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Friday 17th July,


The final day of the term has arrived. It marks the day you leave primary school behind and embark on a new journey, closing one chapter and beginning another. I feel really incredibly privileged to have worked with such wonderful group of young people and know that you will all continue to flourish. Secondary School will be full of new challenges and exciting memories – the world really is your oyster. 


I would also like to thank all your families for their continued support especially during these unprecedented times.

Have a wonderful summer holidays Year 6. I will treasure the memories we have all made together.


It is time to spread your wings.πŸ¦‹

Miss Ballard 😁

Thursday 16th July,


Good Morning  Year 6!

It is the final countdown. 2 more days and we can all have a well deserved break - you can do it!


Why not spend some time today looking at important events in history that occurred on 16th July. I think it might surprise you that there are a few. 

If you think carefully you might remember writing a newspaper report on one event that occurred on the 16th July.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard πŸ˜ƒ

Tuesday 14th July


Good Morning Year 6!

It was so lovely to spend one final day with you all yesterday. Mrs Wright and I would like to say a huge thank you for all your lovely words, cards and gifts.


This is the final week for home learning! 

I know lots of you will be excited, as am I, for the summer break. What seemed like a long term, has rushed past and we’re nearly at the end of the strangest year of my teaching career….

4 more days of home can do it Year 6!


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Monday 13th July




It can't quite believe that today is officially the last day. 

What a crazy, unforgettable year we have had Year 6! It seems so long ago since we were taking our first group photo in front of the planetarium back in September. You have all grown so much and achieved some amazing things. I loved our trip to France this year – it was great fun! Although we are all going our separate ways this year, I am certain you will never forget your time at St Peter’s.
You have all made me immensely proud and I wish you all the best as you move onto secondary school. I shall miss the potato conversations, daily riddles and your dancing.

🎼"If you try, try and try..You'll succeed at last".🎼

Miss Ballard😁πŸ₯”

Friday 10th July


Good Morning Year 6!

Another week has passed and another Friday has arrived. This means we are closer to spending our final day in school together. Don't forget to pack a special picnic lunch for yourself on Monday morning.


Usually, on a Friday we would have our celebration assembly together to share all the successes of the week. Today I would like you to spend some time thinking about all your achievements throughout your time at St Peter's School.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard



Thursday 9th July


Good Morning Year 6!


I hope you are all enjoying learning more about Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution - it is one of my favourite topics to teach. I have recently been watching the David Attenborough Galapagos Island series. I am really enjoying learning more about the different species that live on the different islands. 


Don't forget to try and take part in the Rainbow games as we will need to get your scores for your activities by Thursday to find out who will win the sports challenges.  Hopefully the day will be nice and you will be able to get outside. 


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Wednesday 8th July


Hello Year 6!

How are you all this morning?

I am feeling even more fortunate that the weather remained dry for our water fight on monday, especially as now the weather has taken a turn for the worse. 


Yesterday, on my way home I saw something very unusual. I left work at 6pm and began my drive home. To my surprise, I saw a fox sat at the side of the road waiting to cross. I slowed right down  incase it ran out...but no.  The fox waited for my car to pass and casually strolled to the other side.


Have you noticed wild animals strolling more freely since lockdown?

It must have been strange for animals to see less humans, hear less noise and see less cars on the road.


Keep smiling 

Miss Ballard


Tuesday 7th July,


Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you are all well!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's water fight as much as I did. It was lovely to spend some time together making some further memories. I don't know about you......but I enjoyed a warm shower when I got home as felt rather cold and soggy.


Daily Riddle: What has hands, but can not clap?


Do not forget to support your house team and take part in the rainbow games.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard



Monday 6th July,


Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. This weekend I enjoyed a walk up at Standen Park and I enjoyed reading my new book in the  sunshine 🌞. 

I am really enjoying reading this children's book. It is a wonderful insight into one girl’s life - the ups and downs - of getting through friendships, family life and changes with autism.


Anyways, I look forward to seeing lots of you back in school again today. It is quite sad to think that we only have two Mondays left together. However, we will ensure that they are full of fun and memories. Please remember to bring spare clothes to school today for our surprise activity.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard


Friday 3rd June,


Happy Friday Year 6,

Yesterday, I went into my garden to feed my four fish and meet a little grasshopper. It was fascinating watching the little fella.


Did you know?

Grasshoppers have two antennae, 6 legs, two pairs of wings and small little pinchers to tear off food such as grasses, leaves and cereal crops. Some species of grasshopper species make noises by either rubbing their back legs against the forewings or body, or by snapping their wings when flying.


Joke: What is green and can jump a mile in a minute?

A grasshopper with hiccups!


Have a lovely weekend.

Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Thursday 2nd July,


Good morning year 6!

I am so sorry that I forgot to write our class blog entry yesterday. I was enjoying the phone conversations with you all that it slipped my mind.


I know lots of you were telling me about all the fabulous exercise you are doing at the moment. I have recently purchased a step counter and I am extremely happy that each day this week I have managed to hit my 10,000 steps target.


I can not believe we are now in July and only have 2 Mondays left at school. Do not worry I have planned lots of fun and exciting activities to ensure your last few days in year 6 are memorable. 


Some of you may know that science is my favourite subject to teach. Today's new learning task is my all time favourite science investigation. Make sure you have a go at the beak investigation.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard



Tuesday 30th June,


Hi wonderful year 6!

I hope you all had a wonderful day back in school yesterday. Thank you to everyone who has emailed and sent in photos for the leavers DVD. 


Your task today is to research more facts about your favourite animal.

What do you like about it? Have you ever seen one, or maybe you have one as a pet?! Here are some interesting facts about my favourite animal:


I have always been fascinated by sea turtles. 🐒🌊 I loved the ones in the film Finding Nemo, and I have been lucky enough to see turtles in real life and to get the chance to swim with them in Mexico.

They are actually an endangered species and there are many protection schemes to help ensure they don’t die out. One particular species are called Caretta Caretta and they are loggerhead turtles. They have distinctive large, reddish-brown heads and are thought to be one of the oldest species in the world! 

I find them truly fascinating and somehow majestic. I could watch them for hours! I feel very privileged to have seen them swimming in their natural habitat. 🌊🐒


I can't wait for you to share facts and more information about your favourite animals on Wednesday.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard


Monday 29th June


Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your weekend. Today is a very special day for the our school and the church.


On 29th June the Church celebrates the feast day of two great saints, Peter and Paul. This is also our school feast day as our school is named after St Peter. St Peter was one of Jesus Christ’s apostles and he spent most of his life preaching the gospel after Jesus’ death.


Let us Pray

Patient and loving God, fill us with faith like Saints Peter and Paul, and guide us to share this faith with others through all that we do.



I would like you to spend some time today learning more about the lives of St Peter and St Paul. Think carefully about how you can open up your heart to Jesus.

Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Children's Liturgy - Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Saint Peter and Saint Paul opened their hearts to Jesus. Let's be like them and open our hearts to Jesus this week! Follow 'Children's Liturgy during Lockdow...

Friday 26th June,


Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you are all well and safe. In case you have not already seen, Imberhorne have put up virtual tours of the school.

I have been spending a lot of time trying to put together some leavers stuff for you all. It has been lovely looking back at all the photos- it feels like it was only yesterday that we were in France. I do miss hearing you all singing your hearts out on the coach.

If you haven't already sent your photos for the dvd, please remember to email asap. 

Thank you Annabel for your active challenge video. I hope lots of year 6's give this challenge a go.


Here is a little task for today

Writing: Research a European country. Write an acrostic poem using the name of your European country. Try and be creative as possible, see the example below.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Keep Active Challenge

Still image for this video
One person has to place a cone on another person's back and β€˜deliver’ it to the other hoop, then race back to get another cone. The challenge is to see how many cones you can deliver in one minute. If the cone falls off at any point, it can just be placed back on and you carry on.

Latest FirstNews

Thursday 25th June


Good morning Year 6,


How are we on this absolutely fabulously, amazingly, sunny day? I hope you all find a moment or two to enjoy some outdoor time.

Todays task:

“Thank a friend for the joy they bring into your life”.

Where would be without our friends? They’re there in good times and bad; they’re there to listen when we need to moan; they’re there to tell us ‘you really should NOT be wearing that!’ ; they’re there to celebrate our successes with us….the list is endless.

Take some time today to really thank a friend. You could maybe make and send a card, send a text, an email. Remember to tell them how much joy they bring into your life! I think we probably appreciate them even more, recently, because of not being able to see them as much, but we can definitely stay connected in different ways.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Wednesday 24th June,

Good Morning Year 6!


Today is going to be a scorcher! Remember to stay hydrated; apply sun cream and enjoy a refreshing ice cream.


How many of you have started to listen to Mrs Cook reading the Boy at the back of the classroom?

I have started a new book this week and look forward to reading some more of this adventure story in my garden today.



Thank you to all of you, who have already sent in your photos for the leavers DVD. Please remember to send any photos into the office before the end of the week if you wish to be part of the dvd. Thank You :)


Miss Ballard


I have started to read a new book. This book is gorgeously written, bursting with magic, and an intricate multi-generational time travel. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good fantasy adventure story.

Tuesday 23rd June


Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you are all well! I know lots of you really enjoyed seeing the ducklings playing in the water yesterday and having the chance to hold them. I have added some of the pictures to the class page for you to see.


Did you know? The duck's feet cannot feel cold even if it swims in icy cold water because their feet have no nerves or blood vessels.


This week the weather is meant to be very HOT ! πŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒž

I know that once I have finished work today, I look forward to chilling in my garden. I might even eat my dinner outside if it is still warm in the evening.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Monday 22nd June,


Good Morning Year 6!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I visited my dad this weekend at a 2m distance to wish him a Happy Father's Day. I also went on a walk to my local duck pond with my spotter sheet. I have uploaded pictures of the ducks I saw- I wonder if you can name the different types of ducks.


Mrs Cook, Head of Year 7 at Imberhorne, has created an audio book especially for Year 6 students (and other students that would like to listen too!) New chapters will be uploaded every Monday. We will be listening to this book in school today. If you are working from home, you could also listen to some of the chapters as they are released. Imberhorne have also put on their website a page an containing admissions pack and answers to common questions. I have put the links below so that you can explore this more with your families.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard


Can you name any of the types of ducks?

Friday 19th June


Good morning Year 6,


Can you believe that it is Friday already?

I am looking forward to making my phone calls today and getting a chance to speak to many of you.


Yesterday, I was at school working and must say the ducklings make the day so much brighter. If you have not already seen 4 out of the 5 ducklings have hatched. I have put some pictures below, but also check out the duckling page. 

Only 3 more days until some of you will have a chance to see the ducklings in person.


I have uploaded a duck Spotter sheet, I am going to see how many ducks I can spot on my walk over the weekend.


Keep Smiling

Miss Mallard 

Duck Spotter

Thursday 18th June


Good Morning Year 6,

Well yesterday's weather was interesting again, wasn't it?

I was at school completing work in the hall. I was enjoying hearing the faint quack sounds coming from the eggs and then down came the rain. The first egg now has cracks appearing. It won't be long before the first duckling emerges.


Riddle: There are two ducks in front of a duck, two ducks behind a duck and a duck in the middle. How many ducks are there in total?


Remember to send your name suggestions into the junior email address :)


How did you get on with the duck puzzle ? Scroll down to see answers 


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

The Ducklings have arrived !

Wednesday 17th June


Good morning year 6, 

Yesterday, I was in school with the rest of the teachers and can say we all got very excited about the new arrivals. The ducklings will be spending the next two weeks in school.


 Enjoy your first glimpse of the duckling’s and remember to check the page regularly for updates :)


I have a duck challenge below for you to solve today. How many ducks can you see in the image below?

This is sure to drive you Quakers!


Keep smiling

Miss Ballard


Tuesday 16th June


Good Morning year 6,


Yesterday, I had a fun filled day at school. I am extremely happy to announce that my year 6 bubble won the paper aeroplane competition. As you are aware, I am extremely competitive and we learnt how to make a paper aeroplane following guidance for the world record holder. Did any of you make a paper aeroplane at home?


Annabel and Samuel it is lovely to see your potato heads growing well. I am loving the beard as well haha.


I am in school today and I am so excited because we have a special delivery later today. Can you guess what it might be?


I shall give you some clues....


They are curious and friendly creatures that have been domesticated as pets and farm animals for more than 500 years.

Their feathers can be used to fill quilts and pillows



Keep Smiling :)

Miss Ballard

RESOURCE 4 and 5 this week :)

Monday 15th June


Good morning year 6,


I am excited to be back in school this morning working with you. Today we will be continuing our PSHE lessons looking at transitioning to secondary school. If you are working from home you might want to have a go at resources 4 and 5 today. We are also going to have a paper aeroplane competition. We are going to have a look at what makes the best paper aeroplane before competing against the other year 6 bubbles.  Within our own bubble we will be seeing how far our paper aeroplanes travel.


This weekend I went for a lovely walk and even saw some baby swans. What did you get up to this weekend?


Keep Smiling 

Miss Ballard 

Friday 12th June


Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you are all well?

Yesterday, I had lots of work to do from home and it was a shame that the sun was not shining. I like sitting in the garden to complete my school work as it helps me keep motivated. Anyways, I decided to have a break and to watch the TV programme "The Chase". Guess what came up on my TV screen at the end of the show?

I have never noticed it, when watching the programme before. Scroll down to see the image.


I have also been spending time re reading my favourite book from when I was your age at school "Holes". I am enjoying it so much that I may also try to find the film to watch this weekend.

Have you read the book? I highly recommend you do if you have not.


Remember to send in your videos next week, it will great to be able to share them for you all to see.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

A Couch Potato - it was a good reminder that I needed to resume work after my break.

Thursday 11th June,


Good Morning Year 6,


You may have notice I have now uploaded the last few chapters from 'Letters from the Lighthouse' for those of you excited to hear the ending of our class text. Will Sukie ever be found?

Emma Carroll has also written another book called - We are warriors. This book is also WW2 themed and contains lots of the same characters from Letters from the Lighthouse. I have attached a picture of the book as I know some of you were keen to read it after we had read our class text.


Exciting News- We are launching a new keep active home challenge!

It will be really great if you all could take part and send in your short videos to .

I look forward to being able to share some of those videos with you next week on our class page. Check out the information below.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Quick Recap


Mr Barrowman was attempting to teach the children about refugee, as all the children now know about the children, who arrived from Northern France. The children had travelled from Austria by boat trying to escape the Nazi regime. 

Letters from the Lighthouse - Ch 23: Each Little Error Gives Your Enemy More Time


Letters from the Lighthouse - Ch 22: May You Never Know What It Means To Be A Refugee

Letters from the Lighthouse - Ch 24: V For Victory

Letters from the Lighthouse - Ch 25: United We Are Stronger

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning year 6,


Well done we are half way through another great week of home learning!       I continue to be so impressed by the efforts put in for the activities each day. Remember to just do what you can.

How did you get on with yesterday's names the animal task?

Check out today's challenge.


I know lots of you were disappointed that we didn't get to finish our class book - Letters from the lighthouse. Well exciting news, I have found the book being read online and shall post later today, so that you can finish the book.


Keep smiling

Miss Ballard

Tuesday 9th June


Good Morning Year 6,


It was lovely seeing some of you at school yesterday. Mrs Board kindly gave me some Dahlias, so after school I spent time planting these in my garden. I wonder what colour the flowers will be when they bloom.


Today I have a challenge for you, how many of the zoo animals below can you name?


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Monday 8th June


Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. I was quite pleased to see a little bit of rain this weekend and it saved me from having to water the plants in my garden. I also spent some time baking this weekend. I made my favourite cake - banana cake. What did you get up to this weekend?


You will see under the home learning section there are few a science tasks for your creative activity this week. Science is my favourite subjects, I hope you enjoy investigating!

I am back in school today and we will be starting to look at moving to secondary school. Today we will be looking at some "truths and myths" relating to secondary.

I have uploaded the documents, so that if you are working from home you can also look at these. It would be great if you could complete them and have a discussion with your parents.


Keep smiling

Miss Ballard

The Latest copy of First News is now available to read

Friday 5th June


Good Morning, it is Friday!  


This means only 3 more days until I will be seeing some of you back in school again. Yes we will be playing your favourite game - the pirate game. If you are not in school you can play along with your family again.

Yesterday I had a rather boring day, I had lots of online courses to complete and work to complete. Even adults find it tricky working from home, you are all doing amazing and keep up the hard work.

I found breaking up the day really helpedsmiley My favourite part was talking to Mrs Rusling throughout the day as part of my learning breaks.


Activity - Art work based on Paul Klee – use the Internet to research his style of work and make your own art work.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Happy Thursday Year 6.


I have recently been enjoying optical illusions. Optical illusions are pictures/ images had trick out brain. Have a look at the one below. It’s called ‘My Wife and My Mother In-Law’.

What do you see? Have a look again, do you see something else? Ask your family members what they see… I wonder if you’ll all see the same thing or not.


I know lots of you are finding home learning tricky, but if you 'try, try and try you"ll succeed at last"


Keep smiling

Miss Ballard

Wednesday 3rd June 


Good morning Year 6! Another sunny day. Have you noticed that the animals have become more confident since the people have been stuck inside? There is a very confident squirrel who keeps visiting my garden!


Did you know: Squirrels are amazing creatures, they can leap 10 times their body length and turn their ankles 180 degrees to face any direction when climbing.


Write a short story, poem or joke using this picture as inspiration.


It’s your time to shine!

Mrs Harrington has asked me to mention again that we really need your support in the virtual school games.

 The School Games challenges this week are linked to basketball and netball.   You don’t need a basketball or netball, you can use any large ball that bounces.  The challenges can be found on the link below. They look like fun.  Details of the four challenges can be found at


Remember to submit your scores by midday on Friday to


Keep smiling 

Miss Ballard

Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning year 6, I hope you are all well :)



J K Rowling has published the first children's book she's written since Harry Potter.  It's called 'The Ickabog' and because of the current lockdown, she is publishing it online for free so that everyone can enjoy it.  You can find it at:   There is also an illustration competition that some of you may be interested in.  J K Rowling has already started to share illustrations from children on the website and on her social media!  A chapter a week of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is being read online.  The first chapter was read by Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter himself), and so far, other chapters have been read by Noma Dumezwemi (the original Hermoine in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts) and Stephen Fry (who narrated all of the Harry Potter audiobooks.)  You don't need a log in to watch this week's video, but you do if you would like to watch previous ones.  (It is free to register.)


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Monday 1st June


Good Morning Year 6,


I am beyond excited to be seeing some of your familiar faces back at school today. Although returning to school will be very different, we will all do our best to remain positive. Some of you are going to continue working from home and I want to say that you are also doing an amazing job. I think you are all fantastic and keep up the hard work. I find mindfulness a really helpful technique to help calm our minds, especially as there is a lot of uncertainty and changes at the moment. Today those in school will be trying out some mindfulness. It would be great if you are working at home if you could find a quiet space and also give it a go. I have put the video clip below.


We will also be playing a maths game in school today at a 2 m distance. The goal of the game is to color a path from one side of the table to the other. That is your escape path through the maze. The tiles must connect on one side or corner for the path to be complete. You don’t have to color a connected tile every time, but to win you must have one connected path. For a more challenging and longer game you can decide that the tiles will connect only on the sides (not corners).  You colour one square in each turn based on the dice roll. E.g if you roll a 1 you must colour an odd number in. You can play against multiple players and you can make number cards or a 12 sides dice. I have added the documents below.


We are extremely lucky with all this beautiful sunshine we are currently having. I have spent lots of my time this weekend in my garden again. I find seeing all the plants and hearing the sounds of different birds really cheers me up.


Oh I forgot to ask.......Did any of you excel at the potato challenge?


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard



Mindfulness Meditation for Kids | BREATHING EXERCISE | Guided Meditation for Children


      Friday 29th May                      











Hello Year 6,


We sadly have come to our final potato Friday, I hope you have enjoyed the posts. I have spent many hours researching and finding fun potato things, but sadly all things have to come to an end.

Let's begin with a song and dance - this week there is not just one potato song, not two, not three but four. Please sing them as loud as you can whilst dancing around your house - I will be doing the same!


Potato Joke: What do you call a potato with right angles?

                       A square root


                       What do you get when it rains potatoes?



Right fellow potato lovers, today I have put together for you an ultimate challenge. A challenge that contains puzzles and quizzes all to do with potatoes.  Check out the PDF below.

Do you feel ready to see if you are up to being a potato?


πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” 

Mashed potato, boiled potato, sliced potatoes, jacket potato, chips


Miss Ballard


Matt Lucas - Thank You Baked Potato #StayHome #WithMe #FeedNHS

The Potato Song

BBC - CBeebies - Small Potatoes Theme Song

Jingle Bilingual Une Patate - French

Thursday 28th May


Good Morning Year 6,

I just wanted to say today well done for all your hard work in difficult circumstances this half term year 6 - you're all amazing!

This week is half term, so make sure you are having a break.

I have enjoyed some time in the garden today with Shirley and Pat. I must say Shirley is not doing a great job at keeping the grass cut hehe.


Today I thought I would share with you my all time favourite poem. When I was in year 4 my class teacher used to read this poem often and I remember it would always put a smile on our faces. Today I had to do some baking after listening to it. Hmmm chocolate cake :)

Check it out - Michael Rosen chocolate cake


It would lovely to see some of you in the keep active newsletter. Remember to email in any picture of you completing the challenges.


Keep smiling and I look forward to sharing our last potato day together tomorrow.

Miss Ballard

Wednesday 27th May


🐠 πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  


Good Morning Year 6,


Isn't this weather glorious? 

Today after doing some work I decided that it would be a good idea to clean out my fish pond. We have only had the pond 1 year but it was full of slimy algae. It looks so much clearer now- check out the pictures below.🐠 


Did you know ?

Over 480 million goldfish are sold every year!

That’s actually more than both dogs and cats combined.


For every year of a goldie’s life the fish develops a ring on its scales! Those rings are called circuli.

If you count the number of rings (like you would on a tree stump) you can determine the fish’s age.



what did the goldfish say when he was fed?

* tank poo*


Let's begin with a song and dance all about fish πŸŸπŸ  


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard


🐠 πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  πŸ  

Can you spot the fish ?

Meet my fish: Finley, Fiona, Fran and Frank

Fish Song

Tuesday 26th May


Good morning my lovely Year 6's,


How are you all today? I hope you all have enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. 

I have had lots of fun this weekend and a lot of the things I have done have involved potatoes. Firstly, I made my own potato pet. Her name is Shirley and she is currently enjoying spending time in my garden munching on my lawn. I also have spent some time putting together some extra fun things for our final potato day this Friday :)


Thank you again for the  pictures I have received. 

Annabel I think I have cracked your vikings code. If I have cracked it correctly you own three hens, which sounds super exciting especially as I know how much you love chickens.

Hannah thank you for the message and it is lovely to hear you are keeping busy and your cats are beautiful.

Rowan well done on your potato pet.


Riddle of the day - If there are four sheep, two dogs and one shepherd, how many feet are there?


Let us begin with a song and dance.

Miss Ballard

The Penguin Song, enjoy this popular dance, animal & action song for kids with lyrics by The Learning Station. It is from the CD, Brain Breaks Action Songs: ...

Friday 22nd May











Happy Potato Day !


Hello fellow potato lovers, how are you all this morning?

Pat's hair was starting to get out of control, so it had to be cut. I must say I am very jealous as I would love a visit to the hairdressers - it's alright for potatoes :) Have your potato heads required a hair cut yet?


The activity I have chosen today for you is potato pets. I don't know about you but I have been missing seeing our two class hamsters and all the marvellous costumes and props you make for them. I hope they are being looked after and enjoying some daily exercise. I thought today we could all make our own pet but out of potatoes - I currently don't own a pet and quite fancy having a go at making a potato pet like the images below.  I wonder what potato friend you will choose to make!


Potato Joke: How would you describe an angry potato?

                     boiling mad


                      Why did the potato sit down?

                                  because he was a couch potato


Did you know: The World's largest potato producing country is China


It was so lovely to speak to some of you yesterday, keep smiling

Mash potato, sliced potato, boiled potato, chips


Miss Ballard




Sing the song as loud as you can. Listen out for the word potato, when you hear it jump 5 times

' Just Sing! ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Potato Pets

There are 18 species of penguins, can you name them all?

Thursday 21st May


Good Morning Year 6,


I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine as much as I am. Yesterday in school, we completed some of the active challenges. We also had fun with water balloons to cool off in the heat.

Well done to all of you, who are competing on TTRS. You are definitely keeping me on my toes.


I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday. This will be our penultimate potato day :)


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard


Wednesday 20th May


Good morning my lovely Year 6,


I hope you are all well, I have been finding this week very strange and I am missing you all being in the classroom - it feels very empty without you.  I even miss the mess you make, I bet you never thought you would hear me say that. I am trying to keep positive and to keep smiling. I find looking through our class blog and reminding myself of all the fun memories we have shared together always cheers me up.

I am also loving seeing how many of you are taking part in our class battle on TTRS.  I am impressed with all your score so far and must say I am quite competitive in case you haven't already guessed. smiley



Come on Year 6, We need your support!

This week is the gym and fitness challenge in the Virtual Sussex School Games.

Mrs Harrington has put all of the information on If you are able to take part please remember to submit your scores by midday on Friday to


It was wonderful to see one of you in the latest Keep Active newsletter.  If you would like to be in this week’s newsletter please send photos to  It doesn't just have to be Virtual Games challenges it can be any physical activity.



Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

Gabriel I am impressed with this master piece and it sure does look delicious :)

HAPPY - Pharrell Williams (feat. Minions)

Pharrell Williams - Happy Music Video with Minions | Abonnieren ➀ | Despicable Me 3 Viral Movie #Trailer | Filminfos

Tuesday 19th May


Hello Year 6, I hope you are all well.


I had a lovely day at school yesterday, it was soo nice to catch up with some of the teachers and see some of the children even at 2m distance.

Mrs Rusling even showed me how to set up tournaments on TTRS. I have set up a year 6 vs teachers tournament and look forward to our battle.


Riddle- What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in one thousand years? 

The Letter M


My blogs are likely to be shorter this week due to being in school. 


Keep smiling

Miss Ballard

Gazelle - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

Monday 18th May


Good Morning Year 6!


We find ourselves at the start of a new week. This week I am back in school again working with Keyworker children :)

How did you all get on with the hedgehog races?  Although it was very entertaining, I sadly lost and had to face the stack of dishes boohoo :(


I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine this weekend. I have spent a lot of time in my garden. I purchased and planted some new flowers in my garden and ended up with a slug on my hand.


Let us begin with our usual song and dance.


Miss Ballard










Happy Potato Day !

Hello Year 6, another Friday is here and another chance to spend the day enjoying potatoes. Yes, I look forward to having chips again for my tea tonight.  I love writing our Friday blogs, it gives me a challenge every week to find more fun things about potatoes – it is harder than you think.


The activity I have chosen today for you is potato hedgehog racing. This activity looks so much fun and simple to set up, why not have a family hedgehog race today. My partner and I have decided to give this a go and to make it more competitive whoever loses will have to do the washing up this evening. You could make it a competition also, you could award scores for 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. You could also use the races to choose the family chores for the day. Have fun!

Risk assessment – Parental supervision required when cutting the potato and using any tools.

Note: avoid using sticky tape on flooring to prevent damage to carpet – string works well.



Potato Joke - What is the nicest vegetable?

Sweet potato

Did you know? It is possible to combine a potato plant and a tomato plant into a “pomtato”, a hybrid that yields both potatoes and tomatoes. Meet the pomato below.


How are your potato grass heads growing?

Pat’s hair has suddenly grown; I am amazed at the length. Sadly Percy’s hair has not been as successful and is sparse and withering. Check out Pat’s hair challenge image below.


Sweet potato, mash potato, sliced potato, boiled potatoes

Miss Ballard

Session 55 HEDGEHOG Racing FOREST SCHOOL in the Home & Garden

Small Potatoes Theme Song

Check out Pat's celebration hair style.

Well Done Libby a great score on your Where's Wally task. 5 bonus SATS points :)

I have added some reading comprehensions under the home learning tab - feel free to complete at any time.

Gabriel your new puppy Rudi looks like a bundle of a joy. I was also impressed with your answers on your Lockdown SATS paper - 5 bonus points :)

Thursday 14th May,


Good Morning Year 6,


Yet again, I have received some wonderful photo, which have been sent in, they have brighten up my day. 


Rowan I am super impressed with your folding skills and love the creativeness of your crazy hair box :)

Well done Camila. P for successfully completing the math challenge

Annabel a great score on your Where's Wally challenge and your art picture certainly sums up how lots of us have felt at some point during lock down and is relevant to todays post.

⭐ 5 bonus SATS point to you all β­ 


Currently there is a great amount of uncertainty about the Coronavirus pandemic and with uncertainty and change it is understandable that we can all feel unsettled and experience different emotions. You may be finding some days of lock down easier than others. It is really important to talk about how you are feeling and to look after yourselves and others during these difficult times. Here are a few thing I do to help my overall well being. You might like to try some of these today.


1. Mindfulness colouring - check out the PDFs below


2. Daily exercise - I like to start every morning with exercise as it helps clear my mind and sets up the day.


3. I enjoy practising mindfulness relaxation - we have done some of these in our class worships before. Check out the audio below


4. Sticking to a routine - waking up, having lunch, dinner etc at set times helps me structure the day.


5.. Think positive - I try to list 5 positive things that happen in my day, maybe you could try this to?

Here are my 5 from yesterday: 

  • I had a lovely chat with Miss Paul
  • I received more photographs of you all completing your home learning challenges
  • I had lots of fun planning for our potato blog tomorrow
  • I had a lovely chat with my family over zoom to celebrate my Brother's birthday today
  • 9 birds visited my garden today


We are all in this together, keep positive, keep smiling and most importantly talk about your feelings with friends and family.


P.s Just in case you didn't see it is potato day tomorrow


Miss Ballard

Mindfulness Breathing

If you are sending in images of your SATS challenges - please also let the office know if you are happy for them to appear on our class blog.

HAPPY - Pharrell Williams (feat. Minions)


Wednesday 13th May


Hello my lovely lot,


I hope you are all well. I have had such a wonderful day today because I have received lots of photos from the office of you completing your 'Lock down SATS paper'. It is lovely to see your smiles and to hear that you are enjoying the task that I have set. This has really brightened up my day smiley

Check out the photographs to see some of the wonderful art completed by some of your fellow year 6's.

Camila I would like to say I am amazed at your sketching skills - A real talent !

Jacob I was astounded to hear your score with the 'Where's Wally' task. I also would like to say that you also made me feel very hungry - crunchy ice- creams are my favourite.

You both can have 5 bonus points :)


I have included some pictures of Pat's current hair growth. You will be able to see that I may have used too many seeds. Poor Pat has grass coming out of her eyes and nose haha.

I also had to cut open the tights as her head went a funny shape hehe.


I forgot to add Monday that the new edition of First News is now under the tab - Happy Reading!


Today is also National Numeracy day- I have uploaded some maths puzzles for you to have a go at.


Keep smiling 

Miss Ballard

I am feeling the potato song today- please sing as loud as you can.  Ps you can have 10 bonus SATS points if you get your whole family to join in with the chorus.



Maths Puzzles

Update - Pat finally has hair :)

The Potato Song

Tuesday 12th May


Hello my lovely year 6's


How are you getting on with your SATS challenges?

I hope you are enjoying them as much as I did putting the questions together.


Did any of you have a go at the Sussex Virtual Games Challenge last week? 

I know how much as a class you all enjoy football, well this week's challenge is football !!!

The details of all four challenges can be found on the school website under News and Events and then PE and Sport.  Remember to submit your best scores to


Today I had a go at task number 2.  I had lots of fun baking and eating some yummy scones - check out my images and recipe below.


Miss Ballard

Monday 11th May


Good Morning Year 6,


If we were in school, this would be the week of SATs. Obviously, we're not doing the tests now  but all of your hard work won't have been for nothing, you will still have that knowledge and those skills. Learning is never wasted!  We also wanted to tell you all today how proud we are of you all. You have worked incredibly hard. Remember that your learning is not just about SATs.  It is about the learning you do now, leading to the learning you do in the future.  It is about what you have done in the past, helping you now.  It is about being ready for Secondary School and your life after that.  It is such a pleasure to work with you all and you should be so proud of everything that you have achieved this year.


Your achievements show what you are capable of and this will never leave you. 



⭐ We are proud of how well you all work as a team, supporting and encouraging each other. It was lovely on our residential to see how you were all working together and there for each other.⭐


⭐ We are proud of the perseverance you have all shown this year. Year 6 is a tough year, yet you have all risen to the challenges with such positive attitudes. You all worked so hard every week to maintain or beat your arithmetic scores.⭐


⭐We are proud of how enthusiastic you all are about learning. Your singing 'lights up' any dull grammar lesson and puts a smile on all of our faces.⭐


⭐We are proud of everyone of you and feel very lucky to call ourselves your teacher and teaching assistant. Keep smiling you are all amazing.⭐


Miss Ballard & Mrs Wright smiley⭐


You have three tasks, which we would like for you to complete this week:


1. Complete the Lockdown Sats paper


2. Get baking ! This week is about celebrating all your achievements this year no matter how big or small. At every celebration you find cake, so check out the recipes below


3. What am I proud of ?
Spend some time  to write down all  your achievements. You could stick them into a scrap book or create an achievements jar. This could be anything for improving your weekly arithmetic scores to overcoming a fear on our residential. Give yourself credit for all your achievements this year


Celebrate Good Times... Come on!!!

You Can Do It If You Really Want


Did any of you have a go at the Sussex Virtual Games Challenge last week? 

So far not many Year 6 have taken part. Come on Year 6 we need your support! I know how much as a class you all love your sports. :)

The details of all four challenges can be found on the school website under News and Events and then PE and Sport.  Remember to submit your best scores to  

Thursday 7th May

HappPotato Art Day !

Happy Potato Day ! Today’s blog will be all about potatoes and art. Check out today’s song, which consists of potatoes, potatoes, more potatoes and famous artwork. Can you name any of the artists or famous pieces of artwork?

How are your potato heads growing?

Percy and Pat remain bald with no visible grass; however, their heads are looking very spikey and roots are popping through. I am not sure the roots are meant to be coming through – I hope some grass shows soon.surprise Check out their photographs below.


Potato Joke – What do you call a potato with glasses?

A Spec-tator

Did you know? The heaviest potato ever recorded weighed 10lb 4oz

That is around the same weight as a large water melon


How did you all get on with Mrs Wrights ‘Where’s Wally’ challenge at the start of the week?  Have a go at finding the potato in the ‘Where’s the potato’ below. Today’s potato art activity is to learn how to draw ‘Mr Potato head’, maybe once you have mastered your drawing techniques you could have a go at drawing your grass potato head friend.


I look forward to sharing more photographs of my potato head with you  all next week- hopefully with some hair growth.


Mashed potato, sliced potato, boiled potatoes, jacket potatoessmiley

Miss Ballard

Variety Artist Songs for Kids | Small Potatoes | Wizz Music

How to Draw Toy Story | Mr.Potato Head | Step by Step Tutorial

Where's the potato?

Wednesday 6th May


Good Morning Year 6, let's begin with our usual song and dance. Today I have chosen a song I enjoy listening to when out for a jog. Luckily, the weather seems to be improving and we have had some sun. I have enjoyed getting out for my daily exercise. Yesterday, I saw some baby goslings and some swans at my local pond. I also enjoyed looking back at the France photographs - memories that will last a life time. Remember the night when you all covered yourselves in mud and then I informed you that the showers had broken ?  hehe.


Why not try some kitchen roll art today? All you need is 1 sheet of kitchen roll and some felt tip pens - remember to put something under your sheet so that the felt tip does not go through to another surface.


Exciting News- Tomorrow will be Potato Day a day early. I look forward to sharing updates on Percy and Pat along with other fun stuff.


Riddle of the Day: What stays hot when put in a fridge?


I am missing you all especially your dancing.

Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

I wonder what patterns are on your kitchen roll?

HappPotato Day !


Has anyone else been looking forward to this day all week?

I have been super excited for another Friday blog full of nothing other than potatoes, potatoes and more potatoes.


I have found a potato craft for you all to try out at home, find below the pdf instructions and photos. My partner and I have enjoyed making a grass potato head each. Check out the pictures below to see my 'master piece'. It is a shame I will not be able to see photographs of your finished potato heads. Maybe if/when we return to school, if they are still growing well, we could bring them into school for the day.


Did you know: The potato was the first vegetable grown in outer space !  very cool right? cool


Potato Jokes:                         I have so many potato jokes.

Just don't know where to Starch.  haha


What do you get when you cross a potato with an elephant?

Mashed potato angel


Let's begin the day with a song and dance to show our appreciation for our favourite vegetables - potatoes


Have a lovely weekend with your new potato friends and I look forward to sharing more photographs of my potato head with you  all next week- hopefully with some hair growth.


Mashed potato, sliced potato, boiled potatoes, jacket potatoes

Miss Ballard


P.s Next Friday 8th May is a bank holiday therefore we shall celebrate our next potato day next Thursday 7th May

Craft Activity - Make a grass potato head

Meet Percy and Pat the potatoes. Can you guess which one I made? I will give you a clue the glasses are my favourite colour :)

Matt Lucas - Thank You Baked Potato #StayHome #WithMe #FeedNHS

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning year 6 :)


Yesterday, I came across this lovely poem which I thought I’d share with you. A friend sent it to me and …. guess what? It made me smile! I hope you like it!
Smiling Is Infectious by Spike Milligan


Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.
I passed around the corner
and someone saw my grin.
When he smiled I realized
I'd passed it on to him.
I thought about that smile,
then I realized its worth.
A single smile, just like mine
could travel round the earth.
So, if you feel a smile begin,
don't leave it undetected.
Let's start an epidemic quick,
and get the world infected!


Did you get a chance to read the newest edition from First News yesterday?

I found the news article about the Lions laying on the empty roads very interesting - I wonder what will happen when people are out of lockdown?


Missing you all 

Miss Ballard

Nat King Cole - Smile (Lyrics HD)

Monday 27th April


Rise and shine, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are staying safe.  This morning's song will take you back to the early wake up call in France. Who doesn't enjoy waking up to a song and dance ? laugh


This weekend I completed my week 1 of coach to 5k. In order to adhere to the exercise guidelines I am currently mixing up running and cycling. 3 days a week I go for a run, 3 days a week I go for a cycles and on my day of rest I enjoy going for a stroll.



The next addition of 'First News' has been added to the home learning page. Happy reading :)


Miss Ballard



Fast Food Rockers ~ Fast food song Lyrics










Good Morning Year 6!


Today is Friday 24th April and time to celebrate our class love for potatoes.  I know that as a class we have a huge love for potatoes - so every Friday is now going to be known as Potato Day. Our class page will be filled lots of fun facts and images of potatoes.  I have been preparing and excited to share this with you all week and I have made sure I have eaten lots of potato in the lead up ( check out my dinners below). 


Did you know?

Potatoes are 80% water


Joke - Why do potatoes make good detectives?

Because they keep their eyes peeled. haha :)


I hope todays blog has put a smile on your face this morning and I look forward to celebrating more potato FRY DAYS on here also.


mash potato, peeled potato, sliced potato, boiled potato

Miss Ballard


p.s In case you have not already guess, I have my laptop fixed so check out today's song.



This week I have enjoyed boiled potatoes, sliced potatoes and mashed potatoes. Yes you guess right tonight I will be having chips because it is FRY DAY !

The Potato Song

Exciting News ! I know as a class how much you all enjoy reading our weekly newspaper and I am sure this is something you are currently missing. I am so excited to let you know that FirstNews are currently offering free digital copies. I will continue to upload these and you will find them under our 'Home Learning' section. Happy Reading :)

Thursday 23rd April

It has only just dawned on me that Monday was officially the start of the Summer Term.

We have been working hard at home now for a few weeks, you all have been fantastic! Working at home is bound to be different and a bit of a challenge at times.

I am also finding it challenging at times to get motivated - even more so without my laptop. However, exciting news I will have my laptop back tomorrow :)

Make sure you check out Friday's blog there will be a song and few other things to put a smile on your faces :)

We can do this ! Why not take a look at some excellent tips on how to ‘boss’ your school work from home.


Let’s continue to persevere as we were before Easter, and hope that we get to see each other again soon!


Riddle of the day -I have branches, but no fruit, trunk or leaves. What am I ?

A bank


Miss Ballard

Wednesday 22nd April


Good Morning Year 6!

Last week, I set up my bird feeder in my garden and today I saw a bird eating from the feeder. I also saw how dirty my windows have become since my window cleaner can no longer clean my windows haha. I spent the rest of the day yesterday cleaning my windows :)


Riddle of the day - What kind of coat can only be put on wet ?

A coat of paint


Keep smiling

Miss Ballard



Tuesday 21st April


Good Morning Year 6!

I hope you are all well :)


Yesterday it was Monday ! Monday is currently my favourite day of the week. Every Monday, at 5pm my whole family talk over zoom - I enjoy being able to see my nieces and nephew, siblings, parents and grandad.


It is hard to get motivated in these unprecedented times. I find the best way to start the day is to begin with exercise. I have just began the NHS coach to 5k programme. After exercise I feel in a really positive mood. What exercise are you planning on doing today ?


I also really enjoy dancing around my kitchen to my favourite tunes.


Riddle of the day - what question can you never answer 'yes' to?

Are you asleep 


Keep smiling :)

Miss Ballard



Gary enjoyed taking the dog for a walk

Monday 20th April


Good Morning Year 6,


I hope you have had a lovely weekend.


We shall continue our usual song and dance once my laptop is fixed - I am currently unable to upload a video.


I have uploaded some pictures of another craft activity we did in school last week, which you might like to try. Mrs Board also painted a picture of me :)


You will see that I have now uploaded the next learning packs and timetables.

Remember there is no pressure or expectation to follow a particular schedule, but please feel free to use it as you wish. I hope you enjoy some of the activities. :) 


I have added an art competition to Mondays section, which you may want to enter as an individual with your parents permission


Today's riddle- What belongs to you but is used more by others?

Your name


Miss Ballard


BBC Bitesize are now offering daily lessons

Friday 17th April


Happy Friday ! Remember to spend some time today to recognise the small things you are grateful for.


I have uploaded some pictures of another activity we did in school yesterday- if you are feeling creative give it a go. All you need is chalk and tape :)


Miss Ballard

"Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.”

Chalk art

Thursday 16th April


Morning everyone and happy Thursday !

I hope you all are enjoying the Easter break, even though circumstances are very different. I am missing you all lots.


I apologise that I am unable to post our daily songs atm, I am looking forward to our usual song and dances once my laptop has been fixed.


I thought today I would share the activity that I am doing with the children, who are in school today. All you need is paint or pens, newspaper and some glue - see pictures below.


Miss Ballard


Remember, it’s still the Easter holidays, so our Active Easter challenge is still going on!

If you’ve done something, don’t forget to email it to so it can go in the newsletter. I am still enjoying my daily bike ride :)

Wednesday 15th April


Good Morning Year 6!

I hope you are all well.


Yesterday, after school I went for my daily exercise. I am very lucky to live near a pond and enjoyed seeing some ducklings - see pictures below.


My laptop has decided that it no longer wants to work and is currently being sent off for repairs. I will continue to add a small entry daily, please bare with me.



Miss Ballard

Sid went fishing !

Tuesday 14th April


Good Morning Year 6!


I hope that you have enjoyed your first week of the Easter Holidays, had some time to relax and were able to enjoy a little bit of this extremely sunny weather. I also enjoyed some chocolate this weekend, I hope you did too :)


Let's begin with our usual song and dance.

Miss Ballard

Chicken Dance

Thursday 9th April


Good Morning Year 6 !


Let us begin with our usual song and dance :)

Tomorrow is Good Friday and the start of the Easter weekend. I know how much as a class we love 'Wheres Wally', so today I  have uploaded an Easter version ' Where is the Egg?'


Why not do something a little bit different this Easter Weekend - like having a family egg and spoon race. You could set this up in your house or garden.  First boil your own eggs, balance them on dessert spoons, set up your start and finish line and away you go!

Make it more challenging by having to balance something on your head at the same time, or hop instead of walking.


Whatever you plan to do, keep safe and enjoy time as a family.

I wish you and all your family a wonderful Easter weekend.


Speak again on Tuesday

Miss Ballard

Where is the egg?

Penguin Dance | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann

The Penguin Dance is a super fun song for brain breaks. The Penguin Dance uses a growing pattern to teach left and right, following directions, listening ski...

Wednesday 8th April



Good Morning Year 6!


My journey to school usually takes around 30 minutes, but this week the roads are a lot quieter. I have enjoyed seeing  different scenery on my way into school. This morning, I saw rows of daffodils, a field of sheep, 3 chunky pigeons and a pair of my favourite birds - magpies. Having time to appreciate nature has been wonderful, so I thought today we should start with a song, which appreciates all things bright and beautiful.


Keep Smiling

Miss Ballard

All Things Bright And Beautiful by Kidzup with lyrics

Gary and Sid found themselves in a bit of trouble yesterday !

Tuesday 7th April


Hello Year 6 !

Let’s all begin the day with a song and a dance, today’s song reminds us of the important guidance we are currently following - it also features the word POTATO :)


My bike challenge is going well, I am planning to increase the distance of my bike ride mid week to give myself a bit more of a challenge. For the next two weeks, I will be going for my bike rides in the evening, when I get home for school.


Yesterday, I really enjoyed celebrating my birthday with family over 'Zoom'.  It was lovely to see and hear all my family. Scroll down to see my favourite birthday card - I think lots of you will also like it.


Have a lovely day :)

Miss Ballard



Matt Lucas - Thank You Baked Potato #StayHome #WithMe #FeedNHS

My Favourite birthday card - meet Orlando the Orange. My family thought this card was fitting seeing as I have been making lots of fruit and veg characters lately :)

Monday 6th April


Good Morning Year 6 !

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the glorious sun shine we had this weekend.


Today is a special day for me because it is my Birthday !!


I know lots of you also will be celebrating your birthday's during this period in a different way to usual.  Today's song allows us to wish all our school friends and family, who are celebrating their birthdays during this difficult time, a Very Happy Birthday.


I will be spending my birthday at school today looking after children, whose parents are key workers - it will be very strange not seeing all your familiar faces.  

After school, I will be speaking to all of my family on the phone and will enjoy eating some birthday cake.


Miss Ballard :)

MINIONS Happy Birthday SONG

Friday 3rd April

Hello Year 6,


I hope you are well, let's all begin the day with our usual song and dance.


Yesterday I completed Day 2 of my bike challenge - it was much harder than day one and my legs are starting to burn. However, I persevered and managed to get up the hill, which I walked up on day one. Singing our class song helped a lot β™« You must try, try and try, try and try. You'll succeed at last! β™«


So today would have been the last day of term- fun day! Why not give yourself a day of choice?

Play games, be creative, sing, eat chocolate, movie day or read a book. I think you have all done brilliantly well with adjusting to home learning and deserve a lovely relaxing day.Today I will be having a film day - starting with one of my favourites 'Finding Nemo'.

I will upload the daily timetable- for those who may want to choose an activity from there also.

Today's creative task allows you to master the skill of spoon playing- all you need is two spoons from your cutlery drawer. Why not learn this skill as a family: you can use wooden, plastic or metal spoons.


Happy Easter to you all :)

Miss Ballard

Where's Sid?

You Can Do It If You Really Want

Thursday 2nd April

Hello Year 6 !

Let’s all begin the day with a song and a dance, today’s song takes us back to that cosy campfire in France – memories that will last a lifetime. How about sharing some of the other campfire songs we learnt with your family members today.


Today I started a new exercise challenge - I will be going for a bike ride daily. Day 1 cycle went well, it was exhausting, but I am hoping it will get easier each day. It was refreshing to start the day outside and to see the spring flowers appearing. Today I would like you to think about something ‘new’ you could begin- this could be a hobby, exercise etc.


Did any of you manage to solve yesterday’s riddle?   Scroll down to see the answer.


Today’s Word of the Day is ‘jubilant

Look up the definition of the word

Try and use the word in a conversation today

Challenge- Can you also use the word in your English task?


Today’s riddle – What goes up and never comes down? Your Age


Miss Ballard J

Sid was late for home learning today......I wonder why?

Wednesday 1st April

I hope you are all well and slowly adjusting to a new way of learning. Please do not worry if you are finding it all a little bit overwhelming, changes take time to adjust too. Remember that the daily timetable and learning packs are suggestions, please do not worry if you do not want to follow the timetable or only want to do a select few tasks- that is ok J


I am missing all of you, along with our class hamsters and our class fruit/vegetable friends – especially Nancy. I enjoy writing these class entries daily as it allows us to communicate in a different way. So today, I decided to make some fruit and vegetable friends of my own. I would like to introduce you to Sid the potato, Sally the snail and Garry the crab.

Please check the class page daily over the next few days for updates on my vegetable friends.


   Today’s Word of the Day is 'dwindle

Look up the definition of the word

Try and use the word in a conversation today

Challenge- Can you also use the word in your English task?


Today’s riddle - What has lots of eyes but can not see? A potato


Let’s all begin the day with our usual song and a dance. I have chosen a new song today, which I feel is very fitting to today’s message.


Miss Ballard J

The Potato Song