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Friday 17th July 

Good morning Year 3! Can you believe today is the last day of term? It is a shame we can't celebrate the end of the school year together, but I am so glad I got to see many of you last week. It really was a highlight of the last few weeks for me.  Usually Fridays are celebration themed where we celebrate all the different achievements of children around the school. Today I want to celebrate all of you! My head teacher's award goes to all of Year 3 this week. It has been lovely getting to know you all this year and seeing you take on new challenges in the juniors. I am so proud of how you have coped with this strange and different way of living over the last few months. It has been very odd for us all. I know that many of you have worked hard at home and also learnt many new skills over the last few months. Well done Year 3! :) 



It has been great speaking to lots of you over phone the last few months and event though we haven't been together, it has been great to hear what you have been up to. I know some of you are really looking forward to coming back to school and going into Year 4 and some of you are a little nervous too, but I know you will have a great year!


Thank you again for your lovely gifts, cards and messages – they really do mean a lot! I’d also like to thank your families for all the support and help they have given our class over the year, it is all very much appreciated!


I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I look forward to seeing you all when you come back in September. 


Miss Paul :) 





Thursday 16th July

How was your day yesterday? It was lovely speaking to many of your parents yesterday about you all. I am in with Year R today. It will be strange ending the term differently without all of you. I am so glad many of us got to see each other last week. 

How have you been keeping active this week? I have almost finished my Couch to 5k! It has taken me slightly longer than 10 weeks but I have kept on going. Hopefully, if I keep running a bit further each week, I might be able to run 10km in one go next year... this will be challenge for me I can tell you. Why not think about how you can keep active over the next few days. 


Well done to all the children who have been keeping active and still going with their home learning this week! Also, well done to those of you that have sent some information about themselves to Miss Gorstige. I know she is excited to learn about you. If you haven't done your transition activity, why not have a go over the next few days. :) 


Have a great day Year 3! 


Miss Paul 

Wednesday 15th July   - Some of you should be getting good at knowing the date in French by now...

Can you work out the date for today?


Good morning Year 3! :) How are you today?

Did you know today is a special day? Not only is it my mum's birthday, but it is also St Swithin's day! You may recognise the name... the church in East Grinstead not far from Pizza Express is named St Swithun's after him.  St Swithin was an Anglo-Saxon bishop of the city of Winchester (I went to university at Winchester- it's a lovely city). He was born in around the year 800 and he is buried at Winchester Cathedral.  However he is not that well known as a saint, but more for the folklore that surrounds him.  It is said that if it rains today, it will rain for 40 days after.  The story started because  after his death, he requested he be buried in the churchyard, so that passers by may step over his grave and that it may be exposed to the elements.


However, his tomb was moved inside on 15 July 971, and shortly afterwards a huge storm hit, which people took as a sign of the saint’s displeasure at his wishes being ignored. Since then, the legend has said that if it rains on St Swithin’s Day, it will continue to do so for the next 40 days. If it is sunny, the sun will shine for 40 days straight.  So keep an eye out for the weather today and the next 40 days!


St Swithin’s Day if thou dost rain,

For 40 days it will remain,

St Swithin’s Day if thou be fair,

For 40 days will rain na mair.


 Don't forget I will be giving all of your parents a quick call today. :)


Catch up tomorrow Year 3! :)


Miss Paul




Tuesday 14th July - Can you work it out in French?

Hi Year 3! How are you today?

Today is your transition afternoon on your weekly timetable and a chance to complete your activity set by Miss Gorstige. This can be found on the ‘Class Pages’ section of the website under 'Back to School'. It is a shame we can't do transition afternoon like we would normally do, but hopefully, it will still be nice to do something fun from home. Don't forget to email it in to the juniors email so Miss Gorstige can read it! 


I'll catch up with many of your parents tomorrow for my last call home of the term. 


Have a good day Year 3. 


Miss Paul :)

Monday 13th July

Good morning Year 3! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I celebrated one the birthday of one of my friends with a lovely picnic yesterday afternoon. Today is  a special day as it Year 6's final day in school. I know some of you have siblings in Year 6. The children in Year 6 were my first class at St Peter's School, so it will be strange to see them leave. They have grow up so much since I taught them in Year 2! I can't believe this week is the last week of Year 3! It is so close to the summer holidays and soon you will all be in Year 4! 

One thing that always happens over the summer holidays is the library’s Summer Reading Challenge! This year it is still going ahead, even though everything isn’t quite the same this summer. I used to love taking part in this when I was your age. 


Below I have attached the poster with all the information you need if you would like to complete it!

Reading is one of the best things you can do to help get yourself ready for Year 4 over the next few weeks! Being a great reader also helps you become a better writer, and reading lots of different types of books and authors means you get inspiration for your own writing! If you haven’t done much reading over lockdown, maybe this challenge could help you to get back into reading regularly. 


Catch up tomorrow :)

Miss Paul 

Friday 10th July - Can you work it out in French?

Morning Year 3! 

It's Friday! :) After this, one more Friday left of the term! Here is the message from Mrs Findley. 

Home learning packs and the transition activity will appear later today on the home learning page. 

Miss Paul :)


Hello everybody!

It was so lovely to see you all at school on Tuesday. Weren’t we lucky with the weather? It certainly took a turn for the worse on Wednesday! I really enjoyed chatting to all of you and it was so nice to hear what you’ve been up to since the Spring. As always I liked hearing all the updates on your various pets too! 


I hope you enjoyed the morning of fun and games with your friends, and found it helpful to come in and to end the school year on a happy and positive note. 


The year may not have turned out as we had hoped, planned or expected, but I’m so proud of you all for the resilience you have shown in these unusual times. What a strong and characterful bunch of children you are! It has been lovely to share the year with you, to get to know you better and to see how far you have come with your learning and on your individual school journeys.


This will probably be my last update as I only have a couple of days left in school before the summer holidays. Thank-you so much for my wonderful cards and gifts. Please pass on my thanks to your parents as well! It really is appreciated. 


I hope you all have a great summer. No doubt I will bump into some of you out and about as I often do!


Happy holidays,


Mrs Findley.


jeudi neuf juillet   Thursday 9th July


Hi Year 3,

How are you? I am in Year R today. I hope it stops raining today so we can get outside. Yesterday was very gloomy and wet.  Now, today is the last day of the Rainbow Games - Sports Day activities at home. More information can be found on the PE page of the website and the recent Keep Active newsletter.

Don't forget, for those of you taking part in the Rainbow Games, scores are due by 3pm today. I hope lots of you have got involved! As always, I am hoping La Salette do well as they are my house!  You may not know this... all the teachers in the juniors have a house too! Anyway, I wish all the houses good luck.

Send any videos, photos or your score cards to


Some children have sent in some lovely pictures of their creations (Yann and Jack) and their writing (Sebastian and Samuel). I thought you might like to see them all. Hear more about the interesting creature a 'Teagal' from Sebastian and find out about the character of 'Purple Pen' from Samuel. You will never look at a purple pen in the same way again! If you would like a picture of something you have made/written/completed to be put on the class blog, send it to the juniors email. If you would like it to feature in the class blog before the end of term, please say you give permission for me to put it on here. :)

Have a great day Year 3! Tomorrow there will another message from Mrs Findley on here.


Wednesday 8th July 

Good morning Year 3!

How are you all today? I really enjoyed seeing you all yesterday- it has been the highlight of my week. It hasn't been the same being in school without you. I really enjoyed chatting to you all, seeing you play together and have a bit of fun.  Some of you have definitely grown since the Spring!

Thank you as well for your brilliant behaviour, you did a great job at keeping your distance, you listened well to instructions and made me very proud! Well done Year 3!


I also must say a great big THANK YOU to you and your families for the generous and lovely gifts I received yesterday! They are all so thoughtful!  I hope you have been able find your image on the back of the card I gave you.

Have you started your scratch-off bookmark design yet? I have a spare one so I might make one for myself too.

Have a great rest of your week. Also don't forget to take part in Mrs Harrington's Rainbow Sports Day activities- see her email that she has sent.


Miss Paul.


mardi sept juillet  Tuesday 7th July 

Good morning Year 3! How are you today? Have you had a good start to your week?

I am VERY excited today! I am really looking forward to seeing many of your lovely faces and play some games on the field! I hope you’re looking forward to it too! Talking to you all on the phone over the last few weeks and months always makes me smile, but it will be even better to see you all. 


I know a lot of you are probably very excited, but it’s really important that we remember to keep each other safe and abide by social distancing still! Unfortunately, that means no hugs or high fives (unless they are air high fives) and we need to try to keep at least 1 metre apart still. I’ll also have to ask you to wash your hands a bit more. However, we’ll still have a great morning!


See you soon! :) 

Miss Paul 

lundi six juillet    Monday 6th July 


Morning Year 3! I hope you had a good weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing lots of you tomorrow morning. We have a special message from Mrs Findley today, so I will tell you what my mum is growing in her garden (linked to the photos on Friday's blog) tomorrow instead. 



Hello everyone, I hope you are all well? 


It’s been such a long time since we have all seen each other, and I know as time goes on it can sometimes be a little harder to think positively. This is also true for us adults!


With that in mind I wanted to share something that has been helpful for my daughter and that is thinking about gratitude. This just means thinking about what you DO have, rather than what you DON’T have. 


We all have moments where we think life would be better if only we had certain things. For adults it may be a bigger house, or a nicer car. Children might want the latest gadgets. But thinking about gratitude is all about focusing on what you do have, here and now, rather than wishing for more.


You could make a gratitude diary and write down 3 things you are grateful for every day. My daughter did this for a while and when she looked back on it she was surprised to see that the things she was grateful for were actually ordinary, everyday things and not the ‘stuff’ she has.


She had written down things like; a sunny day, a nice walk, a comfy bed and a yummy picnic. Things that we all probably just take for granted most of the time. 


Another way you could remember the things you are grateful for is to draw a tree with leaves and then put a positive word in each leaf. There are lots of ideas on the internet and you can be as creative as you like!


A jar with words on paper works well too and it’s lovely to look back on the things that make us happy. 


It’s also nice to spend a few minutes before bed thinking about the nice things that happened during the day. This helps your brain to relax and get ready for a great nights sleep. 


There are so many ways to focus our minds on the things we have in our lives which are good. We all feel envious of other people sometimes but it’s really important to shake jealousy off and not compare ourselves to anybody else. There will always be people who have more, but there will always be people who have a whole lot less too. So we must appreciate ourselves, what makes us unique and what we have! 


I’m sharing a picture of our accidentally smashed patio door with you. As you can imagine I felt really sad when the glass shattered into a million tiny pieces, but turning the negative thought into a positive one, it actually looks quite pretty! 


Be kind to yourselves and others.


Mrs Findley. 

Friday 3rd July 

Hi Year 3, 

After today, there are only two weeks left of term and two more Fridays of this school year! It all feels very odd doesn't it. I hope you have had a good week. My week has been really busy, but I feel pleased that I have accomplished many things on my list of jobs to do. :) What about you? Can you think of something your are proud of this week? Why not tell someone and celebrate it. :) I am sure there could be more than one thing that you could be proud of. 


By the way, did you find the cat yesterday? I have attached the same picture below with the cat circled.





As it seems to be a week of quizzing and spotting things... I have another little challenge for you... 

My mum is currently growing lots of fruit and vegetables. I know a few of you have been busy at your allotments/ in your gardens growing lots of different plants. Can you identify any of the fruit and vegetable plants that my mum is growing? I will upload the answers on Monday, so you know. Home Learning pack for the next two weeks will be uploaded on our page later on today. Have a lovely weekend  and we'll chat next week. :) 

Miss Paul 

jeudi deux juillet   - Thursday 2nd July 

Hi Year 3!

Have you watched the video of the fantastic piano playing from someone in our class? If not, please watch it (it's just below this message). You are in for a treat. :)  There is still time to send  one in if you would like to - it doesn't have to be playing an instrument. As I have said before, the possibilities are endless. 


It has been great to see some of you log in to EdShed and Times table Rockstars.  If you haven't logged in to EdShed yet, try to over the next week and have a good explore of the different games. There is a battle going on at that moment on Times table Rockstars. I think it ends on Saturday. I wonder which class will win our battle...? Log in to see who we are up against and to earn some points for our class. 


In honour of 'Chocolate Orange' - I know it is not the cat's real name- I have found a 'spot the cat' picture for you all. It is a bit like 'Where's Wally' but instead 'Where's the cat'...Why not spend some time today looking for the cat in the picture. I reveal where the cat is in tomorrow's message. Have a good day Year 3. I am in with Year R today. Catch up tomorrow :) Miss Paul


Check out this member of our class playing the piano.

Still image for this video
Check out another talented musician in our class. I am really enjoying these videos. Could you send one in? Girls where are you? No girl has sent in a video yet! It would be lovely to see one from one of you as well. :) Remember it could be a hello message, it could be a video showing something creative or active you have been up to or something else interesting. :)

Wednesday 1st July

Good morning Year 3! I hope you are all well. 

It is a new month! JULY … What do you know about the month of July?


1. July is on average the hottest month in the Northern hemisphere.


3. The month of July was named after Julius Caesar, an emperor of Rome who was born in July. It was originally called Julius.


4. July used to be the 5th month of the year until 450AD when January and February were added to the calendar.


5. July is national ice-cream month. A great excuse to eat some ice- cream! :)


Can you find out any more facts? 


Just so you know, there is a new battle set up on Times table Rockstars ending on Saturday. 


Also, don't forget to try out the challenges for the Virtual Sussex Games this week. Remember to submit your scores before the end of Friday morning!


Miss Paul 



Tuesday 30th June  -Can you work out what it would be in French?


Good morning Year 3. It was so lovely to chat to many of yesterday and hear all the different things that you have been up to. Well done for all your hard work and fun ways that  you have been keeping yourselves occupied. :)


Did any of you find out about St Peter and St Paul yesterday?


Answers from the quick quiz yesterday!


1)  Jesus says, "So from now on you will be called Peter, which means ‘rock’, and on this rock I will build my Church. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven.” 


2) Jesus asked Peter to help build (grow) his church.


3) St Paul's name was Saul before it changed.


4)  After Jesus had ascended to heaven, Saul was trying to stop the early Christians teaching about Jesus. Then on the road to Damascus, the risen Jesus appeared to Saul, telling him to stop hurting Christians and to believe in Jesus. Saul became a follower of Jesus. He became known as Paul and Jesus made him into an Apostle for the Gentiles. 


5) To many things to say here. Some of the ways St Peter and St Paul led their live can be found in the information I attached to our blog yesterday! 


Hopefully you learnt some new facts about St Peter and St Paul. 


I hope you have a good day! It would be great to see some more message / keep active videos being sent in Year 3. :)

Catch up tomorrow. 


Miss Paul 

lundi vingt neuf juin      Monday 29th June  


Good morning Year 3! It is another new week and we are almost in July! Can you believe it?

I hope you are well and have enjoyed your weekend. Today is a special day for our school and the church. Today is the feast day of two great saints, St Peter and St Paul.  Our school is named after St Peter. Usually, we would walk to church as a whole school or celebrate mass in school and share this occasion together. We are unable to do this today, but perhaps you could take some time to learn about these saints at home. Both of these men spent a lot of their life spreading the word of Jesus.


Who likes a few quiz questions?  I am sure some of you do...                                         Can you find out the answers to these questions about St Peter and St Paul?  Look at the web links I have posted below and you should be able to find the answers to my quiz questions. Good luck and get reading. J


  1. What does Jesus say the name Peter means?
  2. Why was Peter given the “Keys of the Kingdom”?
  3. What was St Paul’s name before he was named Paul?
  4. Was Paul always a follower of Jesus? Why did he change his behaviour and actions?
  5. What did they do in their lives?


Why don’t you spend some time reading about them today?


Mrs Claffey has added some information to the bottom of this page on the school website:


St Peter and St Paul - Children's Liturgy (28/06/20)

St Peter and St Paul Children's Liturgy from Colour and Shape. Go out in the world! Join us today as we celebrate these two great leaders of the early Church...


God our Father, you call all kinds of people to belong to your Church - and each one shows a little of your love and power.
We want to work with you and for you, like Peter and Paul.
Help us to be what you want us to be.  Amen



Have a great day Year 3. 


Miss Paul 



vendredi vingt sept juin


Hi Year 3, 

It's Friday! Have a think about what you may have done this week that you are proud of and tell someone. :)

Have you seen the lovely videos that a few members of our class have emailed in? If not, check them out- they're great! :) 

Today is the last day of the ducklings being at school. They have grown a lot larger now. Remember to check out the duckling page on the website to see what they look like now. 

It was boiling yesterday wasn't it... Remember to be careful in the sunshine. Wear sun cream, a hat and drink lots of water! 

Your new home learning pack will be on the website page later today. 

Have a good day and weekend. 


Catch up on Monday. :)


Check out our next video from a talented musician in our class. It will make you smile. :) It is one of my all time favourite songs!

Still image for this video
There is also a fun 'Keep Active' video under the 'Keep Active' icon.

Thank you to all the children who have sent in the lovely videos so far! :) I have really enjoyed watching them and I know some of you have too.

It would great see some more videos from you all.

Thursday 25th June   jeudi vingt- cinq juin


Good morning Year 3!

Have you done the Sussex virtual challenge this week or the 1km run that Mrs Harrington has told us about? If not why not have a go? We are  going to try to take some of the Year R children out early in the day so that they can try to run 1km before it gets hot!


I hope you have switched your brains on today as I have a few brain teasers for you to work out below.

Rabbit or hare?   How many legs does the elephant have? :)

How many ducks can you see? Make sure you look very closely. I was surprised by the answer myself. The answer will be shared on here tomorrow. Have a good day Year 3. :) 

Wednesday 24th June 

Have your worked out the date?

Good morning Year 3! I hope you are having a good week so far. Have you been keeping an eye on the ducks? They have grown so much! They have been given names too.


Did you know there are lots of different types of ducks? Check out the image below. Can you spot any of these out on a walk?



If you go outside over the next few days, make sure you wear sun cream, a hat and drink lots of water. It is meant to be hot!


Catch up tomorrow. 

Miss Paul :) 

mardi vingt trois juin        Tuesday 23rd June 


Hello Year 3, 

Are you enjoying the weather this week? I have really enjoyed waking up and opening my curtains to the sunshine. :)


Did you know that yesterday was Windrush Day? Can you find the Caribbean on a map?


Windrush is the name of a boat that carried a large amount of Caribbean people to the UK for work after the Second World War. See the picture below. Check out the link below to find out more interesting information and to see a few short video clips . 

I actually learnt a bit about this when I was at secondary school because I studied a fiction novel which told the stories of some Caribbean people. 


Don't forget to check up on the progress of the ducklings, to try to run the 1km (see Mrs Harrington's newsletter) and to send in a short video for our class blog.   Catch up tomorrow. :) 




Monday 22nd June 

Morning Year 3!

I hope you had a good weekend. It is the start of a new week. :)

Have you kept up to date with our ducklings progress?

Check out the pictures and videos on this web link.


What facts do you know about ducklings?

  1. A male duck is called a drake, and a female duck is known as a hen.
  2. Ducks are found on every continent other than the Antarctic. 
  3. The feathers on a duck are waterproof
  4. Ducks have no nerves in their feet, so they can’t feel the cold.
  5. Ducks have 3 eyelids (top, bottom and side) which act like googles. 


Here are a few duck jokes to start your week with a giggle!

What do you call a duck that steals?

A robber duck.


 What did one police duck say to the other?

Let’s quack this case!


I hope you enjoyed those... Can you find any of your own?


Remember, there is still time to send in a keep active short video or a hello video message to the class. See the previous blog posts for more information. It was lovely getting two videos last week and would be great to be able to put some more on the page this week. 


Catch up tomorrow Year 3. :) 




Check out the marvellous musical skills of a boy in our class! Could you create one of the next videos?

Still image for this video

Friday 19th June

Hello Year 3!   It's your turn to figure out the date in French again. I hope some of you are getting good at this by now. :) How are you all? The last few days have been busy and exciting for me! I got to speak to many of you on the phone this week, and four of the ducklings have hatched! Have you seen them? If not, check out the duckling page. See the link below.


Mrs Claffey has asked us all to think of names for them. We have a received a few suggestions, but could definitely do with a few more. Please get your thinking caps on! :)


Other lovely news...

We have another video from someone in our class. This time, it is a video of a boy in our class looking rather cool showing us his musical skills! Can you work out who it is? It would be great to see more videos  being sent in. These could be a 'Keep Active Challenge', or they could be a short clip of you showing or telling the class something. Read my blog from yesterday if you want to hear some suggestions about what you could put in a video. As I mentioned yesterday, the possibilities are endless! So get imaginative!

It would be great to have regular short updates from many of you, so you can see each other. It will brighten our days. :)


Remember if you have done any of the challenges for the Sussex Games, please submit your scores  before lunch time today.


Just a reminder, there is a battle on going on Times table Rockstars which ends tomorrow afternoon. Ed Shed website details will be sent soon too. The home learning pack for next week has been updated too.


Have a lovely weekend. Catch up on Monday. Miss Paul :)

Video message from a Year 3 class member

Still image for this video

jeudi dix -sept juin

Salut Year 3!

It was so lovely to chat to most of you yesterday. I rang everyone, but could not get through to a few of you. If I haven’t been able to speak to you yet, I will try to call you again later this week, in-between working with some Year R children. It was great to hear about all the life skills you have been learning, to hear about the different ways you have been keeping active, to hear about your reading and to hear about all the learning you have been doing at home. I am SO PROUD of all of you!  You and your families are coping well in these challenging and very strange times. Keep up the great work Year 3!  J 



We have had our first wonderful video from a member of our class about their new pet! How exciting and fun! Thank you to this child in our class for being the first to send in a video. J

Watch this above. J



It would be lovely to see some more of you make a few video clips for our web page. The information is on the newsletter you were emailed at the end of last week. This can be a video with a short Keep Active task (Year R have made some and these are on the Keep Active part of the Year R blog) or it can be a short message about something.

Your video could:

  • Show us something creative you have made -this could be something Lego based/ arty/ food related/ something in a garden you are growing etc. 
  • Recommend a great book you have read recently.
  • Say a hello message and tell us something about your week.
  • Play a short piece on an instrument you are learning.


The possibilities are endless! :)

I am sure there are other interesting ideas you may have too. Check the recent newsletter for the junior email details to send it to us. I look forward to seeing some more videos from all of you!


Here are some notices:

Remember to have a go at the Sussex Virtual Games if you get a chance and upload your score by Friday. 


There are new battles set up on Timestable Rock Stars (ending Saturday afternoon) if you are interested. It was a close battle with Year 4. This week you are against Year 6! Good luck! J  I have uploaded new books onto Rising Stars Reading Planet. We have this for at least one more week, so keep on using it while we can!


If you fancy it, today at 10 am there is a chance to tune into a CAFOD National Assembly


Have a great day! Sorry for the long message. I just had so much to say! 

Miss Paul 


P.S. Keep up to date with the ducklings on the weblink below. Can you think of some names for them?



Wednesday 17th June

Bonjour Year 3! 

You will  be pleased to know that the duckling eggs arrived safely in school yesterday. You will see regular updates on them on this part of the website.

I wonder when the first eggs will hatch... How exciting! 


In Year R, the children have been learning about caterpillars and they have had some caterpillars visit them too. If you would like to see what they look like at the moment, you can see regular updates on the Year R page. Yesterday, they looked like they were about to hang ready to go in their cocoons. Have you seen any interesting animals/ creatures near where you live recently? 


Mrs Harrington told me last week that we were 5th in East Grinstead for participation in the Sussex Virtual games! Go St Peter's School! :) Make sure you keep it up and participate in this week’s challenges too! The theme is Boccia and it would be great to hear lots of you have got involved! Remember you have until Friday to submit your scores.


Have a good day. I am looking forward to catching up with many of you today over the phone. :)


Miss Paul 



mardi seize juin   Tuesday 16th June


Hi Year 3, 

How are you this morning? Did you guess who the visitors to our school are going to be? The visitors make a quack noise once they have hatched. Yes, you've guessed it, it's the ducks!

Today, some duck eggs should be arriving. Don't worry, we will keep a close eye on them and give you regular updates as to how they are getting on. How exciting! :)


One of my friends sent me the picture below of a place near where she lives. It made me smile. I thought I would share it with you. I hope it makes you smile too! She asked me if I had ever heard of Spoonville.. I had to be honest and say I had not. Have you heard of Spoonville? Well, you have now! :) 


Catch up tomorrow. :) 


Monday 15th June 


Your turn to work out the French!

Morning Year 3! :)

I hope you are well and have had a good weekend. On Saturday, I started week 7 of my couch to 5k runs! I know some of you have been setting yourself some amazing exercising targets - keep at it! :) 

This week is a particularly interesting week as something egg-citing is entering our school. There will be regular updates on the website and you should have some information about this in the latest school newsletter that was emailed out. The hall is going to be a temporary home for some hatching feathery friends ..

Can you guess what is going to happen?

Miss Paul :)


vendredi douze juin

Morning Year 3- it's Friday! 

You've reached the end of this learning week. Well done! :) What has been your highlights of the week? Spend some time thinking about all the activities you have been up to! There is a new learning pack for next week. Check it out. More details will follow later today on there. 

I am hoping the weather is better over the next few days as it has been quite gloomy at times this week.

Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Paul  

jeudi onze juin  Thursday 11th June


Morning Year 3!  :) It is a new day. Well done for getting to this point of the week!

I wonder if any of you are getting more confident with  working out the date in French now... 


I am working with some reception children over the next few days. I have enjoyed getting to know some of them better. It is a quite different to having all of you. As you can imagine, conversations with Year R, are somewhat different from those I had with you. I really miss you all and you are in my thoughts each day. I hope your week has been going well so far. 


Something that made me smile yesterday was a quick video a family member sent me... 

Did you know teddy bears enjoy roller coaster rides in the Netherlands? Check out this short clip. Hopefully it will make you smile too. :)


Exciting news! Next week, St Peter's are launching a new Keep Active challenge. Hopefully lots of you will get involved, so that we will be able to see some videos of all of you on our class page. I can't wait! :)


The details of the challenge are on the poster below.  Speak tomorrow. :) New home learning packs will be available on Friday too. :)






Good morning Year 3! :)

It's Wednesday- half way through our learning week! I hope it is going well so far. Can you work out the date in French? 


Do you like rainbows? Someone took this picture of a rainbow over East Grinstead last week.  Isn't it wonderful. :) I still haven't found a pot of gold at the end of any rainbow. Have you?


I don't know about you, but I have always loved seeing rainbows outside. It has been lovely seeing lots of pictures of rainbows in all of the house windows over the last few months to celebrate the NHS, health care workers and other key workers. Maybe you have one in your window or you have seen them too...

Below is a link to a lovely free e-book called: 'Rain Before Rainbows' by Smriti Halls and illustrated by David Litchfield. It has beautiful illustrations and has been written for Save the Children’s Save with Stories campaign which is helping children most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.  I enjoyed spending a few minutes looking at this. If you get a chance to look at it, you might enjoy it too. :) 

The illustrator is also the author and illustrator of one of my favourite picture books called 'The Bear and the Piano'. :) 


Catch up tomorrow :)   Miss Paul 


Rain Before Rainbows free e-book link:

mardi neuf juin    Tuesday 9th June


Morning Year 3!

I hope you have had a good start to the week? Are any of you reading Ickabog? How are you finding it? I have find it quite interesting so far. 

I wonder if any of you did anything interesting yesterday to do with Ocean's Day? If not, it is not too late to check out the timetable I uploaded and have a think about some art/ research you could do linked to this theme. :) 


I think the next challenge for the Sussex Virtual games this week is athletics. Check  out the different challenges on the PE part of our website and remember to submit your schools. It has been lovely to hear so many of you have been really active. Keep up the great work and remember to email Mrs Harrington any of your photos. We always look forward to seeing some of you in the Active Newsletter. 


It was great to see a lot of you involved on the Timestable Rockstar tournament last week. :) I have set up a new one starting today. You are against Year 4 this week. Good luck! 


I hope you have a lovely day. 


Miss Paul. 


Monday 8th June 2020   

Morning Year 3. :) It's Monday! Here is another lovely message from Mrs Findley. :) We hope your week starts off well. 


Hello everybody,


I hope you are all well and happy? What have you all been up to? Whatever you have been doing I hope it has been fun. 


I have been back at school some days, working with a group of Keyworker children. We had really lovely weather last week so spent lots of time outside playing with balls and scooters. We even had a few visits from the cat you have all nicknamed Chocolate Orange! She is as beautiful as ever and still very friendly!


I’m sure some of you may have heard a bit about what’s been going on in America recently, so with this in mind we made some posters for our window at home. My children and I have also been thinking about kindness and our own actions.  


One of the ideas my children came up with was to carry out random acts of kindness wherever possible. This is when you do something nice for somebody, simply to be kind and without expecting anything in return. 


This could be something like offering to help at home without being asked, or donating some of your toys to charity. It could be donating something to the Foodbank, or calling a grandparent to ask how they are. You could make a card and send it to a friend or smile at people when you go out with your family. 


There are many, many ways to be kind and they can have far-reaching effects. You have the power to make somebody else feel really happy simply by choosing kindness. I know you are all kind children anyway, but a little extra thought can make the world of difference. You can cheer somebody up if they are feeling sad or having a bad day.


Remember kindness is contagious and it’s a good thing to spread around! Hopefully you will be able to pass it on and make yourself and others feel happy. Have a good week! 


Ps - here is a picture of my dog Alan looking content on one of our walks. He loves walks so taking him out on long ones is the greatest kindness we can bestow on him 


Mrs Findley.



vendredi cinq juin    Friday 5th June


Hi Year 3, 

It's Friday. :) I hope you have had a good week.

I have attached some of your learning for next week in the home learning pack part of our blog and will be uploading our weekly timetable later on this morning. The document which says 'Home Learning Pack' includes maths and English for next week. :)

Why don't you spend some time today reflecting on a few things that you have enjoyed and are proud of from this week. :) 


Here is the link for the Myleen Music video on today's timetable.


Have a good weekend. 


Miss Paul. :) 


Thursday 4th June

Can you work it out in French?


Good morning Year 3! :) 

Why don't we spend some time thinking about a few different things we are grateful for today? 


Here are a few things I am thankful for. :)

1) As the sun wasn't out as much  yesterday and it was cooler, it made my run easier.

2) I enjoyed talking to many of you and your parents last week. It still makes me smile thinking about how responsible and brilliant you all are being at home. 

3) I am looking forward to helping some children in school today with Miss Coster and some other adults. (I am missing you all though still).

4) I have enjoyed watching the Times table Rockstar tournaments this week. Three children in particular in our class have been practising on there a lot this week, but well done to everyone who has had a go. If you have been practising in other ways at home, I am sure you are doing a great job too. :) 


Catch up tomorrow Year 3






mercredi trois juin    Wednesday 3rd June 


Good morning Year 3. We are halfway through the week! I hope you have been able to get out in the lovely sunshine. I am still persevering with my couch to 5k running. Although the last run of the week I am on is exhausting! I think I am going to have to that one again before I move onto the next harder run. Have you done any challenging exercise this week? Well done if you have. If you haven't, what could you do that is fun, good for you and a challenge? Have a think. 


I hope you have a good day. 


Miss Paul :) 


Good morning Year 3!

I hope your week has started off well. :) Have any of you started to read the Ickabog yet? Just so you know, I have set up a new set of tournaments on TTRS. You have got to try score points against Year 2. :) 


The Sussex Virtual School Games challenges this week are linked to basketball and netball.   You don’t need a basketball or netball, you can use any large ball that bounces.  The challenges can be found on the link below. They look like fun.  Details of the four challenges can be found at


Remember to submit your scores by midday on Friday to


If you would like to be in the next Keep Active newsletter please send photos to 


Catch up tomorrow Year 3. :) 

lundi un juin  

We are now in June! I can't quite believe it...This Thursday it is my birthday. Some years my birthday is in half term and others I am at school for it. This year, I had thought I would see all of you on it! I know a few of you have had birthdays over the last few months. I hope you were able to celebrate even if it was a bit different. In honour of all the birthdays that have happened at home over the last few months and of those coming up, I thought I would wish you a happy birthday by reminding you of our celebratory school song.  Below, I have typed out our school birthday song that we sing in celebration assembly. 


A happy birthday to you, a happy birthday to you, every day of the year, may you feel Jesus near, a happy birthday to you, a happy birthday to you, and the best one you ever had! 


I hope you have a good week Year 3. :)  Catch up again on Tuesday. 


Hello Year 3! It's Friday! :) 

I hope you have had a good week and enjoy your weekend. 

Here is another message from Mrs Findley. :) 

Miss Paul


Hello again Year 3!

Haven’t we been lucky with the amazing weather for half term? 

I hope you have all been able to get outside to enjoy some of the glorious sunshine!

We have been busy this week, walking the dog, making banana muffins and creating little glass pictures. For this we had a kit with blank glass templates and lots of tiny pieces of pretty, coloured glass. 

Carrying on with the popular rainbow theme that has emerged recently, my son created a little rainbow, while my daughter went for a heart design instead. They will need to be sent away to be fired to seal them and then the finished items will be posted back to us. Keep your fingers crossed that they stay intact during the journey! The glass is glued on and they will be wrapped in cling film so hopefully they will be fine.

Another thing we have done this week is to release our beautiful butterflies. We chose a sunny afternoon and all 5 flew away happily, which was lovely to see. To help them on their way we put a butterfly feeder outside which we filled up with a sugar water solution to make a type of nectar. This will be nice for any other butterflies or bees that come into our garden too.

Butterflies and bees are pollinators which means they carry nectar from plant to plant helping them grow. This is really important as a lot of the food we eat relies on pollination, including our favourite fruits and vegetables. Their numbers are dwindling worldwide but insects are very precious and we need to protect them as much as possible. 

Hopefully you will see some interesting insects in your gardens (if you have one) or out and about during your walks. 

I wonder what you will see? Maybugs are around at the moment too and they are pretty big, so impossible to miss if they come your way!

Whatever you are up to for half term, I hope you’re having a lovely time.

Take care of yourselves and those around you and have fun!

Mrs Findley 




Thursday 28th May

Can you tell the date in French?


Good morning Year 3! I really enjoyed speaking to lots of you and your parents yesterday. It was lovely to hear about all the things you have been getting up to at home. I was really impressed with all the different ways you have been keeping fit, being creative, the new skills you have learnt, the fun ways you have spent with your family and the valuable learning experiences you have had.

Keep it up Year 3! Mrs Findley and I are really proud of all of you. :) I hope you enjoy the rest of this week. 




mercredi vingt sept mai           Wednesday 27th May


Morning Year 3! 

Hasn't the weather been lovely so far this week? I am in school this week with some of the key worker children. It has been great so far to see a couple of staff that I haven't seen for a long time! Although, strange being there without all of you!  I miss all of you! 


I know some of you like the books by J.K. Rowling. It would seem she has written another book for children- how exciting! An even more exciting thing is that she plans to release the story in stages up until July online for you all to read. The book is called, 'The Ickabog'. Intriguing … I wonder what it is about.  I think  I will read the first chapter this evening after I have had my dinner!


She also wants to add illustrations to it (pictures) and has asked children to enter her competition. Check out the start of the story and the competition details on the link below.


More information can be found here too:


Anyway, I hope you have a lovely halfterm. I will catch up with you all soon. 

Miss Paul



Tuesday 26th May 

Morning Year 3, 

I hope your enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. :) 

We have another lovely message from Mrs Findley. Catch up tomorrow. :) 


Year 3 we now have butterflies in my house! They are currently very sleepy so will spend a few days feeding and strengthening their wings before we can release them outside.

Butterflies feed on nectar so we made a sugar solution and then added it to some flowers from the garden. What other insects can you think of that feed on nectar?

Don’t worry about the red blobs in the picture - it’s not blood! When butterflies hatch they release a red liquid called meconium which is just a leftover part of the caterpillar which wasn’t needed by the new butterfly. It doesn’t hurt them at all and just helps them to get rid of what they don’t need so they can get themselves ready to fly free. 


I hope you are enjoying half term and making some time for the things you enjoy, whether that’s baking, drawing, exercising, having a lie in, or whatever it is you like to do. My daughter enjoys sleeping late in the mornings - unfortunately for me my son likes getting up early though!

Here’s a little poem I made up because I’m happy my children and I are having a break from schoolwork this week;



Half term is here, hip hip hooray!

Time for family, relaxing and play.


Enjoy games, unwind, have lots of fun,

Hopefully we will still be enjoying the sun!


So put away those learning packs,

Watch films, read, relax.


Nice long walks, bike rides too,

Making the most of the sky being blue.


Long summer days, here to stay,

Reminding us that everything will be ok.


Things are different while we’re not at school,

But remember we are all missing you!


Have a great half term!!! 

Mrs Findley 




vendredi vingt deux mai     Friday 22nd May 


Morning Year 3! It is the last day before half term and another end of a week! I can't quite believe how close to June we are... 

Normally, you  would have all chosen who was going to get headteacher's award. Perhaps you can think of someone in your household who you could say a special thank you to today? 


Why don't you spend some time over the next few days thinking of all the things you have learnt and had fun doing this half term. This does not have to be limited to work you have done at home!  You could share your list with someone in your family. I bet there are lots of things you could put on there and you will feel really proud of all your achievements. :)  


I hope you enjoy your half term. Try to get outside if the weather is nice and spend some quality time with those loved ones that you live with.  I will carry on posting on here from next Tuesday as Monday is a bank holiday. If you fancy doing an activity, there are a few ideas on the home learning page. Feel free to use the resources as you wish. I will be adding some more timetables on there shortly for the week after (June 1st) so keep an eye out! 

Miss Paul 




Thursday 21st May

-Can you work out the date today in French? 

How are you all doing? It was hot yesterday wasn't it.  When it is hot and sunny, remember to put on sun cream and to drink lots of water (even more water than normal)!                                                                I had to go for my run which wasn't easy in the heat.  I decided to go later on in the day (early evening) as I thought it would be cooler... I don't think it made that much of a difference though! I have almost completed week 4 of my runs now- 1 more run to go! Next week I will be on week 5 out of 10! :)                 Yesterday, the last part of the running was hard work and I had to tell myself several times to keep going! I wonder what you all have been up to...


I know some of you have been on Timestable Rockstars. It has been so lovely to see so many of you join in over the last week or so. :) Well done Year 3. I hope you have been enjoying the tournaments. Keep up the good work!. :)  I wonder who will get the greatest score by the end of the weeks-the girls or the boys?


I have assigned a couple of new books to a few children who have completed the quizzes on Reading Planet. If any more of you complete the quizzes on the previous books assigned, then I will assign you new books too. I will check this every day. 

Also, don't forget to try to upload any scores to the  Virtual Sussex  Games before tomorrow and send any keep active photos to Mrs Harrington. :) 


By the way, don't forget, today is the day you can try to help Rob (the drawing video man) break a Guinness world record.


I hope you have a good day Year 3. 


Miss Paul :)


mercredi vingt mai   Wednesday 20th May 


Good morning Year 3. 

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. I had a busy day, but still managed to make sure I found some time in between doing work to enjoy the lovely weather. Every few hours of work I gave myself a break and did some short bursts of Zumba! I have a watch, a bit like a fit bit, which vibrates and flashes the word MOVE when I have been sitting down for a while. Yesterday I made it my mission to move each time this happened! I took my laptop for a walk outside and put on a Zumba video for 5 minutes. It was fun doing this in the sun and gave my mind a brain break for a few minutes. I am not sure what my neighbours thought of my dancing though! You know what my dancing is like ha ha.

I have added the link below if you are interested to see what I was attempting to dance to! There are lots of fun Zumba videos on you tube. I picked this one as it was one I used to do a while ago when I was learning to be a teacher at university. I still enjoy it. :)


In the evening, after dinner, I went for a lovely walk. I have really enjoyed spending time recently walking around East Grinstead.  The more I have done this, the more I have come to realise how blessed we all are to live in such a beautiful place. I have attached a few photos of my walk for you to see. I wonder if you recognise any of the places. It was quite the adventure... I walked up many steps, crossed over some bridges ( I didn't see or hear any trolls), crossed over some streams and journeyed through a field and some woods (no wolves were spotted and neither was Little Red Riding Hood)! :)

I definitely recommend taking a walk near where you live. It is a great way keep active and give your brain a rest! 

Catch up tomorrow. :)


P.S. I have updated the books on Rising Stars Reading Planet for the children that I can see have attempted some of the quizzes about the books assigned. I will update the books for the rest of the class if I see you attempt some of the quizzes! I hope that makes sense. :)  

Year 3, we are very lucky today! We have another lovely message from Mrs Findley this morning! :)  I hope you enjoy reading it like I did. 


A few quick reminders from me first though: 

  • Remember to check out this week's Sussex Virtual Games challenges: Gym and fitness themed and fill in your keep active diary.  I have added a new one to your home learning pack.   


  • There will be frequent battles on TTRS so check them out. Once we have all got used to doing girl vs boy competitions I will try to set up some house tournaments. 


  • Try to log onto Rising Star Reading Planet. Once you have read the book, complete the quiz. Well done to a few Year 3 children who have read all the books uploaded and completed the quizzes. It would be lovely to see more of you access these. I know many of you enjoy reading and are probably reading books you already have at home. I will tell you about my new book that I am reading later this week. :) Catch up tomorrow Year 3. 


 Here is Mrs Findley's message. :)



Hello everyone, 


I hope you are all well and happy and are continuing to enjoy the fantastic warm weather! 


I mentioned last time that I was ‘growing’ caterpillars so I thought I would let you know how they are doing. When we first got them they were 5 tiny dots in a tub, but then they grew a lot bigger and after about a week they attached themselves to the top of the tub and turned into Chrysalis or cocoons. This means they no longer look like caterpillars but instead are curled up inside a shell, ready for the next stage in their development, which is to turn into beautiful butterflies. You wouldn’t think that was possible from the way they look at the moment though. I have attached a picture so you can see what I mean!



Anyway for us it’s now time to move them to their net butterfly habitat and wait patiently for them to transform, which should happen in another week or so. They will become Painted Lady butterflies and when the time is right we will set them free. I’m keeping them up high on a shelf at the moment though to stop my dog Alan from being tempted to eat them!


If you are interested in finding out more about caterpillars and butterflies there is plenty of information available in books and on the internet. Here are a few questions you can find answers to if you would like to;


  • How many types of butterflies can you name?
  • What is the most common butterfly in the UK?
  • What do butterflies drink?
  • What scientific word is used when caterpillars transform into butterflies? (Hint - it’s a long word beginning with the letter M!)
  • What colours are Painted Lady butterflies?


Enjoy whatever you are learning about at the moment, and remember to be kind to yourselves and your families. Keep smiling!


Mrs Findley 



lundi dix huit mai    Monday 18th May 


Hello Year 3! :)

I hope you had a good weekend and  I hope you got to enjoy some of the sunshine. 

I made lamb koftas for the first time on Saturday. They were really tasty. It's always exciting trying new things. I wonder what you have been up to? Have you tried anything new recently? 

Did you know that this week is 'Mental Health Awareness week' with a focus on kindness? Did you know that being healthy is about keeping active, trying to eat a balanced range of foods and looking after our minds? A couple of ways that we can keep our minds healthy are:

  •  Passing on a smile / giving someone we live with a hug.
  • Talking to others we trust about our feelings. 
  • Thinking about all own individual good qualities (what is special about each of us) and remembering our many achievements. 
  • Being kind to others around us. 


Year 3, you are all special to me because...

  • You all have something interesting to say. I do miss our class conversations... 
  • You are a creative bunch.
  •  Many of you have a very caring nature and a great sense of humour! :) 
  •  You have some fabulous ideas and a vast amount of knowledge about all kinds of weird and wonderful things. 
  • You are all simply WONDERFUL! 


As I wrote these words and thought of you all, a smile formed on my face. :) I hope you received one too as you read these words! Maybe you could write to a relative or a friend saying something you have been up to or saying some kind words about them. You could tell them what you miss about them or tell them a joke. I am sure many of you know or could find a good joke! See the link below for some more ideas.


I hope your week starts off well. :)


Miss Paul 


P.S. Well done to all of those that got involved in the TTRS tournament at the end of last week and over the weekend. If you didn't get chance, don't worry, there will be another opportunity soon! :) 

Timestable Rockstar update and drawing pictures (as promised)


I found out this morning that there was still an issue with Timestable Rockstars- I thought I had fixed it yesterday! Thanks to the family that informed the school as it meant I could re-look at it. I would like to apologize to you all as I would not have promoted it so much if I knew there was still a problem! :(


On the plus side, we have a new class member in year 3- 'Chocolate Orange' who comes under the  TTRS  name of Nate  Coltrane. By creating another child login I could see what you can see from home and I was able to access the battle on TTRS this morning. I really hope some of you might give it one more chance in the battle I have set up today. Girls as there is less of you, I scored for you. You are 16 points ahead. 



Once again, I am sorry for any frustration this has caused. I have been frustrated too as I set up the other junior classes and they all worked first time!  


One person from our class has just had a go successfully! The battle is on!


Have a good day! 


P.S. Here are a few of my drawings I promised. My friends know I like to draw and they have given me a weekend drawing challenge before we go on zoom and do a virtual quiz. The challenge has been to draw them as an animal of their choice!

Drawings that I have been doing for friends on my Saturdays :)

vendredi quinze mai    Friday 15th May 

Hi Year 3! How are you all?

It was lovely to hear from Mrs Findley wasn't it? I know she misses you all like I do! 

It's Friday today and almost the weekend! I am trying another new recipe tomorrow evening. It has become a bit of a tradition that each Saturday I cook something that I haven't cooked recently or before. I have almost finished my week 3 of the Couch to 5K - I was warned it got hard by some friends and they were right! One more run to go! 


Thank you to those of you that got involved in a TTRS battle when I opened up the tournament earlier in the week - sorry the settings at the time were not quite right- I am still learning too! I have set up tournaments for all the juniors since Wednesday. I think you should be able to see how the classes are getting on like I can? There is still time today if you would like to take place in the Timestable Rockstar Battle. It ends later on this afternoon. I know not everyone likes to practise on here and practises in other ways, but thought I would give you all the option. :) 


As it is celebration Friday today, why not think of someone you want to say a special thank you to today? You could reflect on your week. What has been good? What have you enjoyed and what have you not enjoyed? These are strange times and it is ok to have mixed feelings. Some days may be better than others- just like before we were going through this odd time.  Remember you can always talk to someone you trust about how you feel. :) Have a lovely weekend- try to do some things that you enjoy. 


Be kind to yourself and others. 


Miss Paul :) 


P.S. Your timetables and home learning will be online for next week soon and also I am going to upload those drawings I discussed last week this morning. :)


There seems to have been a couple of issues with the new set up of tournaments on Timestable Rockstars.  Year 3 have always been in something called 'Maths Band 3' on there but they  are also now labelled as 'Year 3' on there too. I am sorry for any confusion this has caused. Well done if you had a go yesterday on a different battle and I hadn't seen. It should all be working fine now! I look forward to keeping an eye on it over the next couple of days. :) 

Hi Year 3, just before you read a special message below I have a few things I would like to mention. :)


A message from Mrs Harrington- if you have any photos this week of being active at home/ outside please send them to the usual keep active email. Also, have you seen the football challenges on the PE page? It would be great for lots of Year 3 to enter the Virtual Sussex Football challenges this week. There is still time to give it a go. :)


Finally, Mrs Rusling and I set up a TTRS tournament yesterday which is open until Friday afternoon It would be great to see a few of you on there. Currently, a few children from Year 2 and Year 4 have joined in, but Year 3 you have so far been very quiet!  There is still time!



Enjoy the message below. :) 







Hello lovely Year 3!  

I hope you are all well, and have been enjoying the great weather we’ve had recently.

I have been very busy at home teaching my two (reluctant) children who, as some of you know, are in Y3 and Y6.  I know a few of you remember my son Kellan from pre-school although that seems a long time ago now! Apart from completing school work we have been up to all sorts and have baked cakes, walked the dog (a lot, he may have no legs left soon!), tie-dyed T-shirt’s and had a movie night in the garden. 

My children sat in the (thankfully empty) paddling pool with some blankets and popcorn and we plugged our tv in outside! They even managed to stop arguing for 2 full hours which was a big bonus for me!!!

Apart from that we are also growing five very hungry caterpillars who should hopefully turn into butterflies before long. Well that is if my children can stop picking up the tub and peering in at them all the time! Who needs a pet dog and a very lazy cat when they can have a tub full of crawling caterpillars..

I know we find ourselves in very strange times and things are a little bit different at the moment, but I believe in all of you and hope you’re all having lots of fun at home with your families. 

My daughter has a notebook with a quote on the front which says “inside every child is a rainbow waiting to shine” and this is certainly true of all of you! 

Mrs Findley 


Wednesday 13th May   - What is it in French? Can you work it out? :)

Good morning Year 3! J Today is National Numeracy Day!                                              We haven’t celebrated this as a school before, but I thought it might be good for us to have some extra maths challenges in honour of the day. See the document below this message for a couple of challenges.  Please feel free to use them as you wish.   





Mrs Rusling and I were chatting yesterday about TTRS and we started talking about the battles you can do on there. Now this is the first time either of us has set up a battle so I am not sure how it will go, but it is worth a try. In order to have a battle you have to have two teams (at least). This time I have set up boys against girls – I know there are more boys than girls in our class, but this seems to be the easiest to set up so far. Over the next few days, I am going to explore whether you can have battles in teams as I thought it may be fairer to do this within Year 3/ juniors in our houses... I need to look into this, so please be patient with me. Maybe if this goes well, I will try to set up a battle next week in houses...We’ll see! J Girls, I know there are less of you, but please give it a go… You just don’t know how many boys will enter! Hopefully it will be fun for all who give it a go anyway! 




I have set up a battle to commence (start) today (Wednesday 13th) and it will be available until 5ish on Friday. During these times, according to TTRS, it says you can play in any game type to score points for your team (girls or boys). The group with the most correct answers will be the winners!

I will be able to see who has participated in the class (it would be great to see lots of you have at least one go if you are able to) and see how you have got on.

Let the battle begin. Good luck! J


P.S. Tomorrow, there will be a class blog from someone different that you know. I wonder who this will be... 

mardi douze mai           Tuesday 12th May

Hello wonderful Year 3! :) 

I forgot to add the date yesterday - sorry Year 3!  I wonder if you can work out what it would have been in French for yesterday. ..I might start leaving the date in French off of a few of my messages on purpose, so you can work out yourself what it would be. :) 


How was your Monday? After doing some work for school, I chose to listen to the news because of new announcements being made! I remember many of you knowing and sharing lots about what was said on the news when we last saw each other. You may even know some of the announcements that I am talking about! Later on yesterday afternoon I also dragged myself out of my home for my first run of the week. Afterwards, I was proud of myself as it was harder than last week and I had to run for longer!                I miss you all and I hope you are keeping well. I am really proud of all of your achievements from the Autumn and Spring Term of Year 3. I am also proud of the way you are all managing being at home lots and doing learning differently. These are unusual times for all of us. 


As I have mentioned many times in class, I love singing!  Many people say singing can make you feel happy and spread joy. I feel good after singing along to one of my many favourite songs or hearing all of you sing in an assembly. There are lots of fun songs to sing along to on the Out of the Ark music singing website. I have attached the link below. You could find a couple to sing along to this week. :)  I have also added an emoji quiz which is linked to books children read. If you haven't seen this already, you may find this fun to do at some point.



Last but definitely not least, please check out the Sussex Virtual Games challenge for this week. Mrs Harrington has added information about this on the PE part of the website and in the Active newsletter sent out yesterday. This week is football challenge themed. Now, I know many of you like and play football, so it would be great to hear that many Year 3 children had a go at this challenge! :) Good luck! 


Speak tomorrow! :)

Morning Year 3! :)

How was your weekend? Did you do anything VE day themed? I live fairly near Queen Victoria Hospital and saw the spitfire up above. I tried to take a photo, but it moved so quickly -sadly my photos weren't great. I made my scones and I thought they were quite tasty. :) I ate a couple and had a cup of tea on my driveway! I've never done that before... A few of my neighbours sat on their own driveways, so we could have a catch up, but at a safe distance!  I have added a picture below of my scones! :) 

I have now completed week 2 of the Couch to 5k. I wonder what week 3 will be like? Did you do any exercise this weekend? I am still thinking of you all lots and hope you are well. Catch up tomorrow. :)


** Just so you know, the time has changed for the spitfire fly over East Grinstead tomorrow! Now it is estimated to be at 1:02pm instead of 3pm! **

jeudi sept mai   Thursday 7th May 


Good morning Year 3! J My message is a long one today!


Tomorrow is a special bank holiday. Normally, we have a bank holiday on a Monday in May, but this year it is a Friday as we are celebrating VE Day!

VE Day stands for Victory in Europe Day and the date marks the anniversary of the 8th May 1945. At 3pm on this date the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, announced on the radio that Germany had surrendered and the end of the war was in sight. This year we celebrate 75 years since this victorious day.


To remember and celebrate the anniversary of VE Day, I am going to take part in the 2 minute silence at 11am and I am going to have a small tea party at home. I am going to bake some scones.  I love eating scones. It doesn’t matter if they are plain with jam (ideally with cream too) or if they are cheese scones! I wonder how you say the word scones…I always find it interesting how certain words are said differently by different people. Anyway, I have side- tracked! On Friday, I may even watch some of the special programmes on the television about VE day.


Importantly, I will be remembering my Grandad who was still fighting whilst the VE Day celebrations were going on in 1945. My Grandad was in the army in Asia and war with Japan did not end until August 1945. Did you know that the Second World War only final ended when war with Japan was finished in August 1945?  VJ Day later this day, celebrates victory in Japan.


Local news! Did you know?


At 3pm on Friday, a spitfire will fly over the Queen Victoria Hospital to mark the occasion. If you live nearby, keep your eyes and ears peeled!  

The Queen Victoria Hospital brought fame to East Grinstead during the Second World War as it did pioneering work treating air men who had suffered from serious burns. This is why we have a statue outside Sackville College- see the picture below.



The websites below give some interesting resources and information about VE Day. If you get a chance, check them out. Also, today’s timetable has some fun VE day ideas you could look at if you wish. J


As my message is quite long today, I have decided to show you some of drawings next week. I hope that is ok.

However you decide to remember VE Day tomorrow with your family, I hope you enjoy it! I won’t be posting tomorrow as it is a bank holiday, but I look forward to writing a message to you on Monday. 


Miss Paul J

mercredi six mai      Wednesday 6th May

Morning Year 3! I hope you are getting good at recognising the date in French. 

Did you figure out the riddle from yesterday? What has a neck, but has no head? Of course, it's a bottle! After posting on here yesterday about doing my next run/walk today, I had a lovely message from Mrs Harrington wishing me luck. It made me smile and was a great encouragement. :) I have at least two more to complete this week following the timings on my app. Is there anyone in your home or someone you know, doing a personal challenge or working hard? Perhaps you could give them an encouragement. It might brighten their day like it did mine.


By the way, if you didn't draw with Rob yesterday, why not draw with him today? He has recently drawn a racing car, Sonic the Hedgehog (I know several people who like to draw these already in our class) and a super hero bear!                                                                                                I have been doing some more of my own drawing at the weekends, which I may show you tomorrow. :)


 I miss you all Year 3 and I look forward to a time when we can all see each other again. 

Catch up tomorrow! 


mardi cinq mai    Tuesday 5th May

Hi Year 3, 

I hope your week has started off ok. :) 

I wonder if any of you guessed who each Egyptian painted face was last week...?  :) 

Just so you know, I have added a couple of books to the Rising Stars Reading Planet website for this week. I can see some of you have looked at a few of the books previously. It would be great to see more of you logging in, reading a book and answering some of the quiz questions for them. 


Did you any of you have a go at the Sussex Virtual Games Challenge last week? This week the theme is tennis. Just like last week, you do not have to have tennis rackets and balls to take part.  The details of all four challenges can be found on the school website under News and Events and then PE and Sport.  Remember to submit your best scores to  by midday on Friday. 

I'm on week 2 of my Couch to 5k challenge now. This evening will be my first run/walk of the week. Wish me luck!


I thought I would end today's message on a riddle.                                                                                     What has a neck but no head?

I'll reveal the answer in my next message! :)

 Catch up tomorrow. 



lundi quatre mai    Monday 4th May 


Hi Year 3! :)

I wonder what you have been doing over the weekend... I did another quiz- it seems to have become a Saturday evening event for me, caught up with some friends on zoom and went out for a couple of walks. One thing I have really enjoyed at the weekends is cooking meals I don't normally cook very often. One Saturday I made chicken korma and this Saturday I made Chicken Chop Suey and some spring rolls. It has been fun cooking and eating some different things. :) Have you helped out in the kitchen lately? If not, why not give it a go this week... It is rewarding to eat something that you have helped cook/ or bake.  :)


By the way, in case you haven't already noticed, there are a few space themed resources in the home learning pack.  I know this is not our topic, but as it is 'May the fourth', I thought some of you might like a space/Star wars themed activity to be getting on with in the afternoon. 


Anyway, I hope your week begins well. We'll speak tomorrow. :) 


Miss Paul

vendredi un mai    Friday 1st May


Hi Year 3, 

I was in our classroom yesterday, looking after some of the children that have parents who are key workers, and I spotted some of your work that made me smile. The children in school as well as Miss Gorstige and Mrs Brady were also very impressed with your work. The work I showed them was your Egyptian art. I thought for a bit fun, I would post all the pictures on here. I have taken photos of all the Egyptian /self -portrait paintings that I could find in the classroom. Unfortunately, a few of you were unable to finish, but I am sure you will get to finish this at some point in the future!  I wonder, can you spot yourself and work out who is who? Can your family spot you or a friend of yours?


I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did. :) I am particularly proud of how many of you tried to draw your face proportions and how many of you mixed different colours for your hair and skin. 


As today is Celebration Friday, I thought this week I would celebrate all of you Year 3! You are doing so well at coping with these unusual times. I thought I would say a special well done to all of you for adapting to a very different way of living! Well done Year 3! :)  


Have a good weekend and I'll write a message on here again on Monday. 


Miss Paul 




Year 3's fabulous Self Portraits - half Egyptian style / half school child ... Can you guess who is who?

jeudi  trente  avril     Thursday  30th April 


Morning Year 3! 

I hope you have been keeping well and found some fun things to do when it has been raining. At school, we have spent some time this week (especially when it has been wet) doing a paper mache project.

Next week, the children are hopefully going to turn their paper mache balloon into something else like an animal or something else imaginative. These are what they could look like when they are finished. :) I personally like the penguin the best. Perhaps this is something you could do at home? You need some scrap paper/ kitchen roll/ newspaper, some PVA glue, some paint and a balloon.


Just a few reminders for you that Mrs Harrington asked me to pass on. :)  If you have been keeping active this week either inside your home or outside it would be great to send in any photos to: Apparently more infant children than juniors have been getting involved with sending in photos of the active things they have been doing. It would be great to see more of the juniors and you Year 3 in our Active Newsletter! I have spotted a few of you from time to time which has been lovely. :) 



Have you checked out the PE and Sports Page on our school website recently? You can access this by the clicking on the News and Events Tab and clicking PE and Sport. See image above.  It has been updated this week to include fun game challenges for hockey with linked videos. These challenges are a virtual competition with other schools in Sussex. Prizes (yes I did say prizes) are awarded for the highest score of children at a school getting involved (we need more children to get involved)  and for the creativity of tasks undertaken.  It would be great to see you getting involved Year 3- if you can. :) 


Anyway, I think that is enough from me today....


Take care. Be kind to the people around you and know that I am thinking of you all and miss you. 


Miss Paul. 

mercredi vingt- neuf  avril    Wednesday 29th April


Morning Year 3! :) We are almost in May... Can you believe it? 


Yesterday was a bit wet and gloomy wasn't it...?  It made me appreciate the long length of time we had glorious sunshine before yesterday. I am sure some people were pleased about the rain. People who like gardening (like my mum) may have liked the rain coming as it meant they didn’t have to water their plants outside. I know a family who own a farm in Devon and they were pleased it rained yesterday as their crops really needed some rain water.


I have found a few things that may be of interest to you over the next few days. They don’t link to our current topic, but I know many of you enjoy learning about the past and finding out new things. Below are two web links. The YouTube link is a short video of a virtual Egyptian/ Tutankhamun exhibition tour in London. I had hoped to go to London and see this, so I was really glad I was able to watch this!

The second web link shows a virtual viewing of inside a real Egyptian tomb! It is the tomb of Queen Meresankh lll. She was a queen around 5,000 years ago. She was alive before Tutankhamun!

Please ask an adult’s permission before going on either of these. Hopefully you will enjoy seeing some interesting things.  I know I did when I watched them.


Anyway, I hope you have a good day. 


Miss Paul 



mardi vingt -huit avril    Tuesday 28th April 


Hello Year 3, 

I hope you are all well. :) For any of you that may have noticed, I apologise for my incorrect date yesterday on the class blog (I have since corrected it)! Today is the 28th all day! 

This morning, I thought I would give you an update on some of the books I have been enjoying at home. I hope you have been making time to do lots of reading. 


I have finished 'The Train to Impossible Places' and really enjoyed it. :) It was so imaginative and full of adventure. I also loved some of the detailed descriptions about the characters. I would like to read 'The Great Brain Robbery' soon when I get a chance!


At the weekend, I started reading a new book called 'The Nowhere Emporium'. I am only a few chapters into this book, but so far it has been really interesting! It is about a rather strange and magical emporium (an emporium sells things like a shop) with an equally strange and magical owner. A boy called Daniel discovers this shop and his life dramatically changes -well it has already changed in the few chapters that I have read so far.


 Now this book would be a great one to read with an adult at home or to read by yourself if you like a longer chapter book to get into. If you like magical books with mystery, adventure and an interesting plot (storyline) you will LOVE and I mean LOVE this book. I have attached a picture of the front cover and blurb for you to see.





I do wish I could ask you what you are all reading. I miss hearing all about the books you are enjoying and why you would recommend them. If you have read a good book recently, why don't you send a short message to a friend (with permission from your parents) and let them know about it. Just an idea...


Speak soon. 


Miss Paul :) 


P.S. For today's drawing challenge (should you choose to accept),  draw with Rob.

A new video should be uploaded on Rob's website website at 10am today.   Happy drawing and reading! :) 



lundi vingt- sept avril      Monday 27th April 


Hello Year 3! 

I hope you managed to enjoy the sunshine this weekend. On Saturday, I went on another lovely walk near my house and yesterday I went for a short run. I enjoyed seeing the many beautiful flowers that are around East Grinstead at the moment. This week, I am going to hopefully go for another couple of runs in the early evening. I am not the speediest when it comes to running any kind of distance, but I am hoping that eventually I will be able to run 5km non- stop in under 30 minutes. Do you have a personal active challenge? If not, why not consider thinking of one. 


I saw Mrs Rusling recommend a creative challenge from this website: 

Perhaps in some free time, you would like to have a go at one of the challenges here too?


Catch up tomorrow. :)


Miss Paul 



vendredi vingt -cinq   avril    Friday 25th April 



Hello Year 3! 

Today is Friday! :) Is there anyone this week you can say a special thank you to in your household? Have a think! Saying kind words to someone and showing you appreciate them, can really add joy to a person's day. 

Also, as it is near the end of the week, I thought I would share with you some things I have been grateful about this week. 


Some of the things I am grateful for:

1.      I enjoyed seeing a certain animal on our school playground yesterday. See my pictures below. 





2.    I received a letter from a friend in the post which was a lovely surprise. Is there anyone you could send a letter/card to? It could brighten up their day like it did mine. :) 

3.    The weather has been wonderful the last few days and I have appreciated being out in it. 

4. I have enjoyed seeing a few children at school this week (children who have parents who are key workers) and seeing a couple of staff. 


What are you thankful for this week?


I hope you have a great weekend. We'll catch up on Monday!


Drawing challenge: Can you draw Rob's monkey?



jeudi vingt trois avril      Thursday 23rd April 


 Hi Year 3! 

Today is St George's Day! St George is the patron saint of England. 

A story dating back to the 6th century tells that St George rescued a maiden by slaying a fearsome fire-breathing dragon. The Saint's name was shouted as a battle cry by English knights who fought beneath the red-cross banner of St George during the Hundred Years War (1338-1453). 


My drawing challenge for today is linked to St George's Day. Can you draw your own dragon?  Have a go and see how you do. I will have a go today too. 



West Sussex Scouts have suggested that any Cubs, Beavers, Brownies, Scouts and Guides celebrate St George's Day by wearing their uniforms when they clap the NHS and other key workers. I thought this was a great idea. Maybe something you could do this evening. :)  Take care Year 3! Catch up tomorrow. 



mercredi  vingt deux avril   Wednesday 22nd April 


Bonjour Year 3! :)

I hope you are well. At school yesterday, we spent part of the day transforming some empty tissue boxes into monsters! We used the hole in the box for the mouth, and we used some other card for teeth and eyes. Each monster made was unique. It was a simple idea but the children in school seemed to find it fun. One of our topic challenges is to make something out of different materials you have at home. I wonder what you might make? :)


Drawing challenge for today: 

Lots of plastics ends up in the oceans. I thought today you could draw a creature from the ocean! A whale!


Miss Paul 



mardi vingt et un avril      Tuesday 21st April


Good morning Year 3!

What a lovely sunny day it was yesterday. Did you do anything active? Miss Gorstige, Mrs Brady and I had an active day at school. We did the Joe Wicks workout, ran on the daily mile track and also practised some of our football dribbling skills. I realised my football footwork could definitely improve further! I hope you are finding fun ways to stay active.  Don’t forget to record it in your keep active diaries and take pictures for the newsletter!

This week there have been a few new resources added on the internet to help you with your learning at home. The BBC have put some daily lessons up for all year groups.  I have added the link below.

It is a great free resource which you could use as and when- if you wish. J

I hope you have a good day. Take care of yourselves. 

We'll catch up tomorrow. 

Miss Paul


P.S Drawing challenge for today-  Draw with Rob. There are a few different ideas already on here that you may not have drawn and I think Rob will be uploading a new video of something else to draw later today!


lundi vingt avril     Monday 20th April


Hello Year 3,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I went on another interesting walk this weekend. I had no idea that a 10 minute walk from my home could lead to a small farm with some sheep and some horses! I was quite surprised as I hadn’t discovered it before.  What have you all been up to? 

Below are some pictures from walk. Have you seen white bluebells before? I took a picture in case you hadn't. Apparently you can also get pink ones too! Can you spot a lamb in the photo above?



I am going into school this morning. It will be nice to see a few familiar faces at school, but it will be strange to be there without most of you. 


I have been doing some drawing over the Easter Holidays. I saw this fun competition about designing your dream home after doing your Monday time table, so I thought I would tell you about it on here instead! ! :)  Some information from the website is below and the details of the closing date and how to enter can be found on the web link.                


Grab your tools, pencils, paint brushes, cake tins and let imaginations run wild to create your dream home. A castle with turrets, a penthouse equipped with helipad, it could be a superhero cave or supersized caravan on hover wheels. Whatever you can imagine, we want to see it.



There's an entry for different age groups, and each has two categories: you can either draw or paint your creation or get sticking and make a model out of anything you have at home.                                                  

I know lots of you have read interesting books with castles and tree houses, so I am sure you will have brilliant ideas. I think it sounds like a fun way to be creative. Sadly, I am too old to enter myself.   


I hope you have a good Monday! 


Miss Paul



vendredi dix sept avril    Friday 17th April 


Good morning Year 3! 

Today is Friday! I always think of our celebration assemblies on Fridays. Is there anyone at home you could celebrate today and say thank you to for something they have done? Small things like giving a big smile and saying thank you can really make a real difference to others.                


What have you been up to this week? You could think about some things you are proud of.

This week, I have continued to do the Joe Wicks workout each day, I have had a satisfying sort out and tidy up of some of my belongings (this was well overdue) and I have ticked off certain things on my 'school work to do list'. I have also tried to keep in contact with lots of my family and friends on the phone. :) 


What can you be proud of? It doesn't matter if these are big or small things? I am sure there are lots of new things that you have learnt or done since spending more time at home. 


Have a good weekend and we'll catch up on Monday. :)

Miss Paul

P.S. I am a few chapters into 'The Train to Impossible Places'. It is an interesting read at the moment! :)



jeudi seize avril     Thursday 16th April 

Hi Year 3, I hope you are all well and having a good week. :) I do really miss our time together. One thing I especially miss is when we read part of our class book. I also miss hearing all your great recommendations of books that you are reading. There are so many wonderful books for children. As I have more time in the evenings at the moment, I have been trying to read more. Reading a good book is one of my favourite things to do (one thing I normally don't do as much as I should or would like to do). Since finishing Varjak Paw, I also read 'The Girl who Speaks Bear' by Sophie Anderson. This was quite long, but had an incredible story, brilliant characters and a very imaginative world. I am now about to read 'The Train to Impossible Places'... Have any of you read this? I hope it is as good as it looks like it will be! I will keep you updated! :) What are you reading at the moment? I hope you are enjoying reading/ listening to some good books at home.

Speak tomorrow. 


Miss Paul :)


P.S. Remember if you haven't already and if you get a chance, it would be great if you could send some 'Keep Active photos' to Mrs Harrington. :) 




mercredi quinze avril                                     Wednesday 15th April


Hello Year 3! How are you?  

Yesterday, I was particularly impressed by one man in the news. His name is Tom Moore, he’s aged 99 and he has raised over £2 million for the NHS! Have you heard about him? As he couldn’t have a party for his 100th birthday this week, he has been walking around his garden to raise money for the NHS. By Thursday, he should have walked 100 laps. More information can be found here (the amount of money raised has been updated on the news since). I have been inspired by Tom and his incredible achievement. 


Two words have been whirling around in my mind lately:  DETERMINATION and PERSEVERANCE. Determination means deciding to do something and not letting anything stop you. Perseverance means putting effort into something and staying determined even when the task may be tricky. Tom is showing these qualities, but we can show them too. All the key workers going to work in challenging times show determination and perseverance. All of you and your families show this when you stay at home and live life differently. 


Mrs Harrington has also been challenging us all, as a school community, to still be determined to keep active in these unusual times. If any of you have been keeping active this week, it would be great if you could send some photos to the 'Keep Active' email (on the Keep Active Newsletter).  These could be photos of you and your family doing an Easter active challenge or keeping active inside doing something else or keeping active by going outside on your daily exercise. If you send them today or tomorrow they may be able to feature in our next newsletter! :)  


I am going to challenge myself to stay active over the next few days and try to send some photos to Mrs Harrington. Wouldn't it be great if we could all inspire each other with new ways of keeping active?


Miss Paul :) 



mardi quatorze avril    Tuesday 14th April

Good morning Year 3! J I hope you were able to enjoy the Easterweekend! Such a warm weekend, but a somewhat chilly and windy day yesterday! At least the sun made an appearance still!                                                                                                       Just around the corner from where I live is a woods. At the weekend, I went for an amble through the woods and to my delight discovered some beautiful bluebells! Did you notice my alliteration there? J I love the flowers and trees at this time of year.  Have any of you been able to go on any local walking adventures from your homes recently? Doing my daily allowed exercise outside has definitely helped me to treasure the nature near where I live more.

I know lots of you like animals, but are any of you interested in space? I am not sure what you are doing today, but I thought this link might look interesting.     At 2pm and 7pm today, you can watch a video designed for children to learn about an astronaut’s preparation and journey into space. Please ask an adult’s permission first.

I hope you have a good day.

Miss Paul. J

vendredi dix avril      Friday 10th April 


Hi Year 3, 

The answer to yesterday's riddle was: "What is the time?"    Well done if you managed to work out it in time before the answer! :) 


Yesterday was Maundy Thursday and my picture was linked to the Last Supper. Today is another special day- Good Friday!

I will be spending part of my time over the Easter bank holiday chatting to some of my family and friends on Zoom, going to virtual church (I am still getting used to this) and attempting some form of exercise  (hopefully in the sunshine). I have also started a great new book, so I will probably keep on reading that. I hope many of you have a good book on the go!


 This weekend, try to take a moment to remember why we celebrate Easter and take some time to think about different things you are thankful for. Below, there is a weblink below of a short video of some little children telling the Easter story. I think some of you may enjoy it. It includes some of their own drawings! Please ask permission first before you watch it.                              


It's Friday but Sunday is coming!


Whatever you do this weekend... enjoy time as a family, try to be kind and pass on a smile.  


I will next be posting a message on Tuesday.

Happy Easter Year 3! :) 

Miss Paul  


jeudi neuf avril      Thursday 9th April

Hi Year 3! How are you all doing?  J

What a lovely sunny day we had yesterday. Apparently it was the hottest day of 2020 so far...

I love waking up to a sunny day. It always brings a smile to my face. The warm weather yesterday reminded me of something I wanted to put on my wish list. I added going to the beach. I know it is April, but I do normally love a visit to the seaside. There is something so calming about watching and listening to  the waves. Going to the beach, seeing the sea and swimming in it is something I will look forward to doing later in the future when it's possible. Do you like going to the seaside too?


Today I thought I would give you a riddle to solve.  See if you can work it out before I reveal the answer tomorrow!


What question can someone ask all day long, always get completely different answers, and yet all the answers be correct?


Did you guess what yesterdays picture linked to Holy Week was about? It was of Jesus washing Peter's feet and the feet of his other disciples. Jesus was caring for his friends and serving them (a servant would normally wash people's feet then). 


What is special about today? On the same night as Jesus washed the feet of his friends, something else happened. There is a clue in the picture below! 



mercredi huit avril              Wednesday 8th April

Salut! Bonjour! Morning Year 3! You can probably see that I am especially excited today to write this message to you Year 3! J I am sorry in advance if you don't find the content of my message very exciting...

Does anyone know what was special about the night sky last night? Did you notice anything out of your window? Perhaps you did, perhaps you didn't. Interestingly, when I looked out my window last night I observed that the moon was looking particularly big and particularly bright. It even seem closer. Closer to us on earth than normal. I was curious about this and I decided to see if I could look up some information about the moon at this time of year.



I thought I would share my findings with you...

  • At this time of year, it is called the 'Pink Moon' after some pink flowers (Wild Ground Phlox) which can be seen (bloom) in Spring throughout America and Canada.
  • It is the full moon at this time of the year (full moon means you can see the whole of the moon in the sky).
  • The date of Easter is always the first Sunday after this particular full moon appears.
  • The moon looks so bright and large because it is a 'Supermoon'. It is closer to earth than normal so appears slightly bigger to us. 
  • One of my favourite facts...(Year 3 I think you will enjoy this too) is that this moon is sometimes called 'Sprouting Grass Moon' or 'Egg Moon' as this refers to the birth of spring (new life with plants growing and birds laying eggs). 


Sorry if I have bored you with all my facts, but I like learning new things about the world and I thought some of you might too. Our world is awesome! 


Here is a picture of the moon and the pink flowers I mentioned. 



Did you guess what the image linked to Holy Week was about yesterday? It was reminding us of Judas accepting 30 pieces of silver for giving information about Jesus and betraying him. Today's image is below. What can you see? What is happening? Do you know who is involved? When did this happen? I will give you a clue. It involves Jesus and the washing of something.. (no it is not hands on this occasion). J




mardi sept avril               Tuesday 7th April 

Good morning Year 3! :)

How are you are? I don’t know about you, but these Easter holidays feel a bit strange to me. Normally, I would spend some of the time out and about and I would meet up with friends.  I am sure there are people you would normally see too and places that you would go to do fun things. I am sure like me, you are adapting to these different times but, like me you miss doing certain things and seeing certain people. Some of the other teachers have suggested that we could all make a ‘Wish List’ of things we would like to do in the future which we are unable to do at the moment. I am going to start my list today. Maybe, if you don’t already have a ‘Wish list’, you and your family could create one together? You will then have lots of fun things to look forward to doing together in the future. 


Although things are different, I also think of all the new things that I have learnt the last few weeks. J For example, I now know how to video call someone on ‘Zoom’ and I have learnt how to better organise our class page on the school website. In the last week, since downloading a running app, I have run more kilometres than I would normally do. These are just some of the things I am proud of. I am sure you have learnt new skills recently too and I know you are adjusting to doing some things in new way.  Well done Year 3. You should be proud of yourselves.


Today’s picture involves silver coins. Who is given these coins and why? 

Catch up tomorrow. Miss Paul                                                                                                                                                                              P.S. The date is correct today and now is yesterdays (in case you noticed)! J

Monday 6th April               lundi six avril

Hello Year 3! I hope you are well.

What a lovely sunny weekend we have had. J It was so nice yesterday to be able to go outside for a walk without wearing a jumper. I have really enjoyed seeing blue cloudless skies and hearing many different birds sing.  I hope this sunny warm weather continues.


This week it is Holy Week. I thought it might be fun to put a picture on here each day of something linked to this special time. The pictures will only be artists’ impressions of something to do with Holy Week, but hopefully they will help us to have a moment of reflection. The first picture is linked to Psalm Sunday which was yesterday.

Take a good look at the picture below.  What can you see? Does anyone at your home notice anything else in the picture?  Have a good day. 

vendredi trois avril     Friday 3rd April


Morning Year 3! :)  It's Friday!

Last night I did a virtual quiz with some friends. There were lots of questions on all kinds of things. Some I knew the answers to and some I didn't have a clue! It was fun learning whether we got the answers right or wrong. 

I have a couple of quick quiz questions for you now to think about. 


  • In exactly a week it will be a special Friday. Do you know what Friday it will be?   

The final quick question will seem more random...

  • When do you think the first iPad was released to be sold?



Well, I won't keep you guessing... The first question you should be able to work out yourself!

The answer to the second question is 10 years ago. The first ever iPad was released to be sold in the USA on the 3rd of April 2010. At the time, it was described as a magical product. I wonder what other 'magical products' will be produced in the next 10 years!


Today would have been the last day of the Spring term at school. Normally at the end of each term we would have 'Children's Choice' in our Celebration Assembly. As we can't do that today, I will pick instead! I think all the children in our school deserve a Head teacher's award because you have all tried hard to adjust to a different routine at home. Well done Year 3. :)  Is there someone in your home that you could also say a special thank you and well done to today? Have a think. 


The drawing challenge for today is a rabbit. It is Thumper from Bambi. Go on, have a try!


We'll have a catch up on Monday. Have a fun and restful weekend.  J


Miss Paul 




jeudi deux avril     Thursday 2nd April


Morning Year 3! 


I thought I might carry on my ‘Thankful Thursday’ theme from last week. One of the things I really appreciate at the moment is having the opportunity to listen to music. I do miss us all gathering together in assemblies and hearing the lovely sound of every voice together. There are a few songs in particular that I may have been caught singing to myself at home... One involves some actions that Year 6 taught us and the other involves a number word. J Have a think.  Can you guess which ones they may be?


Music is helping me daily at the moment. I know I have told you about my short runs, but I don’t think that I have mentioned the hills… Listening to a few particular songs really help me as I attempt to keep on moving up the hill. Singing certain songs or hearing people play certain music can make me smile too or remind me of something special. 


Do you have a few favourite songs? Why don’t you ask if you can play one of them today?  It will only probably be on for a few minutes, but enjoy the time you get to listen to it. Although this is a small thing in your day, it can still be a good part of it!

Why not ask someone in your home what one of their favourite songs is? Maybe you could suggest as a family you listen to it… It could make them smile or remember a favourite memory.  You may all enjoy listening to it together. 

Remember, we can be thankful even for small things like listening to a great song. I hope you like the pictures below.

As promised, my alien picture from drawing with Rob is below.      



My drawing challenge for you today is on the timetable. Can you draw your favourite character from a film on the inside of a toilet roll? See the examples on the timetable. Good luck! :)    

mercredi un avril   Wednesday 1st April 2020



I hope you are all well. I do miss our chats, giggles and hearing all of your great ideas.

Would you believe it Year 3, we are now in April!  Does anyone know anything interesting about today’s date? I’ll let you think about it at home.

Did any of you manage to guess the animal I gave the clues about yesterday or watch them online at the zoo? Yes, you have probably worked out by now, one of my favourite animals is an elephant. Speaking of animals, your English task today (should you get the chance to do it) involves animals. Also, look below who I saw yesterday on a run… I wonder which local resident to our school this reminds you of... I bet if I asked the rest of the school this, they would know too.            


Interestingly, animals keep coming to meet me at the moment. Yesterday was most odd. Look who floated through my letterbox... I couldn’t believe my eyes! Have you ever seen a floating turtle before? It was a first for me. 


Drawing challenge: Can you draw an alien? I will show you mine. tomorrow! 

mardi trente et un mars        Tuesday 31st March


Hi Year 3,

I hope your week has started well.  I know you love animals like me. What is your favourite animal? I have just got very excited as one of my favourite animals is going to be live on a webcam from Colchester Zoo this morning. heard correctly, this morning!  If you use this link it will tell your parents where they can see the live viewing of my favourite animal. Viewings of my favourite animal are  at 11am, but you can catch up with the video later on after this time. 


Before you visit the link, you could try to guess what my animal will be.

Below are a few clues as to what my animal is.  

  • It is believed that these creatures are scared of bees.
  • They can run up to 25 miles per hour.
  • There are three main species of this animal.
  • They have an incredible sense of smell and hearing.
  • In a famous story one of these creatures is multi-coloured, but in real life they are definitely not multi-coloured.
  • This creature was a famous character in a film last year.
  • Apparently, these animals can identify themselves in a mirror (I’m not sure of the accuracy of this fact)!


I’ll reveal tomorrow the answer if you don’t get chance to catch them online at Colchester Zoo.

Did any of you draw a scarab beetle yesterday? 


Optional drawing challenge: Can you draw an Egyptian boat?  Check out the video below.


lundi  trente mars            Monday 30th March  


Good morning wonderful Year 3! It’s Monday and the start of a new week! 

What did you get up to this weekend? I was quite busy... I caught up with some more friends again on the phone (you know how I like to chat), I tried to keep active by running around part of the housing estate I live in, I went to my church ‘virtually’ (online) and I baked some Easter cookies for my family. I was in disbelief yesterday as I looked out of the window at the strange weather we experienced. One minute it was sunny, soon after there was hail stones/maybe some sleet and finally more sunshine/clouds. Whatever you got up to over the weekend, I hope you had some fun.


What are you all currently reading? I am reading the children’s book ‘Varjak Paw’ by S. F. Said. It is all about a cat called Varjak who has never been outside before, but is forced outside when several menacing cats take over his home.  I need to find out whether he will survive outside and whether he will be able to save his family who are still inside his home!  It’s worth a read, if you get a chance to.

Here are some pictures of a few things for you.


After my 'Thankful Thursday' post last week I decided to create my ' Jar of joy'. Every day I am putting a piece of paper inside with little things each day that have I have enjoyed or that I have been grateful for. Hopefully in a couple of months it will be really full.                   

As promised, my coloured picture of Fred the Ted is below (last Wednesday's drawing challenge and my version of Kevin (last Friday's drawing challenge).


How awesome is this picture below... I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as Egyptians has been our history topic. The picture is a wall of hieroglyphics in the mortuary temple of Ramesses lll at Medinet Habu, Luxor, Egypt. Perhaps you could find out some information about Ramesses lll?


Drawing Challenge for today: Can you draw a Scarab beetle? The step to step guide is on this youtube link:                  Ask permission first from an adult at home before you go onto youtube! 

We'll catch up on Tuesday Year 3. J

vendredi vingt-sept mars     Friday 27th March


Hello Year 3! 


On the news yesterday, we were asked to clap a special well done and thank you for the many different people in the nation working so hard to look after us all and keep us safe.  Normally every Friday we clap a special well done to those that have been particularly kind, helpful or those that have tried really hard at something. Wouldn't it be great if we carried this on at home and as a family you gave a special well done and thank you to someone each week? The special well done could be for a small achievement or an act of kindness you have witnessed. You could nominate someone for cooking a lovely meal, someone that made you laugh, someone that learnt a new skill or someone that helped another person with something. This does not need to be limited to someone in your home. As a family, you could nominate someone else you know and send a message to them or give them a call to say thank you and well done for something.


These are some great quotes I found on encouraging others. Remember, your mission is to look out for and 'find the gold' (goodness) in people. Get your thinking caps on for who you might nominate. 




How are drawing challenges going? I have really enjoyed doing some art this week. I hope some of you have too.  


Drawing challenge: Can you draw Kevin?  See the links below for how to draw him.


Have a good few days and speak to you on Monday!  Check out my video link on today's timetable if you fancy listening to a fun song. 


Miss Paul

jeudi vingt-six mars      Thursday 26th March 2020


Salut Year 3! I hope you had a good nights sleep. 

I have a French fun fact for you! Did you know that when writing the long date in French (like we do in our English books) that you do not need to start the day of the week and month with a capital letter! You do of course when you are writing it in English!  


Apparently, people sometimes call Thursday ‘Thankful Thursday’. Yesterday evening, I had a great video chat with some of my friends. It made me realise how fortunate we are to be able to chat to people who live in different places. I have decided to make a list each day of small things I am thankful for. Here is my list for today. 


I am grateful for many things but below are three!

  • I have really appreciated the amazing sunny weather we have had this week. It has been so lovely going for a run or a walk in the sunshine. 
  • I have enjoyed trying to talk to a group of friends on a video call. As many of you know, using technology is not one of my greatest strengths, but it was fun chatting to my friends in a different way. 
  • I have been enjoying writing to you and imagining you reading my messages. 

If you get chance, have a think today about three things you could you be thankful for. You may well have more than three things! You could write these in a notebook. 


Drawing challenge of the day:

Draw around your hand using either a pencil or pen. Inside the outline of your hand draw different patterns. These can be different shapes, lines, spots and swirls. You choose what goes inside your hand outline. You could use just black pencil/ pen or add some colour. Up to you! See the example below. 


I hope you have some fun today. 

Miss Paul


mercredi vingt-cinq mars     Wednesday 25th March 


Bonjour Year 3! Comment ça va?   

(Hello Year 3! How are you?) 

Don't worry, my whole message will not be in French! Was that a class whoop or sigh of relief I heard?  I hope you are doing well. :) Just to let you know, I will be updating our class page everyday. There may sometimes be a small amount of French involved ... you will have to wait and see! On our class page you will see an updated timetable with some activities you could do each day. These activities are only suggestions. Please use this as you wish. We hope to help you in these unusual times.


The image below is drawn by Charles Mackesy from the book: 'The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse'.  Today I wanted to say that you are all very much in my thoughts even when we are not seeing each other daily at school. Each of you are important members of our class and of the wider St Peter's School Family. :) 



As a class, I know many of you enjoy being active and creative. Each day, I am going to post a creative drawing/challenge for you to complete (if you wish). This challenge may have a website link with a drawing video to follow or it may just be written on here. I will also post a picture of my attempt of this on here too.


Drawing challenge 1: Can you try to draw Fred Bear? Watch the video link below and have a go.  

 I hope you have a good day. 

Miss Paul