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Friday 29th May 


Good morning Year 1. 

I hope you are continuing to enjoy being at home. 


I had a really lovely day yesterday. In the morning I made a magical fairy garden. Then I spent some time sorting through some more of the boxes I still need to unpack. In the evening, I lit my fire pit and roasted marshmallows while watching the sun set. I am really starting to settle into my new home. Are you enjoying being wherever you are? 

Thursday 28th May 


Good morning Year 1. I hope you are enjoying this lovely sunshine! I unpacked a few more boxes into my new home yesterday. I found an old unit that looks like it needs a bit of care. So today I am going to rub it down with sandpaper and paint it. I wonder what colour I should use? Hmmm ... 

I wonder if there is anything in your home that you could clean or move around to make it look better or used better? 


My new plants are very much enjoying the sunshine they are receiving in the garden. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine either through a window or outside. The sunshine always makes me feel happy and smiley. I know I've shown this song before, but I love it and it reminds me to be wonderful and SHINE! 



Wednesday 27th May 


Good morning Year 1. How are you today?

I'm feeling very happy, yesterday I bought a lovely table to go in my new living room. I spent the day cleaning and polishing it and now it looks great! It took a lot of hard work but was worth it. Is there anything you have done recently that was a lot of hard work but was worth it? Maybe all the care you are giving your bean plant or another project you have been working hard on at home.


Today I am challenging myself to take a break! It may sound crazy, but I have been so busy since Thursday, packing, moving, unpacking, sorting things for my new home, that I need to stop a little and enjoy being in my new home. Maybe I'll do some yoga and think about all the good things that have happened since we left school. 

You could do that too. Take some time to reflect, think of all the wonderful good things you have done while you have been at home. blush

Tuesday 26th May 


Good morning Year 1. I hope you enjoyed the wonderful bank holiday weekend. I was very busy unpacking and sorting out my new home from my move on Friday. I still have boxes to unpack!! Oh well, hopefully I will finish that some point this week. 

Now, my mum is a very keen gardener and grows lots of her own vegetables. I am very lucky, she has given some to me to grow. I have 2 tomato plants. 2 cucumber plants! and 3 pumpkins!! How exciting! Unfortunately, my internet is being a bit slow today so I can't upload the pictures, I will try again tomorrow and I'll keep you updated on how they grow this term. Do you grow anything at home? I know some of you are still growing your beans and I've seen pictures... they look GREAT! and some of them are quite huge now!! Well done!

Friday 22nd May 


Good morning! 

Today is a very exciting day for me... today I am moving house!

I've been very busy over the last few weeks and days planning, writing lists and packing and it's finally here, moving time! 

I am very excited. I like new things and going new places. 

If you could choose 1 new place to go right now, anywhere in the world, where would you go?? Why have you chosen there? Hmm... 


There are a few things I really like about my new house. 

1. It's mine for me and my family

2. There is a lovely garden

3. I am close to my friends

4. I can decorate my new home with lovely photos 

5. I can fill my home with family and love. 


What 5 things do you like about your home? 

Thursday 21st May 


Good morning Year 1! 

How are you today? I had a lovely time yesterday hearing all the wonderful things you have been up to at home. It was lovely to talk to some of you about your favourite thing you have done. You have been doing some awesome things. Lots of you have been enjoying the sunshine in your gardens in paddling pools, water fights or tree houses. It is great some of you are calling each other to chat, others are helping to dig and build new parts of their houses or gardens, some of you are taking the time to make your own investigations, about bees and other animals in your garden. There is so much love, happiness and fun taking place and that makes me very happy. Continue enjoying your time with your family and I will see you all in due course. 


Wednesday 20th May


Good morning Year 1. 

Have you seen the latest challenge by the 'Virtual' Sussex School Games?


This week it is Gym and Fitness! Have a look at their website or the Sports page on the school website for more information on how to complete the challenge, how to score your try and how to submit your score. Let's see how amazing you all are at sport! 


Tuesday 19th May 


Good morning Year 1!


I hope you are all well.

I am back in school this week looking after our key workers children and getting our classroom tidied.

I went out into our outdoor area and WOW! Our bean plants have grown HUGE!! They are looking so healthy and tall. Some of them even have flowers on them! How are yours growing if you took yours home? I saw some of you re-potted them to let them grow really big!

I wonder if you can work out what 3 things have helped these plants grow so big? Sun light, water, soil

Check back tomorrow for the answer. 



Monday 18th May 


Good morning Year 1! This week is Mental Health Awareness week. At the end of every daily timetable this week there is an activity all about YOU! A remind that YOU are awesome, YOU are great, you might get things wrong but that is okay because that is how we learn and YOU are great at learning! 

So Be Kind To Yourself, have fun and keep smiling! laugh

Celebration Assembly


It's that time again, think of someone in your home that has done or been extra awesome this week. Have they helped do extra jobs around your home? Have they been extra caring? Have they happily shared their activities and let others join in? 

Give them a massive hug and tell them what they have done so well this week. blush

Friday 15th May


Good morning Year 1. It's Friday! Oh and the weather is beautiful for us again. 

This morning is a great opportunity to have a go at those football skills for the 'Virtual' Sussex School Games. You need to have completed the skills and uploaded your points to their website by midday today! If you have already uploaded your score then well done! Give yourselves a pat on the back. It would be great to see St Peters climb a few places on the scoreboard this week from your contribution! 

Thursday 14th May 


Good morning! How are you? How did you get on with the math challenges yesterday?? I hope you had lots of number fun! I found so many numbers in my home, I even added them all up! I have a total of 572 numbers in my home and if you think I'm very clever for working that out then yes, I am clever, but I also used a calculator to help me! Sometimes there are just too many numbers to add up! 

I found numbers on watches, the clock on the oven, the TV remote, my shoes and the shower dial. Where did you find your numbers hiding away? Did you think of any I missed? 

A bit of fun ... can you find the 9 numbers in this picture? 

Wednesday 13th May 


Good morning Year 1!


It's National Numeracy Day! Today is all about numbers ...

and how we use them in our everyday lives. So how about
some math challenges... 

Walk around your home and see how many numbers you can find. 

How many people are in your home? 

How many hands is that? How many fingers? How many eyes? 

Can you think of a quick way of counting these? Count in 2s? 5s? 10s? 


It's been great to see so many of your logging on to Numbots and TimesTablesRockStars over the last few weeks. Let's see if we can have a record number of you joining today! 



There are some extra math activities that have been shared on the National Numeracy Day website that are attached below if you fancy the challenge. 

Tuesday 12th May 


Good morning Year 1.

How are you?

Have you seen the new challenge set for the 'virtual' Sussex School Games? 


This weeks sport is ... football!!

Have you got the skills? Get your kit on

(football or PE kit) and practice those 

footy skills! How many points can you get for 

St Peters?? I wonder how far we can get up 

the school leader board this week. 

Monday 11th May 


Good morning! I hope you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend. What did you get up to? Did you celebrate VE Day? Maybe you made some bunting or had a themed lunch? Did you watch the Spitfire fly past? I'm sure whatever you did, it was great! 

I baked some lovely scones for my afternoon tea and made my own bunting which I hung out my window! I played games with my family and I had a chat online to one of my friends who live quite far away. It was a lovely weekend for me blush

Thursday 7th May 


Hi Year 1, I hope you are still enjoying your time at home and are keeping busy. I am in school this week and we have been very busy! We have been outside doing lots of sports activities and challenges. Myself and Mrs Bell joined in with throwing 2 balls at the same time, this was very tricky! We have made balloon models using paper mache, made Lego vehicles and designs with the Hama beads. We will be celebrating VE day today by making bunting and other fun activities as we are not at school on Friday. I have been watering and checking the beans, they are growing very well!

Keep safe, from Mrs Payne

Wednesday 6th May 


Good morning! How are you? Have you had a go at the Virtual Sussex School Games yet?? St Peters came 138/250 schools this week! Congratulations if you helped us get that far! This week the challenge is tennis. There are 4 different challenges to do, mark down your scores and submit it to the Sussex School Games website before midday Friday!

Tuesday 5th May 


Good morning Year 1. Have you found our new terms topic? Where in the world! What country have you chosen? I wonder what your project will be like. I can't wait to see them when we return to school. 

















Don't forget to keep reading, it is amazing to see so many of you logging in every day to Rising Stars Reading Planet. Well done! You are all fantastic!

Monday 4th May 


Good morning! I hope you have had an enjoyable and restful weekend. What did you get up to? 

I practiced my art skills, baked a cake and went for a walk through the woods. You may have spotted pictures from my walk on the Keep Active Newsletter! Have you been keeping active? There are loads of great ideas on how to keep fit on the school sports page as well as the newsletter. Don't forget to send in any pictures of you being active. I've been enjoying seeing them in the newsletter and I know Mrs Harrington has enjoyed seeing them too! 


Here is the art I created                                                         Hmm.... How many sports can you name?