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Just a quick drop in to say thank you so much for the cards and lovely gifts, it is really thoughtful and kind and very much appreciated.  It has been a pleasure to teach the children in Year 2, they are a lovely bunch of children and I have missed having them in the classroom these past few months.  Your kinds words and appreciation over these past few months has been wonderful.  Once again, thank you and enjoy the summer holidays.



Friday 17th July


And for the final time this school year Good morning Year 2.  We have made it to the end of the school year.  This has been the oddest, strangest, weirdest year that I have ever experienced in my teaching career.  You have all been brilliant though and have adapted to this strange situation brilliantly.  Every time I have spoken to you, you have all smiled and laughed and chatted about what you have been doing.  We may not have had a full school year but I want to you to celebrate all the achievements you have made through these times.  I know there are those of you out there learning about space, about time, animals the seaside by working with your families, there are those of you that have been enjoying extra sporting activities and those of you that have been learning to grow things for yourselves.  These are all great achievements.


I am sorry that we didn't get to spend as much time with each other as we normally would have done but I just want to say that you are a fantastic group of children and I have loved teaching all of you.  Take care of each other as you move into Year 3.


I hope you had a lovely day seeing each other yesterday.  I loved seeing all of you mixing with each other, chatting to each other and running around playing.  I loved hearing your chatter and your laughter, your yells to each other.  It was an amazing few hours and I hope you enjoyed yourselves as well.


Remember that if Miss Paul is waiting to meet you all, so far she has only received one e mail from our class.  Thank you for that one.  Introduce yourselves.


Have a wonderful summer and I will see you back in September.





Enjoy those holidays, spend time relaxing and look after yourselves !!

Sending hugs to all of you.

Thursday 16th July


This is a very short note for today as I hope to see many of you later this morning.  I am very excited to see you all and looking forward to spending some time together.  Remember to bring your water bottles and your lunch as we will be eating out on the field after playing some games, having a chat and generally just spending some time together.  See you all soon.

Remember that yesterday was our transition afternoon.  Miss Paul is looking forward to getting to know all of you so please remember to send her a message with your transition work.  Have a look at what she has planned for you in Year 3 as well and learn a little bit about her.  

Good morning Year 2 and Happy St Swithin's day to you today.  I can see some puzzled looks on your face and you are thinking has Mrs Rusling gone mad? No don't worry still fairly sensible even though it is the last week of a very very long term.


Today is St. Swithin's day.  St Swithin was an Anglo-Saxon bishop of the city of Winchester. Be was born in around the year 800 and he is buried at Winchester Cathedral.  However he is not that well known as a saint but more for the folklore that surrounds him.  It is said that if it rains today, it will rain for 40 days after.  The story started because  after his death he requested he be buried in the churchyard, so that passers by may step over his grave and that it may be exposed to the elements.

However, his tomb was moved inside on 15 July 971, and shortly afterwards a huge storm hit, which people took as a sign of the saint’s displeasure at his wishes being ignored. Since then the legend has said that if it rains on St Swithin’s Day it will continue to do so for the next 40 days. But if it is sunny, the sun will shine for 40 days straight.  So keep an eye out for the weather today and the next 40 days!


St Swithin’s Day if thou dost rain,

For 40 days it will remain,

St Swithin’s Day if thou be fair,

For 40 days will rain na mair.



I am not sure that St Swithin would have had an umbrella as they weren't invented as we know them until the 1780s.  See I am full of useless information this morning.


Whatever the weather does today have a lovely day and be kind to each other.  Now I am off to have my breakfast, feed the tortoise and enjoy the peace and quiet of the house until everyone else gets up to disturb me.  See you soon.


Let us hope that the sun shines so we can all get together tomorrow.  

Tuesday 14th July


Good morning everyone.  Hope you are all well.  I had a lovely day yesterday with Year 6 yesterday on their last day in school.  

So I wonder what plans you have for the summer holidays.  I know it can't be the same as normally but I am looking forward to spending some time at home doing some more of the jobs I need to do as well as getting out for some walks.  I am hoping to catch up some friends as well as I haven't been able to do that for quite some time.  I might even do some baking as I have got some great cake recipes that I want to try and of course I might just take some time out to sit in the garden and read a book just for enjoyment.  I will have to take some time to come into school and do the one job I hate which will be tidying out my cupboard as everything got stuffed in there in March.

Remember I mentioned about the reading challenge yesterday, remember to have a look and see if you can take part.

Monday 13th July


Good morning, wasn't it a lovely weekend?  Managed to relax in the garden for a little yesterday until I noticed lots of movement on our lawn.  On further inspection we found an abundance of flying ants.  Well that caused me to do a little bit of research as I had never seen so many of them before.  Apparently yesterday was flying ant day!  Yes there really is a time dedicated to these creatures!  There is a good side to this apparently if you are a seagull as they love ants to eat so yesterday was Christmas coming early for a seagull.  There have been reports all over the country of flying ants coming out yesterday so it wasn't just in my garden.  I saw reports this morning from Liverpool, from Cardiff and from Brighton.  The female ants leave to find a place to lay their eggs and once they have found their nest they will tear off their wings as they no longer need them.  



How to ants know when to fly?  Well they talk to each other on Whatsant, of course!


I am hoping the weather will stay fine and I will see you all on Thursday for our lunch on the field.  Remember the water and the suncream as we don't want anyone getting sunburnt.  Today I am in school with my Year 6 bubble and we are hoping to have a picnic on the field too.  Do have a lovely day and take care of yourselves.  


If you are looking for something to do can I remind you that the libraries will be running their library challenge during the holidays.  I know a lot of you have been reading lots at home so perhaps you can enter the library challenge.

Friday 10th July


Good morning, I hope I find you all well and ready for a weekend.  I have just seen the forecast and it looks like it will be fine.  We can cope with sun and clouds as long as it doesn't rain for us.


Now do you remember when we are in school we always have our Friday celebration assembly.  What do you think you can be proud of achieving since you haven't been in school?  I think you all would be getting the Head Teacher's award as you have all been working hard and it has been a strange time for everyone.    Who do you think you would award a Head Teacher's award to?


Have a great day and a lovely weekend.

Thursday 9th July


Phew got here on time today!  I was running late yesterday a little bit like the white rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland".



Rain, rain go away, Year 2 want to come out and play.


It is a good thing we postponed our meeting up today until next week isn't it?  Not a blue patch in that sky this morning as I look out.  Can you imagine us all sitting there in the rain trying to be cheerful, knowing that we were all looking forward and excited to see each other but getting cold and wet.  No that would not be a good look at all.  I am sure things will be better next week and we can have more fun when it is dry.  I wonder what you are all looking forward to doing when you meet up?  Have a chat?  Playing some games?  Finding out what you have been doing?



This could have been us sitting on the field, so not a good look at all.  


Yesterday I spent time talking to your parents about your school reports and having a chat in general.  It was lovely to speak to so many and hear about what has been happening at home.  Try and keep up with your reading and maths skills in the holidays, it really will help when we are all back in school in September.  There are some great books out there to read and lots of different ways to find books on the internet if you can't get any library books.  Well done to everyone who has kept plodding on with some work but remember it is also important to relax as well and do things as a family as that is really important time as well.


If anything is worrying you about coming back to school in September perhaps we can have a little chat about things next week.  If you have any questions ask your parents to send them in to me on the infants e mail and I can have a think about answering them when we meet up.


Have a great day, smile and let's drive the rainy weather away - although it did mean I didn't have to water my garden last night!

Wednesday 8th July


Good morning Year 2, a bit of a soggy morning out there.  I knew it had been raining over night when a very soggy cat came visiting at about 3am.  He jumped on my bed and he was very very wet, so got pushed off, complained with a loud miaow and then went off to miaow outside Sarah's room until she let him in.  That is where I found him when I left home this morning, fast asleep curled up in a ball.


Sadly I won't get to see you this week because of the weather but Mrs Claffey has informed me that the weather forecast for next week is much better so we will all get together then.  It will be much better to be sitting out on the field in the sunshine than sat getting soggy like my cat.  


Remember to try if you can and take part in the Rainbow games and see if KS1 can do really well.  All the information is on our PE section that Mrs Harrington has been regularly updating.  I will look forward to seeing what you have been doing.  


Remember you can also send any pictures of you doing some activities at home to our infant e mail as well if you are happy for me to put them on our class page just let me know.  It is always fun to see what we have been doing.


Off now to start my phone calls to your parents today to have a chat about your school reports.  Have a good day.

Tuesday 7th July


Good morning Year 2.  Hope you had a good day yesterday.  I had a great day in school with the Year 6 class as we had a water fight in the afternoon.  Have a look at the Year 6 class page to see some of their photographs.  Sadly this year cannot have their Leaver's Assembly or their Leaver's Mass so we needed to do something special for them.


Don't forget to try and take part in the Rainbow games as we will need to get your scores for your activities by Thursday to find out who will win the sports challenges.  Hopefully the day will be nice and you will be able to get outside.  I am looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday and I am hoping the weather will be good. We will have a lovely time I am sure.


I have set a new TTRS battle for you and also a math challenge on ED shed, do have a look and see what you can do. Also visit Spelling shed and choose either from the four levels - easy through to difficult.


Have a great day.



I will have a look at how the maths challenge on ED shed comes up for children, sorry to cause confusion.  Soon as I have sorted I will put some further information.




Monday 6th July


Good morning Year 2 .  I hope you are all well.  It was lovely to speak to so many of you on Friday and learning about what you have been doing.  I heard about how the gardens have been growing - mange tout, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, radish.  I heard about the different sports you have been playing - football and golf seem to score highly.  I heard about all the art work you have been doing as well as lots happening in the kitchen.

I spent yesterday out in the garden even though it was quite blustery.  When all this began Sarah and I decided to take down a laurel hedge.  It has been hard work but we have nearly finished.  It was really high about 2m and about 5m long.  I have also been out looking after the vegetables we started growing.  Finally seeing some of our courgettes now and some baby tomatoes starting to grow.




So things are growing nicely in the Rusling household even Maui's dandelions!  Thought you might like to see a sunbathing Maui - this is how I found him on Sunday morning sunbathing under his heat lamp.


Today I am in school with the Year 6s, I wonder what we will get up to today?  I will have to wait until I speak to Miss Ballard later this morning.  Have a good day everyone.


Where in the World Project


A few months ago I set you a project in your Home Learning to research a country and find out lots of different information about this country.  It has been lovely to hear how some people have been working on their projects and it was lovely to receive some pictures of a project created at home.  


Harry decided to do his project on Australia and I love the reason he chose Australia for his country. Harry said "My project is about Australia because my grandad was Australian and as he is in Heaven it is nice to do things about him."


Harry has worked hard on this and he included a contents page to show what he has researched.  He even asked some Australian relatives questions.  I particularly love his art work in the style used by the Aborigines.  Have a look.


                                 Well done Harry for all your hard work.

Friday 3rd July


Good morning everyone, hope you are all well this morning and ready for the weekend.  I know I am looking forward to some time to chill with my family.  Got a few jobs planned around the garden and a place marked on the sofa watching a film or two I think.  


Now this would be our Friday assembly time when we would all get together to think about our week.  I want you to think of someone who has helped you this week.  Who has done something for you at home or when you were out?  Turn and say a big thank you to them and give them a hug if you can.  A hug is lovely to have and a very precious gift at this moment.  I know I would love to be able to give my own mum a hug but I can't at the moment.  Looking forward to speaking to some of you later today and maybe seeing some of you next week.



Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 2nd July


Good morning everyone.  Have you noticed more birds and animals in gardens these days.  Maybe it is because we are a little less busy rushing around that I am able to see these things.  I was sitting having my breakfast and looking out into the garden and I noticed a flock of birds in one of the areas of the garden.    I had to do a little research because they weren't like the normal birds I see in my garden.  Normally I see plenty of sparrows, starlings, pigeons and robins in my garden.  I tried to get a photograph but they were too quick for me.


I went to investigate on the RSPB site and found out that is was a goldfinch that I had seen.  I loved exploring this site looking at the different birds that I have seen recently.  Do have a look and see if you have found something different in your gardens or whilst out on your walks.


A great site to see what to feed birds, what different birds are and where they can be found.

 Looking forward to speaking to you tomorrow and you can let me know what you have spotted whilst out and about.


Great to see so many of you using the different programs we have for you.  I can see lots of you enjoying EDshed with both the math and the spelling.  Keep up the good work!


Have a lovely day.


Wednesday 1st July


Good morning everyone.  Can you believe it is July already? Now how much do you know about July?

  • What or who was July named after?
  • The United States of America celebrates its independence from Britain on what day in July?
  • What is July's birthstone - Emerald, Topaz or Ruby?
  • Which day is Bastille Day in France?


Now can you answer any of those questions?  You might need some help from your parents.  July makes me think of summer and looking out of the window yesterday it wasn't very summery.  The sun had gone into hiding I think.

Yesterday I was in school working with all the other teachers and we talked about lots of different things we had been doing when we were at home.  Some of us had read lots of books, some of us had gone on lots of walks, what have you enjoyed doing whilst you have been at home?  I am looking forward to catching up with some of you again on Friday when I will be giving you a call. Maybe you can tell me the best thing about being at home all this time?  What is the thing that you are most proud of doing?


I am hoping to see some of you as Mrs Claffey has sent out a letter today to invite you to come into school and see each other on the school field and we can all sit down and have lunch too.  That would be lovely.


Should I give you the answers to the quiz -  well

1. Julius Caesar ( Roman Emperor) 2,4th July 3. Ruby and 4. 14th July


Have a good day and speak to you soon.


Tuesday 30th June


Can you believe that it is the last day of June today?  Another month over.  Where did the sunshine go?

I had a lovely day with the Year 6 children yesterday in school.  We were making some dragon eyes in the afternoon with clay which was good fun.  It made me think of all the art we did in class with our Fire of London topic and our Africa topic.  I wonder what art you have enjoyed doing whilst you have been at home.


It seems strange to think that we have spent so much time away from school.  I want you to have a think about when you come back to school into Year 3.  What things will you look forward to?  What are you going to be a little worried about?  Perhaps we can have a chat about these things when I telephone you at the end of the week.  I am looking forward to reading lots of new books in school, seeing all the teachers and seeing all of you again out on the playground. 


Just to let you know I have set up another Times Table Battle between the girls and the boys as quite a number of you said you enjoyed having a go at that.  I am impressed by the amount of reading going on with on the Reading Planet - one person has read over 30 books !   I also see that some of you have been having a go on ED Shed and Maths Shed.  You should all have your passwords now, so do have a look as these can help your spelling and your maths skills.


Have a good day and I will speak to you soon.



Monday 29th June   Feast Day of St Peter and St Paul


Good morning everyone,

I do hope you all had a good weekend.  Did you enjoy the thunderstorms over the weekend?  It certainly has cooled down a lot.  


Now today is a special day in the Church and for our school.  It is the feast of St Peter and St Paul.  Both of these men worked tirelessly spreading the word of Jesus and showing others how to live their lives.  Peter was a fisherman when he met Jesus but Jesus trusted him so much even though Peter denied knowing him.  Peter was given the "Keys of the Kingdom" because of the faith Jesus had in him.  Paul, who was known as Saul, was actually a Roman who was looking for the followers of Jesus to hurt them.  Jesus influenced his life so much he turned towards Jesus and became one of the great men of the Christian faith.  Our school is named after St Peter and we would normally celebrate mass in school or walk to church.  Sadly this year we are unable to do this so perhaps you could take some time to learn about these saints at home.  


Mrs Claffey has put a power point on in the Key Information, Religious Life of our school for you to find out more about St Peter.




St Peter and St Paul - Children's Liturgy (28/06/20)

St Peter and St Paul Children's Liturgy from Colour and Shape. Go out in the world! Join us today as we celebrate these two great leaders of the early Church...

God our Father, you call all kinds of people to belong to your Church - and each one shows a little of your love and power.
We want to work with you and for you, like Peter and Paul.
Help us to be what you want us to be.  Amen



Have a lovely day and spend a little time thinking how you can show others that you belong to God's family.

Friday 26th June

Good morning everyone.


It was lovely to speak to so many of you yesterday and hear what you had been doing.  I hope you all kept cool yesterday visiting the beach, picking raspberries or having picnics. I loved hearing about the reading you have been doing, the times tables you have been learning and the growing vegetables in your gardens.  I even heard of some people who were going on a cycle ride through the woods hoping to keep cool.


I arrived home to find my family had also been trying to keep cool.  Sarah decided to put up the paddling pool but not happy with that she decided to put her sun lounger in the paddling pool to keep cool.  Felix decided it was too hot to sit out in the garden so put himself under a bush to keep cool.  I put my chair under the tree which was nice and cooling.



We say goodbye tomorrow to our duckling friends.  It has been lovely to see them grow, they do grow so much each day.  I think Mrs Claffey is going to miss them and seeing them swim each day.  I hope you enjoyed all the duckling photos and videos.


Have a lovely weekend make sure you keep hydrated and slip, slap that sun cream on.

Thursday 25th June

Good morning everyone.  I hope you managed to sleep last night because it was so hot wasn't it?  Today is going to be very hot too.  Sarah put our paddling pool up yesterday and then put a chair in it to cool down.  I think I would be sitting there today if I wasn't in school having a chat to all of you today.


Looking forward to hearing what you have all been up to.  Thank you for all of the photos and notes that you have sent into school, it is good to see you enjoying your learning at home.  


My garden is growing really well now.  Remember the courgettes that wouldn't grow, well they are sprouting all over the place.  I think I may have too many courgettes at the end of this.  What have you been growing?  Any success stories?


Have a lovely day, keep drinking lots of water and slap on that suncream.

Wednesday 24th June


It is another beautiful day out there isn't it?  I think it might be a bit too hot to play outside too much today.  Remember to keep hydrated drinking plenty of water and slap on that sun cream.  The year 6 children were talking about favourite ice lollies on Monday.  Seems like a perfect day for an ice lolly doesn't it?  Do you have a favourite?  I think at the moment I like something icy and fruity like a fruit pastille or just an orange juice lolly. 


Yesterday I spent the day in school and it was amazing to see how the ducks had grown 


It is lovely to see how they run up to say hello when you go near their cage but they are very messy and spill their water everywhere.  They don't keep their bedrooms very tidy at all!


I am looking forward to speaking to many of you tomorrow as I will be calling to have a chat and see what you have been doing. I will start my calls at 9 and then run through until I have had a chat with all of you.  Have a good day today.


Tuesday 23rd June


Good morning Year 2.


Another lovely day.  Do make sure if you are out and about you have lots of sun cream on because it is going to be another really hot day out there.

Yesterday I was in school with the Year 6's.  We had a good day watching the ducks swim in the water bath.  Later in the afternoon we made our own boats and tried to see how many counters they could hold.

It was good fun.  

We continued with the games challenges as well, this week it was cricket.  The year 6's also completed their track marathon- so lots of activity.

Right off to do some work in school now so speak to you soon.  Have a good day.

Monday 22nd June


Good morning Year 2.  I am in school today with the Year 6 today.  I think the ducklings are going outside for a swim this morning and the children will be going for a run - all exercise here.  Do you think we could enter the ducks for the Keep Active challenge?  We have a few more challenges for the Year 6's to complete as well.  They went home with Mrs Claffey at the weekend.


I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I will be able to post some photos of the ducks tomorrow and you see how they have grown.  

Friday 19th June


Well that was a wet night, definitely needed webbed feet for that one.  Did you know though that there are no nerves in ducks feet so that is why they don't feel the cold.


Other ducky facts:

A male duck is called a drake.

Ducks have excellent vision and can see about 340 degrees around them, so that is nearly a full circle.  Wow!  That is a reason that it is difficult to sneak up on a sleeping duck.  Well Miss Ballard sent me some photos of our school ducklings.




Aren't they cute?  The thing is ducklings grown very quickly and by the time they are 2 months old they can fly.  


Looking forward to seeing them when I am in school next week and I will be able to see how they have grown.  

 Can you name any films or books that have ducks as the main character?

Have a lovely weekend and stay dry!

Thursday 18th June


Good morning to a wet day, I know we need the rain but I quite like the blue skies and warm weather we have been having.  Even Felix the cat decided against going outside this morning.  He went to one door looked out and stepped back.  He went to another door, had a look and stepped back.  Even when Sarah picked him up and put him out on the patio, he retreated quickly back inside.  So I guess he doesn't want to go either.  Can't say I blame him.


You might be interested to join the National Oak Academy this morning at 11am when the Duchess of Cambridge is leading a national assembly.  Have a look here

She is working with a children's charity to help children show kindness to one another, looking after each other and keep well at this present time when we can't do everything we want to do.


Have a good day and look after each other.


Wednesday 17th June

Good morning everyone, another lovely day out there.  Excitement in school yesterday, everyone went quackers!  New visitors arrived for us to watch grow.  Can you remember our duckling friends last year.  Well we have some new eggs to hatch.  The eggs are kept warm in here until the ducklings begin to hatch.  Have a look  to see how they progress.


  It is always egg-citing to watch what happens to the eggs as the ducklings peck their way out into the world.  

You can also see signs of new life on Year R's page as Miss Coster is looking after some caterpillars that are beginning to go into a cocoon now.  Do have a look at them.

Mrs Harrington has also reminded me about the latest challenge for the Sussex Virtual games.  This week it is a boccia challenge which you can do from the comfort of a chair if you are feeling a little lazy.  Also have a look and see if you can submit a challenge for others to try out.

Lots of keep you busy.  Have a good day and look after yourselves.


Tuesday 16th June

Thank goodness it is sunny this morning as we have some special visitors arrived at school today.  They start off a little oval, and then crack open to be fluffy and yellow.  I wonder if your parents have told you what will be arriving?  Can you remember last year when both Year 1 and Year 2 were able to get these special visitors outside our classrooms and watch them swim?  So what is arriving today?  We will try to put some videos on the website to show you what is in school and you can watch how they grow.


We don't hatch like our visitors but we do grow and learn more as we get older.  What is the one thing you think you have learned this month?  Have a think, what could you not do that you can do now?

Monday 15th June

Today I will be in school with the Year 6 children and with Miss Ballard and Miss Thouless.  I believe that we are going to be having a paper plane flying competition to see who can build the best paper plane and fly it the furthest distance.  I wonder which bubble will win?

This weekend I spent some time out in the garden putting some new plants in and then sitting out in the sunshine reading a book.  It was quite relaxing and just what was needed.

I am looking forward to seeing some of you in your own bubbles, at least we can wave to each other - it was lovely last week to see some of you.

Can any of you using Reading Planet and if you have run out of the white level books please try and log in again to the KS2 part of the site.  Miss Coster and I have been working on allowing access to the next level of books and it would be helpful if someone could read a book and do a quiz on their for me to see if it is working.  Thank you.

Have a good week and remember do what you can in the Home learning section, don't try and complete everything.


Friday, the end of another week at home.  I wonder what you have achieved this week.


I have completed lots of work at home.

I have built a desk with Sarah for my husband.

I have helped Daniel revise for some tests he will be doing.

I have chatted to my mum and kept her amused.


Other people have helped me as well:

I have had some great chats with Miss Ballard.

Mrs Board brought me in some lovely dahlias to plant in my garden.

All the teachers have helped each other with some plans for future work and we have made each other laugh.


So we all have to work together to keep ourselves happy while we have to be at home.  Just turn around and say that thank you.


Don't forget to celebrate something good or say thank you to someone special  that you remember has happened during this week as we normally would in our celebration assembly. Have a good weekend and I will be back to chat with you all again on Monday.

' Just Sing! ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Fun On Friday - ' Just Sing! ' '

Reading Planet

For some of you who have completed all the white level books I have put a selection of books for lime colour band but these start in the KS2 section of Reading planet. I am not sure what the site is like for pupils and whether you have to select KS1 or KS2 but if you have run out of white reading books, your next level is lime.  Yesterday in school we did a little tweaking and Year 2 should now have access to the KS2 reading planet books that have been assigned.  Can those who have run out of the white please see if they can now access the KS2 books.

Thursday 11th June

Well that was a miserable day out there.  Even the cat stayed at home working alongside me, well sleeping alongside me really whilst I was working.  I even managed to help Sarah build a desk for her dad as he needed something a bit bigger whilst he is working from home too.   By the afternoon I had had enough of working on the computer so needed some fresh air so this next bit of information might be good for all of us.


I also came across a competition to design a National Book Token and win £10 and a bookmark with your design on for every member of your class.  Have a look here .  I will put the template at the end of this post.


Exciting News- We are launching a new keep active home challenge!

It would be good to see you taking part and sending in your short videos to .


I would then be able to upload some of them to our class page for others to see.

 Have a look here to see what you need to do.



Template for book token competition

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Year 2.  I was up early here this morning as a certain black and white member of the family with four legs and a long tail decided that it was a great idea to come and say good morning..... at 4am.  Four o'clock in the morning.  Then went out, came back in at 5, popped out again and because I wasn't awake and up popped in to say another good morning at 6 o'clock.  I decided enough was enough and got up.  He, by the way, is now sound asleep on his blanket, at the end of my bed.  I am up and awake downstairs.  I really think he needs to learn to tell the time!

Funnily enough, I was chatting yesterday with Miss Paul and she said that is a useful skill to have when you moved to KS2.  I did put some time work in your home learning packs a few weeks ago. Do have a look because it is not just telling the time but knowing the order of the days of the week, months of the year, how many minutes in an hour etc.  

Do you remember some of the Jack Hartman videos we watched for our times tables?  Have a look at the days of the month video at the end of this message.  Time is very important for us to know about - you can learn just by looking at clocks, seeing how long television programmes last for, think about measuring how many minutes you can exercise for or ask your parents to ask you the time during the day.  When someone is cooking look to see how long something needs to cook for.  

Well done to our Reading Planet readers, one person I see has read 25 books. Wow!  Even if you are reading your own books at home, keep a record of what you have read.  Do have a look at the message above as we had a bit of a tweak yesterday to allow access to the KS2 books.  Let us hope it works.  As teachers we are also having to learn new things and sometimes it goes right and sometimes it doesn't but we have to be resilient and keep trying.

Hope you all have a fantastic day and whoever stole the sun, please put it back.   Enough warbling on, off I go to find that furry alarm clock.  


Days In The Month Rap | Helpful Calendar Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

How many days are in each month? Our Days in the Month song will help you remember. 30 days has September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 exc...

Tuesday 9th June


Someone has stolen the warmth from the sun.  It was really chilly yesterday and I had to wrap myself up in a fleece when I got home yesterday.  Let us hope today will be warmer.  It was lovely to see some of our class yesterday in the key worker group, such lovely smiles.  I do miss seeing all the smiles in the mornings.  I believe the next challenge for the Sussex Virtual games this week is athletics.  Do have a look and see if you can have a go at the standing long jump and the speed bounces.  I know you all love doing things like this in PE.  That should warm us all up.  What other exercises have you been doing whilst you have been at home?  Has anyone done anything unusual?  I have seen photos of scooter riding, playing golf, and some excellent walking.  Mrs Harrington likes to see as many photos as she can for our Keep Active newsletter.  

Keep working on the Times tables and working on your reading books.   I am so impressed with all your efforts as I know it is difficult to do some of these things when you are at home on your own.  Keep at it.  Have a lovely day.



Monday 8th June


Good morning Year 2, hope you are all well.  Hasn't it turned cold, I really should have put some socks on my feet this morning.  I am here in school this morning with the Year 6 class.  If you could whisk yourself away somewhere, where would you like to go?  I think I would like to go somewhere warm because it is a little chilly here this morning.  

Lots of new challenges in the learning packs for you to look at this week.  I have put some Geography and History in there as well as your Maths and English.  Remember you don't have to do everything but there is plenty for you to choose from.  Have a good day.



Friday 4th June


Well as part of our Friday celebration I think you should all give yourselves a pat on the back for your hard work.  I am blown away by the number of your playing TTRS trying to beat the Year 3s, last time I counted over half the class were playing and nearly half of the class were carrying on with their Reading Planet books as well doing their quizzes.  I know some of your are working hard on your projects and other pieces of home learning.  Well done to all of you.  You are all doing an amazing job.


Do you remember a few weeks ago, Sarah was trying to play noughts and crosses with the cat.  Things really got bad as she has now decided to try and play it with the tortoise.  It didn't go well at all.  He didn't want to play and kept walking off.  Better get back to playing with the cat instead.  Next game she is going to try is Connect 4.  I will let you know how she gets on.


​​​​​​You can see he has a varied diet but didn't want to play.

So have a good weekend and enjoy the time with your family.  I am going to relax in the garden, I have some more plants to get into the garden and I am going to do some colouring this weekend.  Take care and I will be back on Monday.

Thursday 4th June

Good morning Year 2


Hope you are all well.  Yesterday wasn’t quite such a nice day as it has been but it didn’t rain so that was a good thing.  I was woken up really early by the screech of a magpie outside my window.  Funnily enough I knew why this was because there is one magpie in my garden that does not like my cat, Felix.  It screeches whenever he is around in the garden.  Have a listen to the sound of a magpie, it is quite screechy. 


A Magpie Screeching Outdoors - Real Sound - HD 1080p

If I was in the back garden it would be the sound of the blackbird warning all his friends that Felix is about.

Song and calls of the Blackbird

The familiar and beautiful mellow song of the blackbird that can be heard in any English garden.

Do you ever hear any birds or other animals make a noise when you or a family member or pet are about?  Amazing how animals know when there is danger about isn’t it?

Don’t forget that your Active challenge photos need to be with Mrs Harrington by lunchtime today so that they can go in the newsletter.  Well done to all those working in the TTRS challenge against Year 3. Thank you for the Rockslam challenge as well.  Keep them coming, remember you can challenge each other there too.  Good to see some new players there and well done to all those readers on Reading Planet, some of you are working so hard, I had to load new books.   Keep up the good work.  Great to see. Have a good day.

Wednesday 3rd June

Loving the weather and had some time to spend in the garden reading some books yesterday.  I wonder what you have been reading.  Well done to all the Reading Planteers.  Keep reading and enjoy and read your own books too.  I have left a note for you about books that I have assigned.

One of my favourite characters likes books too.               My plants are growing well out in the garden too and we have our own fairy tale growing in a pot.  We planted our courgettes at the same time and planted them out in the pot at the same time...... you would think they would all be the same size, wouldn't you?  OH no.


  As you can see we have three different sizes

Sarah said they reminded her of Goldilocks and the 3 bears - the Daddy plant, the Mummy plant and the baby plant.  Apart from them everything else seems to be doing okay.  We even have some radish and lettuce ready for eating.  What have you managed to do that you didn't do before we had to stay at home?  Talking to the Year 6 children on Monday some of them had tried new things - a lot of baking, and zooming and virtual sleepovers.  
We sometimes have to adapt to new things and it change can be a little scary.  We know though we have people who love us all around to help us though.  I am quite excited to speak to my own mum later today, as she was able to go out yesterday for the first time for 10 weeks to my cousin's garden.  I am sure she was looking forward to it but probably still a little bit scared as she hadn't been out for so long.  I will let you know how she got on when I have spoken to her.

Anyway have a lovely day and try and keep doing a little bit of school work when you can.  I am hoping to put a history project on for you next week, I gave you a clue in our weekly timetable!

Have a good day and be kind to all those around you and stay safe.

Tuesday 2nd June

Well this is the second attempt.  Wrote you all a lovely message and it refused to upload.  I will do this in short bursts and hopefully this time all will be well.  Lovey morning again isn't it?  I had a pleasant day in school yesterday with Miss Ballard and Miss Thouless working with Year 6.  Great to see them  and the children.  


Just to remind you that you should try and keep active whilst at home and you can use Mrs Harrington's Keep active diary to show what you have been doing.  Remember if you are taking part in the Sussex Virtual games - I believe this week is basketball and netball - record your scores for the challenge and send them in to Mrs Harrington before Friday along with any photos of your activities.


Miss Paul has set up another tournament in TTRS - this time Year 2 against Year 3.  So come on Year 2 show us what you can do.  Can you beat the Year 3s?


I have been watching the Reading Planet website and tracking your work.  Well done to all our new arrivals and to all those who have been reading on a regular basis.  As soon as I see you have completed some new quizzes and completed the books I will put some more up there for you.  


Thank you to those of you who have sent photos into school of the work you have been doing at home on your projects.  Lovely to see you are working so hard and enjoying what you are doing.


I will try and upload a June challenge for English in the home learning later - just a simple task a day to help you work on your English skills. 


Let's hope this will now upload.

Speak to your all tomorrow.

Monday 1st June


My goodness I feel like I am missing months, they are going so quickly.  Before I start waffling on I should tell you that those of you who had finished all the books assigned on Reading Planet should now all have new books.  I spent some time on Saturday popping new books on for you to read.  Well done, it is great to see the numbers of you reading on here growing and doing the short comprehension quizzes.  I hope you are reading some other books too.  Nothing like a good book to take you to another world.


I will be going into school today to help Miss Ballard with Year 6 along with Miss Thouless.  It will seem strange because all the classrooms look very different and there are lots of new rules to follow to keep us all safe.  I hope the beautiful weather continues and that you can do some reading, playing, relaxing outside as well.  I know we are hoping to spend time outside with our "bubble" of children.  


Your timetable has now moved to a weekly timetable rather than daily but you still have lots of ideas and your home learning packs for English and maths, as well as other areas of the curriculum.  Have a good week.


Friday 29th May

Morning Year 2.  Yes, it is okay today, I know what the day is - I remembered because I have to get up and get dressed and go into school - think I had better get out of my comfy "at home" clothes and make myself a little more presentable!  Well as presentable as I can be with my hair growing wildy.  I always think that my hair knows when it needs to be cut and as soon as I realise that it needs a trim, it decides to go bananas.  Well it has certainly done that now when it knows I can't get it cut at all.  A bit like my garden has grown after that thunderstorm - a good simile there -my hair is like a garden that has grown following a thunderstorm.  Amazing what you can write about isn't it?


Last night we played, chase the mouse around the landing and down the stairs.  Yes it was all thanks to Felix, the cat, who has a very lazy day yesterday.  He made up for that at night when we wanted to sleep.  I should have known it was going to be "one of those nights".  I speak to my mum, who lives in Wales, each day to make sure she is okay at this time.  She always asks about all the family.  So she asked if Felix was in or out and then the question I dread to hear.  "Has he brought anything in?"  Now it is as if Felix hears her say this because every time she asks that question what does he do?  Yes you guessed it - he brings something in to the house!  We try and stop her asking but no she does.  You will be pleased to know that she is advancing with the use of her new acquired i phone and now will answer us when we Face time her in the first ring of two.  Progress from the nine attempts it took at first.  She is very proud of herself.  I wonder what new skills we will all have after this is all over?



Have a good day, I suppose I had better make a move.  Enjoy your day and see if you can do something new today - even if it is just getting out of bed the first time your mum calls you!



' Make A Difference ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

' Make A Difference ' A show-stopping number that inspires us all to think about how we can make the world a better place. What can you do to make a difference today?

Thursday 28th May


Oh no it was another one of those days where I had to check what day it was.  I knew the date, not so sure of the day.  So I have checked and yes it is Thursday.  Spent the day yesterday working outside - bit difficult to see the computer screen out there though but it was such a lovely day I thought I would enjoy it.  I watched Sarah paint another fence panel and our raised seating area- she is keeping herself busy.  Watching from the flower bed, sat Felix the cat, keeping his eye on her and the birds that came into his garden but they were safe, he was too lazy to move.  At the moment he is lying in the other room in the sunshine asleep on the carpet.

I started listening to a new book last night before I went to sleep.  I have to say that I didn't hear much of the story, I fell straight to sleep.  This morning though I woke up so early!  I am loving these early mornings.  What have you planned for yourself for today?  I am going to do some work and I also have some books I want to read so I might take one outside for a little while today.  Remember to wear your sun cream if it is sunny, no lobster looking children please.


Fancy inventing something that would help the animals living at Alexandra Palace - if you have your brain in inventing mode take a look here and see what you can come up with


Have a good day and remember Keep singing, keep smiling and be kind to each other.

' Just Sing! ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

' Just Sing! ' I just like this song as it makes me feel happy. I have been singing along as I have sat here typing this morning. Sing along with me and put some happiness into ourselves this morning..

Stay cheerful

Wednesday 27th May


Good morning Year 2, another glorious day out there.  Had to put the picture up there today as had a bit of a funny day yesterday when I just felt a bit fed up about all the things I am missing at the moment.  I am missing seeing all of you every day, yes I know that is hard to believe when you are all noisy and not listening, but I do miss your chatter and your smiles.  I was missing seeing my own mum, she is a long way way away and she is currently on her own, so I do worry about her as well.  I was sad for my own daughter as she desperately wants to be doing her own learning at University as this was to be the start of the time when she actually was going to be working with animals on her course and she is bored at the moment.  So yesterday, was a bit of a funny day.  

Today I got up and I decided I am going to find things to be pleased about and I will let you know how that goes tomorrow.  I am up early though, I have had my breakfast and the sun is shining.  What do you do when you are a little bit fed up?   I know we all have days when we are a bit bored especially at the moment.  I am going to put a smile on my face and try and achieve something today.  My list is written and I will tick things off as I go.

So wishing you all a good day, be kind to each other and help each other.


' As One ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

' As One ' A song for building unity, trust and teamwork. A song that we often sing in school that reminds me of our assemblies.

Tuesday 26th May

Good morning everyone, a lovely morning out there.  I was up early as the birds here were so noisy.  I was awoken by the chirrup of the blackbird at about 4.30 this morning.  Normally it is the magpie that wakes me up because Felix the cat is sitting on the roof outside my bedroom window and neither of them like each other.  Have you ever heard a cat answer a bird?  Well that is what happens here - the magpie squawks and Felix miaows back at him.  I had a lovely day yesterday tidying up my room where my desk is, still needs some more work because I then gave up and went and sat in the garden with Sarah.  

My courgette plants have now got a flower on them, my strawberries have mini green strawberries on them and we have already eaten some of the radishes we have grown.  Feeling quite proud of ourselves.  What have you done whilst you have been at home that you are proud of?  I am sure lots of you have done things that you didn't think you would be able to do.  Keep trying different things.

Although this is half term week I have put a TTRS tournament up for those of you who want to continue playing and remember even if it is a holiday, do try and read for some of the day.  

Take care of yourselves and your family and have a lovely day.

Friday 22nd May


Good morning everyone.  Are you all looking forward to the weekend?  I know I am.  I am going to sit in my garden and read my book although some new plants arrived so I might have to put those into the garden before it gets too hot.  I have spent this week in school looking after some of the children coming in and getting the classrooms ready.  Things are still very strange though.  Miss Ballard had me battling against the Year 6’s in TTRS.  I am so proud of all of you working away at home, working on line and doing all the work you are.  I have noticed more of you logging on to read books and play in the maths games.  Keep at it.

I came across these writing prompts yesterday and I particularly liked this one……

Writing Prompt: You Have Just Been Shrunk Down to Two Inches Tall

How would your story start? What would you do if you were tiny?

What would your story be?  What mischief would you get up to?



' A Little Bit Of Kindness ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Together On Tuesday - A Little Bit Of Kindness This is an infuriatingly catchy song with a slight Latin lilt and an incredibly valuable message: ' Remember this would be our Friday assembly so remember at home this week we need to show a little bit of kindness to each other. Have a good weekend.

Thursday 21st May


What a beautiful day that was yesterday.  Hope you all put plenty of sun cream on if you went out.  Today looks like another day to enjoy.  Guess what I found this morning when  I came downstairs, sat on my patio door.  Not something I wanted to see.  It was about the size of my thumb, so pretty big!

I didn't like that at all.  Not what you want to see first thing in the morning is it?    And who had to come and investigate but Felix the cat.  You can imagine what would have happened if it had stung him on the nose!  Ouch!


Well I knocked this flying nasty off the window, on to the patio and put a flower pot over him and Mr Rusling can deal with this when he gets up!  Have to keep the cat safe.


Once again I am in school today with Mrs Board and Miss Ballard trying to sort out different bits and bobs.   I like that phrase "bits and bobs".  


Keep safe everyone, keep doing little bits of work when you can and 

read, read and read some more.





Wednesday 20th May


Good morning Year 2.  What a lovely morning it is out there.  I am typing this sat at my desk in our classroom.  Oh it is so quiet here.  Well the sun came out eventually yesterday and today looks like another good one.  Don't forget your sun cream if you are outside today.  We don't want to be going around looking like lobsters.     

It was lovely to talk to your parents yesterday and hear how you were all getting on.  I see lots of you have been reading and playing in the TTRS tournaments, please keep doing so.  Remember reading is so important for you to do each day.  




Tuesday 19th May


So which one of you has stolen the sun?  I am sure it will improve, maybe I am just up too early.  I was in school yesterday looking after some of the children but it seemed too quiet.  I missed hearing the chatter of children, the feet running through the corridors and the doors banging as children went through. It is just not the same.

I see some of you have been battling away at your times tables.  Well done.  I showed Miss Ballard how to do a few things on TTRS yesterday and she has been battling away too against her class as well.  She noticed that her score was improving each time she played so it is true the more you play the quicker your recall of your times tables.  I am really impressed by how well some of you are playing.  Keep up the good work.

Sorry for the late appearance of the daily timetable yesterday.  I put it up on Friday or so I thought but everything was taking ages to load and I had that whirring picture this end, so I left my computer and went away.  Sadly it didn't upload.  I can only apologise.

Back into school today so will just have my breakfast before I start off for school.  Hope you all have a good day whatever you are doing.



' Just Sing! ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Fun On Friday - ' Just Sing! ' 'Just Sing!' is quirky, creative and captures the heart of Out of the Ark Music. 'Don't you worry if it's heard or not, keep o...

Keeping yourself Active

Monday 18th May


Good morning everyone, another sunny morning as I am sitting here having my breakfast before I leave for school.  I have had a lovely weekend spending most of it in my garden yesterday.  I ordered a lot of plants when we first were told we had to stay at home.  Those plants arrived on Saturday - to be honest I had forgotten all about them- not surprising as some mornings I can't remember what day it is!  wink  So yesterday I spent my time planting and weeding and chatting to Sarah as she was helping.

On Saturday it was mine and Mr Rusling's wedding anniversary - the same date all those years ago when we got married.  It was a beautiful day then as well as I remember the blossom blowing in the breeze when we walked outside the church.  Sometimes we celebrate by going out for a meal but we couldn't do that this year - instead we had a yummy take away.  So a good weekend spent with family - well they can't really go anywhere else at the moment!  I hope you had a good weekend and that we have a good week together in cyberspace.  Look after yourselves and hope to see you sometime soon.


Don't forget to complete your activity diary and send any photos for the newsletter to Mrs Harrington.  She would love to see what your are all doing to keep active.


Friday 15 May

Good morning.  First, I would like to say a big well done to the 4 boys and 2 girls, you know who you are who have been battling away on TTRS.  Your effort was fantastic and it was so lovely to see you playing against each other because this will really help with your times table speed.  Keep up the effort.   I also noticed that more of you have been reading the Reading Planet books and doing the quizzes.  If you do the quiz, I know you have read the book and I can issue some new ones for you.  Again, I am seeing some of the same names popping up again.  That is fantastic. 


How many of your were able to send photos off to Mrs Harrington of your weekly Sports challenge?  How did you do with your football skills?


I do know how difficult it is to keep working at home.  I admit that I have days where I find it hard to get motivated.  I sometimes write myself a list of things to do and find something small on it to get me started.  We can work together to get through these strange times and in the meantime we will sing…….



'The Bonkers Song' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Fun Friday - 'The Bonkers Song' A totally bonkers song that will challenge, entertain and delight. Grab your mum, dad, brothers and sisters and try singing a...

Thursday 14th May


Good morning.  I have a special note for you today from Mrs Brady.  Before you read that I want to say thank you to those of you who took part in the TTRS battle each other yesterday for National Numeracy Day.  I also enjoyed the battle that some of you had with me and Miss Paul yesterday.  You can have quite a number of attempts but it was good to see some of you taking part.  It would be great if more of you tried.  Would you like me to set up a new one?

Remember that life is a bit tricky for all of us at the moment and it is okay not to be happy about what is happening but if you are feeling a bit fed up, talk to someone close.  We all have days that are just okay.  I find that sometimes just saying that I feel a bit yuck helps me and then I take myself off for a while into the garden or read a book or just listen to some music.  Take care of yourselves and remember we are thinking of you.


Hi Everyone.

Hope you are all safe, happy and well at home and keeping busy too. We are in our house. As well as school and university work, my children have been painting and drawing some fantastic pictures. Molly has also done some sewing and Tommy and Dora have played lots of basketball in the garden.

Our garden looks lovely at the moment. It has been interesting having the opportunity to watch flowers and trees come into bud and blossom. We now have tiny apples, pears, gooseberries and black currants growing and have planted peas, beans and potatoes too! I have spent time sitting in the garden reading too.

It was my birthday not long after we began to stay at home and my family bought me the full set of the Famous Five books (they were my absolute favourites when I was little) which was a great surprise. It has been fun remembering all the secret panels, hidden passages and adventures of the children (and dog!).

Anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing you all one day soon.

Take care. Mrs Brady x



' When It's A Sunny Day ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

- ' When It's A Sunny Day ' A simple song that encourages us to make the most of our time. 'Have a little sing a long no matter what the weather,

Wednesday 13th May


Today is National Numeracy Day when maths is the focus of the day.  I have put a few maths puzzles for you to solve in the Home Learning page if you fancy doing something a little different.  I had a chat yesterday with Miss Paul about TTRS and we started talking about battles on there.  So I have set a battle up to start at 8.30 this morning and to end on Friday at 3.20.  Now this is the first time I have done this so I am not sure how it will go but if we don't try, we won't know.  In order to have a battle you have to have two teams so for this first time I have set it up boys against the girls.  Boys I think you may well win as not as many of the girls are playing TTRS but we shall see.  Enjoy.  9.30 am  Well done to the boys, I see the battle has begun!smiley  11.20  Well done, I can see some of you have entered into the battle.  Keep at it.


You are not the only one playing games.  Sarah, my daughter, supposed to be my sensible child decided she wanted to have a game of noughts and crosses yesterday - with the cat.  Yes you have read this correctly, with Felix, the cat.  Have a look at the photos and see what you think.


Have a good day and I will be back with you tomorrow.

Noughts and Crosses - Sarah v the cat.

Tuesday 12th May


Wow wasn't it a windy day yesterday and the night before.  My poor little cat doesn't like the wind and kept running in and out of the house.  It meant he slept for most of the day yesterday.  I wish I could.  I managed to do some baking.  I made a banana bread and a carrot and hazelnut cake, completed a few other things for school as well as sorting out books for people who are using the Reading Planet.  Well done to all of you.  I have put some more books for you and I am keeping a list of what you have read so will update as we go along.  It all feels very strange doing work from home but I am sure we are all managing now and helping each other as well.  


I love this Bee made out of tin can, some bottle lids and googly eyes.  Maybe I might try and make some for my garden.  Anyway have a lovely day and stay happy.  Fancy a little sing a long this morning, even though we are apart we can still sing.  So get your voices ready and enjoy.

' Just Sing! ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

' 'Just Sing!' is quirky, creative and captures the heart of Out of the Ark Music. 'Don't you worry if it's heard or not, keep o...

Sport, Sport, Sport Alert.

Sussex Virtual Games

Please take time to read the Sports newsletter and get involved in the challenge for this week.  We are going the right way in the rankings but can we set ourselves a challenge to help get even further up the leader board.

Download the challenge sheets and get out into fresh air and work on your football skills.  Read Mrs Harrington's newsletter for all the details.  Come on Year 2, you can do it!

Monday 11th May


Good morning all, hope you are all well and had a good weekend in the sunshine although yesterday was a little cooler.

 First of all I have put the answers to the Wildlife quiz, check it out and see how well you did.  I know we weren't here on Friday.  Hope it was a good Bank Holiday for you.  How did you celebrate the anniversary of VE day?  

Decided as we are unable to go too far that I would have a trip around my garden and enjoy taking photographs, something I love to do when I have the time to do so.  I am so enjoying spending time outside when I can.  Yesterday I also watched the birds go in and out of a  nesting box on the wall of my neighbour's house.

So keep working hard, stay kind and have a go at the Emoji quiz below and the Disney sing along quiz.


Answer to tails quiz

[GUESS THE MOVIE] Original Soundtracks #06 - 100% DISNEY #3 Instrumental

Are you able to recognize these 20 Disney movies only by hearing instrumental songs ? .

Thursday 7th May

And a special message for all of you


Hello everyone!

I have to say I’m missing all your lovely smiley faces! I hope you’ve been having fun at home and trying out some of Mrs Rusling’s lovely Disney drawings?

I’ve been working hard in the garden digging up lots and lots of  weeds in between my all roses! I got a bit of a shock yesterday while I was on my hands and knees pulling up a big buttercup weed... a frog jumped out towards me! I lost my balance and fell on my bottom in the mud! Silly me, frogs are lovely, but I do wish they wouldn’t surprise me so!

I hope you’ve managed to try to do some school ? It’s strange doing lessons at home isn’t it? My youngest daughter is doing her big exams called GCSEs next year so is trying hard to keep up with her lessons. We had to make her a special ‘school’ place to sit and work to help her. You could make a special place in your home maybe? A corner of a table? In a different room? Or maybe outside or near a window? I’ve been outside a lot. I like drawing the flowers in my garden, I might share some when I get a little better... practise makes perfect! Well I must get on, I have some very ripe bananas that I’m hoping to make into a Banana cake, wish me luck!

Mrs Board


My Day by Mrs Board

Can you spot me?
Working hard

Wednesday 6th May

Right everyone finally losing my memory because of having to stay home.  I had to check what day it was on my computer before writing this!  I knew the date as it is a special day in our house today.  It is Felix's birthday - our lovely black and white monster is 4 today - although we have had discussions about that too.  I think, Sarah, my daughter, has had a little too much time on her hands.  Yesterday she was supposed to be listening to a lecture on horses...... not sure that is what she was doing as Felix now has his own banner.  What crazy things have you done for your pets?  Sometimes a little bit of crazy is good. Felix is not in my good books today as last night we had to play - let's chase a mouse around the bedroom which involved all of the family.  Sarah was no help, she fell about laughing in the middle of the floor.  I was a little more help as I directed Daniel as to where the mouse had gone whilst sitting in the middle of my bed - there may also have been a few screams and squeals as I did so.  Daniel was the best at this game as Mr Mouse was removed after about 30 minutes of chasing and furniture removal.  So Felix may not get his birthday treat --- he may not anyway as I haven't been out to the shops....ssh don't tell him he won't know.

Hope that this has entertained you.  Have a lovely day and I will report back tomorrow.


Tuesday 5th May


Hope everyone is fine this morning and you had a good day yesterday.  I enjoyed getting out in the garden again yesterday after doing my work.  I had a chat in the afternoon with Miss Ballard and a catch up with some of my family too.  Everyday seems strange doesn't it, I keep wanting to go out for a wander around the shops but it is not that easy to do that at the moment.  Oh well never mind.

Please don't worry how much work you get done, just try to do a little now and again to keep your brains ticking over.  Thinking of our brains I found a little photo quiz for you and perhaps your parents.  Have a look at the document and see if you can say what each of the animals are - not that simple because all you will see is the animal's tail.  I will let you know the answers later in the week.

If you get a chance have another go at some of the sentence stacker sessions on You Tube and see if you can write a few sentences using a film to help you on the way.

See you again tomorrow.  Have a good day.



Animal quiz

Super Sentence Stacking - La Luna - Session 2

Welcome to Jane Considine's Super Sentence Stacking session. Today we will be using the short film La Luna in our Super Sentence Stacking. Watch it here http...

Monday 4th May


Good morning everyone.  Just catching up with a few things this morning - I have had my breakfast and I am ready to start working again.  I have managed to write a letter and caught up with a few friends.  Can't meet up with people at the moment but I can chat on line and write to them as well.  We have just taught my mum (who doesn't do any form of technology) to use Face time on a phone we sent her.  She was thrilled to be able to see us and it made her feel so much better.  I even took her for a walk around our garden at the weekend as she isn't supposed to go out at the moment.  It is strange for all of us isn't it.  Hopefully you are keeping in touch with lots of important people in your lives in new ways.  


So how about challenging yourself with a little bit of writing.  I know, don't moan, I understand some people find it tricky.  Miss Ballard found some on line training for teachers a few weeks ago on You Tube.  It was running live in the evenings and I am not an evening person- morning yes, evening no that's time for me to sleep!  Anyway like a good person I caught up on the training in the mornings.  Now this lady is also running some writing workshops for children and I think because they are short burst you would find that you would like doing them.  So do have a look.  They are still running but this one I am going to link to was a few weeks ago but it shows how she works.  I will look forward to seeing what you think when we get back to school.


I have put lots of new activities in the Home Learning packs and some ideas in your Daily Timetable too.  Have  a good day and look after each other.  Do ask parents if you are allowed to access these videos.


Super Sentence Stacking Explained

Jane Considine outlines the daily overview of her online Super Sentence Stacking sessions. You can download the free writing frames from our website.

Super Sentence Stacking - La Luna - Session 1

Welcome to Jane Considine's Super Sentence Stacking session. Today we will be using the short film La Luna in our Super Sentence Stacking. Watch it here http...

la Luna

Have a look at the film and see what chunk you would like to use for your story sentences.

Pixar Short Films #25 La Luna 2011

Pixar Short Films #25 La Luna 2011 Pixar Short Films #25 La Luna 2011 La Luna (The Moon) is a short animation of Pixar Animation Studios in cooperation with ...

Celebration Assembly Friday 1st May

Remember how Mrs Claffey always tells us to smile
Celebration Assembly Headteacher's award

Good morning and welcome to May.  A rather wet morning but there is a glimmer of light in the sky where the sun might just seep through later on.  Ooh that sounds like an opening to a story doesn't it?  So it is Friday and it would be our Celebration Assembly this morning - a little difficult to do this from home but hey ho we can try.  So today I am going to give the award to each and every one of you ( not sure Mrs Claffey has that many stickers).  It is hard when life isn't normal and we haven't been doing the things we would do every day.  I hope though that you are all okay and getting on with different activities.  So let us celebrate together and give everyone around us a big smile.  The picture above was sent to me by a friend and yes it made me smile.  So it doesn't cost anything to give away a smile.


Yesterday I was working from early morning finding lots of things for you to do, doing some learning of my own and making a start on a few other tasks.  By the afternoon I had had enough so decided to do some baking.  Inevitably, we had some bananas in the fruit bowl going black so I resorted to making some banana bread.  Earlier in the week, Sarah, my daughter, was eating some banana bread for breakfast, according to her, it was okay because it had the word bread in the title so it was fine to eat for breakfast.  When I said I would make some carrot cake, oh no she couldn't have that for breakfast as it was "cake".  


So to keep you entertained.  It is Friday and the end of the week so here is a Disney challenge for you.  Can you name the song in 10 seconds or say which film it came from?  I realised while I was watching this that as much of a Disney fan I am, I haven't watched some of these films all the way through so I now have a Disney watch list.  Enjoy!  Have a lovely weekend and will speak to you on Monday.

[GUESS THE MOVIE] Original Soundtracks #02 - 100% DISNEY

Are you able to recognize these 20 Disney movies ?

Thursday 30th April

Happy 100th Birthday to Captain Tom Moore  

What a wonderful man who had the idea to walk in his garden to raise money for the NHS.  He has inspired the nation and raise over £30 million.  No matter how young or old everyone can do their bit to help another person.  Who has inspired you?  I think our NHS are doing a fantastic job at this time but everyone plays a part and that is why we are all working together.  We have to remember everyone who is out there doing their jobs.  The bin men who collect our rubbish, the postman who brings letters especially to those on their own, our police force, our fire fighters, all the staff in schools throughout the country, the people working in shops...... there are hundred of thousands of people doing their jobs to keep us all safe.  Let us do our bit and stay at home for now.  



Wow, where did April go?  I can't believe that we have been at home all through April.  We have been very lucky to have some beautiful weather as well.  This morning, I am sat here bathed in sunshine, ready to start work.  Might be just a little early yet so I might just go and have some breakfast first.  I have my trusty work companion by my side - well asleep on the kitchen floor at the moment.  The house is all quiet as everyone else is still asleep.  I love these times of peace at home.  I have noticed though there is more bird life in the back garden.  A few minutes ago my little robin popped up to the bird feeder and of course the pigeons are always up early strutting around the garden.  We also have a resident blackbird who comes by during the day.What birds have you seen in your garden?  Do you have any bird feeders near to you or in your garden?  I do love to hear the birds chirping and I am beginning to identify the different sounds.  Mrs Board showed me a photo yesterday of the baby goslings at the back of her garden.  Very cute.  She says hello to all of you and she misses you too.



Have a go and see how many different birds you can see in your garden or out of your bedroom window.  This might help if you are not sure.

Also here are a few ideas to make your own bird feeders.

Hope you all have a good day and keep working and helping out at home.


Wednesday 29th April


Hello there everyone.  I have awoken to sunshine again which is lovely as it always makes me smile.  However yesterday I didn't need to water the garden so something that made me thankful for the rain.  It would be nice if the sun continues to shine but hey ho let us enjoy it when we can.  Hey ho makes me think of a Disney film with the song lyrics starting hey ho.  Can you guess which film it is?


Remember to have a look on the PE and sports pages as we are taking part in the Specsavers Sussex Games challenges and Mrs Harrington wants as many photos as she can seeing you all taking part.  Also please remember that work has been set for you to use but the times on the daily time table is just to help you have some routine.  If you don't get everything completed not to worry but do try and do a selection from different subject areas as it will help to keep working on all areas for when we finally get back to school.


Thought you might like to meet another family pet who also loves the sunshine. This is Mauii who is about  15 months old .  Normally he lives in a vivarium in our living room but he does like to get outside for some sunshine when it is warm enough.  His favourite food is dandelions.

So have a good day and think about what makes you smile today.


Heigh Ho - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I know for most of us the only place we go to work is somewhere in our houses but this is from one of my favourite films. Enjoy

Tuesday 28th April

Just to let you know, we often have copies of the news magazine, The Week Junior in our classroom.  If you want to have a look at the news for yourselves whilst at home, you can access the magazine on line here at  Do have a look and catch up on some stories about the news written specifically for children.


Good morning and no it is not quite as nice out there this morning as it has been.  I am not going to let some rain make me feel miserable.  We haven't had a lot of rain recently so I am going to be grateful that I won't have to water the garden today as the rain has done that for me.  It has also freshened things up out in the garden so tats good too.  I will also be glad to see the sunshine when it comes back.  Several things to be grateful for out there.  I am also grateful that I am inside at the moment and not outside.  See we can always find something to be grateful about.  That made me think of one of my favourite books - Pollyanna.  Pollyanna was a little girl who had to go and live with her aunt (who wasn't very nice - at first).  Pollyanna, however, did her best to cheer everyone up and her father had taught her to find something good about every situation.  So if she had to do something she hated once a week, she would say that at least it was another week until she had to do the same thing again.  What is your favourite book?  I have managed to re read a few of mine now that we are at home.  Going back to a favourite book is like visiting an old friend.  Enjoy.

Just to say I have put a new project in our Home Learning Section - something a little longer that allows you to do some research and you can present this project in any way you would like.  It would be good to see when we get back to school.

Anyway have a great Tuesday and I will be back tomorrow.  Hoping to show you how my plants have grown - it was wet out there this morning!

As I was having a look around I have just found a competition closing date May 8th to design a superbear for John Lewis and all profits. 100%, to go to the NHS.  I thought some of you may be interested but please make sure you get the permission from an adult. 


For educational purposes only and no copyright infringement intended. I do love a good musical and I hope you enjoy a splash in the rain.

Monday 27th April


Good morning everyone, another lovely weekend of sunshine, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming.  I was out there in the garden coaxing my seeds to grow especially my courgettes and finally we have some growth.  It is still only tiny but there is something green sprouting from the seed.  We have had any trouble with the tomato plants and now have over 50 seedlings growing.      


We have had no difficulty growing the weeds though amongst some of my lettuce and radish - perhaps a bit of weeding should be on my job list for this week.  Not sure I feel like that but I know it will be good for my plants.  A little bit like some of you I am sure, who quite happily do the bits of learning you enjoy but don't want to do the bits you don't ( especially writing for some members of the class, I am sure).

WE ALL NEED TO DO THE THINGS WE DON'T LIKE AS MUCH.  Why not try one of my postcard story ideas and get yourself writing. All you have to do is think of a subject and write a short story that would fit on a postcard about anything you like.  I will expand on this idea later in the week and see what you have done yourself.

 Throw down a challenge to yourself and do something that you find a little trickier.  I am sure lots of you have been doing the PE challenges now challenge yourself with something more.  Have a good day and keep smiling and singing.


What about a design challenge for the weekend?

Friday 24th April


As it would normally be our Celebration Assembly, think about who you would like to give a special award to today.  Who has helped you this week or who do you know that should get a special thank you?


Well it is nearly the weekend again.  Time to have some family time. Do enjoy yourselves and do something a little more relaxing.  I hope the weather will stay nice and warm as I could do with some time back out in my garden.  

Well done to those of you working on Times Tables Rock Stars and on the Reading Planet, it is really good to see the progress you are making.  It would be nice to see a few more of you working on your times tables as well.  

Have a lovely weekend and I will be back on Monday.   

Happy St George's Day

Thursday 23rd April


Happy St George's Day.  The Patron saint of England .

A story dating back to the 6th century tells that St George rescued a maiden by slaying a fearsome fire-breathing dragon. The Saint's name was shouted as a battle cry by English knights who fought beneath the red-cross banner of St George during the Hundred Years War (1338-1453).  So today I thought I would draw the dragon, not the best but I worked hard on it.

Have a go and see if you can draw your own dragon to celebrate St George's Day.  Have a go and see how you do.


I know some of you would have been going off on parade on Sunday if you are in the Beavers, Brownies, Cubs and Scouts so I see that West Sussex Scouts are thinking maybe on Thursday evening when people clap of the NHS and other key workers, that you put on your uniform to do the same and celebrate ST George's Day. I thought this was a lovely idea.

I managed a few of my own challenges yesterday and I made my family smile - I made some chocolate brownies!  I had some time for myself sitting in the garden and I did my work as well.  Keep smiling.  I know it is a difficult time and you miss your friends but you are all doing so well.  I checked out who had played TTRS yesterday and a lot of you have played in April but can you do even better and make me smile next time I log on to see how you are doing.  Don't forget Reading Planet too.  I would love to see more of you doing the quizzes and reading books.

Until tomorrow.  Take care.


Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning Year 2

I seem to spend yesterday chasing things around my garden as it got quite windy even though it was sunny out there.  I managed to do lots on my list, I wrote letters and posted them, I tidied and polished the living room book cases.  Alas I didn't get around to the baking but I did find some new resources for you and I did a little bit of weeding in the garden.  So today I might have a little bit of a quieter day but I intend to make someone smile, I am going to speak to some members of my family especially my mum as she is on her own far away at the moment, I am going to do some more work on the daily timetables for you and I am going to have some time just for myself.  I think that is so important that we have some quiet time for ourselves.

Don't forget you can log into Reading Planet and take some time to read a book and answer the quiz questions afterwards.  I see that some of you have had a go and done really well on the quizzes, well done!

I also had a look at the new BBC Bitesize lessons and I enjoyed the interactive geography lesson about the British Isles.  Take a look and see how much you can remember.

So what are you going to do today that will make someone smile?  Who can you talk to to keep them company? 

Keep smiling and stay cheerful, turn that music up and dance through the day.


Meet Felix, the cat who enjoys sleeping his day away!  He says "Hi and stay safe".  I wonder what your pet would tell our class.


Really liked these ideas to keep people on their walks entertained as well as giving us all something to celebrate as well.

Tuesday 21st April 

Good morning.  Wasn't it a lovely day yesterday, sunny but a little bit windy.  Now how did you get on with your tasks yesterday.  I am pleased to say I managed to do all the tasks I set myself yesterday.  So I have made a new list for today:  1. I am hoping to do some more weeding in the garden. 2. I am going to write some more letters. 3. I am going to be looking at some new resources for you. 4. I am thinking of doing some baking as I might make a cake. 5. I am going to tidy up some of my bookshelves.

The BBC have put some daily lessons on as well for you all to have a look at.  You can pick and choose what you think you might like to do.  The one I liked the look of was a history lesson - becoming a historian.  Have a look

Do have a look and remember all this is to help you with your learning .

Take care of yourselves.  I miss seeing all of you and hearing about your Easter holidays, I am sure we will all have lots to talk about when we finally get together again.



Monday 20th April


Good morning, I hope you are all well and have had an enjoyable weekend. Just so you all know I have put some new home work for the next two weeks for maths and English in the Home Learning section along with a power point of a number of other activities that you can choose to do.  I will keep putting information in our daily timetables giving you some activity options for each day and I will also update our daily blog.  Don't forget to keep active and complete your Keep Active diary.  I know Mrs Harrington loves to receive your photos of you keeping fit at home.  

 I came across a competition that you might enjoy run by one of the Estate agents who normally sell house.  So have a look and see if you would like to have a go.  Show your parents and get their permission. 

I try and make a list of things I want to achieve each day and then love to cross things out as I do them.  So today I plan to  1. Sort out the daily timetables for you.  2. Plant some flower seeds. 3. Tidy my table in the living room.  4. Write some letters.  5. Sort out some buttons to send a friend to help some of the NHS staff.  I wonder how many I can cross off my list?


Hope you have a good day and remember to stay positive.  



Friday 17th April 

Good morning everyone. Yesterday I had a good day in school where we did a few art activities using chalks and old socks.  I will put some photos up.  We marked off a square using masking tape and then masked inside the square.  Once we completed that we coloured in using a selection of different chalks making sure that we coloured it in solidly.  Once all the shapes had been filled in we removed the masking tape to show our design. If you are doing this at home you could then count the sides of the shapes and see if you can name them and describe the properties of each shape.  If you don't have chalks you could use pens, pencils and paper.

We also made large bubbles using a plastic cup, some washing up liquid and some material on the end of the cup.  You could make one of these using a water bottle, some washing up liquid and an old sock.  Another activitiy  was making sock bugs.  Using an old sock we decorated it using buttons for eyes, material for mouths and ears as well as pipe cleaners.  All good fun.

Hope you are all keeping well and keeping up with the exercise.  Maybe I will see some of your photos in Mrs Harrington's newsletter later.  Have a good weekend.

Just a reminder to say that I will be putting up a daily timetable as from Monday as well as a home learning pack for the next two weeks.



Enjoy your weekend!

Activities to do at home

Thursday 16th April


Good morning, hope you are all well.  How is everyone doing?  Just wondering what new skills you have learned since you have been at home.  I think at the moment I am still catching up on things I have meant to do but not quite done.  I have my list of things to do and I can cross off lots but there are some things that don't quite make to the top of the list.  How many of you have things like that?  Maybe it is tidying your bedroom or sorting out your laundry......  those were the two jobs my son never seemed to get around to.  So next week I am going to set my self a target to do one of those "jobs" each day.   We all put some things off until tomorrow but sometimes we just need to set our mind to getting something we dislike sorted.  So open those curtains and let the sunshine in and get moving.....  Have a good day and your word today is SUNSHINE

Wednesday 15th April


Good morning everyone.  


Yesterday I sat at home and watched some of the news.  One story caught my eye and actually I am not ashamed to say it, made me cry.  It wasn't a sad story, in fact it was inspirational!  Captain Tom Moore is 99 and had a operation on his hip.  He said that the nurses who looked after him were caring and after him so well.  He will be 100 at the end of the month.  He wanted to give something back to the people who cared for him so he decided he would try and raise some money for the NHS by trying to raise £1000.  He thought he would aim to do 100 laps of his garden by the end of the month.  The story was shown on national television and when I saw the story yesterday morning his "just giving" page had raised not £1000, not £2000 but £2,400,000.  That is over £2m.  I checked again yesterday evening and the amount was nearly £3m.    Have a look at the story on Newsround:


Now we can't all raise that much money but we can all do something to help others around us and be inspired by this gentleman.  We can all give back a little to the people around us, not with our money but with our love and time.  What about helping someone at home without having them asking you.  Remember that we are all trying to get through each day until we are back together and a little help from all of you will make days easier for your parents.  Take care and be kind to each other.  I will keep you all in my prayers and pray that we will be back in class together soon. 



Remember that you too can keep active and Mrs Harrington would love to see your photos of any of your Easter keep active challenges. You can send photos in for her to use in the newsletter due out this Friday on  It will be good to see what you have been doing.


Elephant - I managed 56 words.  I will write them up and let you know the ones I found.  How many did you get?  Still working on rhinoceros.  So today's word is telephone.


Tuesday 14th April


Good morning everyone.  Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend and had a chocolately time!  Maybe some of you were able to do an Easter egg hunt either with real chocolate eggs or with the paper eggs.  I had a lovely weekend with my family and spent a lot of time doing things in the garden.  I think that was my exercise for the week. My daughter and I managed to build a raised flower bed from some pallets and we then filled it up with compost from the compost heap.  Oh my goodness we were shattered after that.  I wonder what you all did.  I am looking forward to hearing about the different ways you are using your time at home.

How did you get on with the word challenge?  Sadly I have left my list of words at home and I am in school today, so will have to update this later.  Today's word is rhinoceros.  So how many words can you find in this word?


So what makes you happy?  Things that make me happy are knowing that my family and friends are safe and well, hearing the birds singing first thing in the morning, watching my garden grow and just listening to the radio and reading a book.  We are all having to adjust to this strange time at the moment but keep smiling and look after those around you.


Take care.

Thursday 9th April


Good morning everyone, hope you are all well.  Another beautiful morning out there.  The birds are singing again and I can hear a pigeon cooing in the background.  It just makes me think of all the things I am grateful for.  I know things are a little strange at the moment but so I can still think of things that make me smile.  So I would like you today to think of five things that make you smile.  Mine are:

1.  I have my family with me at home and we can spend time with each other.

2. Listening to the birds singing always makes me smile.

3. I am able to talk to my family who are far away and know that they are all well, even though I can't see them at the moment.

4. The sun is shining.

5. I can listen to music whilst I am working.


Now a little bit of work to get your brains working - I used to do this with my Year 6 class but it isn't too difficult.  I give you one word and you have to find as many different words as you can from it.  So if the word was spaghetti - what words could I make.  Parents you can play along too.  It doesn't matter what order the letters come in but you can only each letter once in a word unless there are two of them in the word.


spa, he, a, get, the, page, pages, gets, his, pat, pats, pate, age, sage, ages.  There are many more.


Do you get the idea?  Parents no googling!


So the word for the weekend is   ELEPHANT and I will come back on Tuesday and let you know how many I could find.


Have a lovely Easter weekend.  Think about the things that make you smile and remember to look after each other at home.  Saying something nice to someone at home will certainly make them smile.


Wednesday 8th April


Another lovely morning out there but could someone please tell the birds to get up just that little bit later!  They were awake before 4 this morning.  I hope you are all managing to have a lie in. 


So what are you planning to do today?  I am in school so I am going to be watering those seeds for Miss Cosens.  They are growing well.  


Have any of you been growing things in the garden?  I have been planting runner beans and potatoes at home with my daughter.  We also managed to plant some dandelions.  Yes I know most people want to get rid of dandelions but not us.  We have a small tortoise and he loves dandelions so we are growing our own.  Mrs Board has been busy in her garden too, removing brambles!


Anyway have a lovely day and I will be back with you tomorrow.

Tuesday 7th April


Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the Easter holidays.  All a bit strange isn't it but we just need to look after each other.  Another lovely day out there.  I was in school yesterday and I can report that the beans that Miss Cosens and the children who were in school last week are growing nicely.  I will have to remember to water them for her this week as they will soon dry out.  


I am going to give myself a break from drawing over the holidays but I am looking out for something different to draw after the Easter break.  I am going to see if I can get out into the garden and take some photographs as well of everything that we have growing out there.


Look after yourselves and why not challenge yourself to learn to do something you find difficult whilst you are at home.



Monday 6th April


Oops this is late.  I was in school today and I simply forgot my routine.  Sorry.  It was lovely to see Mrs Board as she will also be in school this week when we will be looking after any children of key workers.  School is very quiet without all of you and I do miss seeing your faces and smiles greeting me in the morning.



Friday 3rd April 2020


Good morning all.  Another week coming to an end.  Who has made your week?  Remember we celebrate our successes as part of our celebration assembly so can you make a lovely badge for your person of the week?  Just remember to say a big thank you to that person.  

 It's not a Disney quote today but a quote from a  person who worked hard to help others, Mother Teresa, as she was then :  "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier."  So my challenge to you is this weekend make someone happy just by seeing you. 


The answer to the question yesterday was False :  Little Bo Peep did not appear in Toy Story 3 but I believe she is back in Toy Story 4.

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning everyone, hope you are all okay and keeping each other amused.  Another lovely day tomorrow, the sun always makes me smile.  Yesterday I managed to plant some runner beans with my daughter, we just have to hope they will grow now.  She also planted some tomato seeds which seem to be doing well on the bathroom window sill.  I wonder if any of you have done any planting recently.  


"How can you read this? There’s no pictures!” “Well, some people use their imagination.” –

Gaston & Belle.   I like this quote from Beauty and the Beast because it makes me thankful for all the books I read.  I love a good picture book too but my imagination can take me to any land I want.  How is reading going?  Today I have put a writing challenge up for you.  I want you to escape into the land of dragons or pets, entirely up to you.

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Good morning everyone, hope you are all well.  The weather changed a bit yesterday and it made me think about how we could keep a weather chart for the times we are away from school. Will be interesting to see how it changes. I will put a link to a weather chart in to today’s timetable but you could always draw your own.

My Disney quote for today:  “How do you spell love?  You don’t spell love. You feel it.”  Piglet and Pooh, Winnie the Pooh

I hope you remember to tell the people around you how much you love them.

Disney question for today: Who was the only Disney main character who didn’t talk throughout the entire film?  (This is one for your parents!)

Answer from yesterday : Pocohontas

Drawing challenge for today: Tigger

Tuesday 31.3.20


Did you have a good day yesterday?  How is the daily drawing challenge coming along? Yesterday I was looking out for interesting things for you to do.  I have some ideas coming up for you to explore far and wide just from your home, as well as to discover the world around you.  I am missing chatting to all of you and just seeing your smiling faces.  Not quite the same talking to you through the computer.  Anyway we just have to do our best don't we.


Quote for today:  “A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength but by the strength of his heart” - Hercules

I hope you all have good hearts and appreciate what everyone around you is doing at home.

Question for today: Which Disney princess is based on a real person?

Monday 30.3.20


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and had some fun family time.  What did you do to keep yourself busy?  I managed to cut my lawns, paint some fences on Saurday and even found time to sit and read a book.  How many books will we have all read by the time we get back to school?  I even started a jigsaw that I have had for quite some time.

Quote for today: “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours” Olaf from Frozen

Question for today: What did Snow White eat that sent her to sleep?

Friday’s answer:  Peter Pan

Have a good day!

Friday 27.3.20

Yesterday I took some time to sit in the garden and just listen.  I heard the children in the garden next to me.  I heard the bees buzzing around one of the bushes.  I heard the birds singing.  I sat and had a lovely chat with my daughter.  Take a moment during the day to sit and listen.  What can you hear?

Quote of the day:                                 


"Remember, you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine." -- Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)

Question of the day :  Who was the boy who never grew up?

Yesterday’s answer : Elsa, of course it was!

Thursday 26.3.20

You might have guessed from my Disney calendar in the classroom, my Minnie Mouse work mat on my desk, as well as Tigger and Pooh in our reading corner, I am a bit of a Disney fan.  I love the Disney characters and I love the Disney films. So how about some Disney themed posts?

Quote of the day:



"A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference." -- Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh)


Disney question for today, an easy one to start us off (answer tomorrow)

Which Disney princess locks herself away in a castle of ice?

So have a good day and remember to follow Eyeore in your day.