambitious and always willing to take on a challenge
  • You look out for each other and have the kindest hearts
Thought of the Day  8.4.20  I have been checking up on our school sport twitter page @StPetersEGPE It is so lovely to see that so many people in not only our school community, but all over the world, are taking this time as an opportunity to become more active at home.

I am sure lots of you have been completing new active challenges. Don’t forget to log them in your Keep Active Diary!

Now, time for another Joe Wicks workout. Wish me luck!

Thought of the Day 7.4.20  Another drawing challenge today! Here is the step by step guide to draw my favourite Disney character Stitch. I imagine lots of you have been watching Disney films in your spare time over the past couple of weeks. I wonder how many of us share the same favourite Disney character? To be honest, I love them all!

Thought of the Day  6.4.20 Happy Monday! My last message mentioned smiles, so today I thought I would share with you a lovely poem about smiling, with the hope it might brighten your day.

Answer! Did you spot him?

Thought of the Day  3.4.20 Answer: His horse was called Thursday.

Something that made me smile this week was hearing about the goats of Llandudno. The naughty goats have taken advantage of the quiet streets and invaded the town.

As you all enjoy a good skimming and scanning activity in class, let’s play spot the goat! Answer to follow!

This is my last message of the week. I will miss posting over the weekend. Have a lovely weekend and I can’t wait to update you next week.

Keep smiling!

Thought of the Day   2.4.20  We have been away from our daily routine in school for a while now and sometimes I feel myself getting jumbled and forgetting what day of the week it is. Keeping in touch with you all on here is a great daily reminder!  Here is a riddle with a Thursday theme:

A cowboy rides into town on Thursday. He stays in town for 3 days and leaves on Thursday. How is this possible?

Answer to follow!

Thought of the Day  1.4.20 A quote from Doctor Seuss today:  “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

I finished the book I was reading yesterday. I have particularly enjoyed reading in the garden when I get a spare 5 minutes. It is lovely to sit listening to the birds singing and have some fresh air.

I wonder how many books we have read as a class during our time at home?


As we all enjoyed listening to some fabulous audio books together on World Book Day, I thought some of you may enjoy these audio books by David Walliams. He is uploading a new one every day!

Thought of the Day  31.3.20   You guessed it! (Or did you?) The answer is... Seven.

Talking of the number seven, I have been making an effort to think of a list of positives that I can take from every day. Here is my list of 7 positives from yesterday.

  1. I woke up before my alarm clock with the sun on my face!
  2. I had a really tasty breakfast, yum!
  3. I managed to find 5 minutes to practise my drawing.
  4. I made my family laugh today.
  5. I got to write another message to Year 4.
  6. I completed an active challenge. (Those Joe Wicks workouts are tricky, but so much fun!)
  7. When editing our class page, I noticed our World Book Day pictures. What wonderful memories!

Have a go at thinking of your own list of positives for today. It might be even longer than 7!

Thought of the Day 30.3.20 I hope you all had a good weekend. Today’s challenge is a riddle – I will post the answer tomorrow! 

Riddle: I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?

Thought of the Day 27.3.20    Good morning Year 4! I hope you are all well. Here is a little something to brighten your day!

Why did the student eat his homework?

Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake!


As we can’t all be together for Celebration Assembly today, it would be lovely if you could choose a member of your family that you would like to celebrate and thank this week. Give them a clap or a pat on the back and tell them why you are thankful.

Thought of the Day 26.3.20 Try something new today! Something I have been enjoying when I finish work for the day is practising a new skill. Whether it be tying your shoelaces or perfecting that cartwheel, it’s a great time to learn something new. One thing I have been practising is my drawing skills (Year 4 know this is not my strong point). If you want to, join me in my drawing challenge using this step by step guide. I know whatever you achieve today it will be brilliant!
Thought of the Day - 25.3.20 'Shine bright like the sun!' When possible, get outside in your garden and feel the sun on your face! The sun always makes me feel better when I am working! You could complete some of your activities in the garden, or even by an open window with the sun shining in!