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Friday 17th July

Happy Friday Year 5!

Today would have been our last day together! I’m a little bit sad that we can’t see each other on this day, but it makes me even more grateful that we did get to see each other last week on the field! Usually, Fridays have been our day to celebrate all our achievements for the week, and to appreciate others around us. However, as it is our last Friday, it is all about you!




My head teacher’s award this week goes to each and every one of you! Even though we didn’t get a full year together, the time we did spend together was brilliant. Watching each and every one of you grow and progress over the year was wonderful, and I am so proud of how far you have all come since September! You’ve also all coped so well with this strange situation. Every time I’ve seen you or spoken to you on the phone, you have been positive, and it sounds like you are doing really well with everything. You are all absolutely amazing and I'm so proud of you! I know some of you may be feeling nervous about going into Year 6, but I promise you are going to have an amazing year! You will all be brilliant!


Thank you again for your lovely gifts, cards and messages – they really do mean a lot! I’d also like to thank your families for all the support and help they have given our class over the year, it is all very much appreciated!


I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces around still in September!


Miss Gorstige

Thursday 16th July


Good morning Year 5! I hope you are well today! I have another special message for you today. I promise I will be back tomorrow though! 

Miss Gorstige


Dear Everyone in year 5!

How are you all? It was so lovely seeing you all, albeit briefly, last week. Wow you've grown......or have I shrunk!

It's been non-stop in our household what with home schooling, keeping active with Mrs Harrington each week, walking our dog Bella who still likes to ignore you when trying to extract her from wanting to play with other dogs.......... to endless amounts of home baking  (did have to put a 48hr ban in place so that we could actually finish eating something before another treat was made).


I can't believe the summer holidays are now here!  It was such a shame that we couldn't finish the school year but I'm looking forward to seeing you all in September when you go into year 6! Top of the school! Where has that time gone?


I just wanted to say a huge sincere thank you for all the lovely gifts, cards and flowers it was so generous and kind of you.  I wish each and everyone one of you a very happy and peaceful summer.


My sincere thanks again.


Take care

Mrs Malone

Wednesday 15th July

Good morning Year 5! How are you today? Today's message is a little bit different, as it comes from another member of staff who has missed seeing you every day! Enjoy! Miss Gorstige smiley



Hello Year 5,

I hope you and all your family are safe and well. I can’t believe I haven’t seen you all since Thursday 19th March! 17 weeks ago… It’s been a very strange time and I have really missed being at school with you all. Thankfully I have seen a few of you either on walks and in school having fun on the playground. During lockdown my house has been very busy, I’ve been home schooling my four children who tell me that they have never worked so hard and are looking forward to the summer break!


We’ve enjoyed lots of new walks around East Grinstead, Crawley Down and a beautiful lake in Felbridge. Our puppy Pippa has loved being able to roam free and has discovered that she loves the water wherever we go, even the muddy rivers! Last week we discovered a rope swing in the woods and I thought it would be easy to do… I was wrong, I have bruises and cuts to prove that I can NOT use a rope swing properly. Thankfully I was able to walk after but I won’t be trying it again.


Each week we have been keeping up with Mrs Harrington’s active update and the Sussex games has been a great competition for us all to follow. I do let my children win some of them!


Summer Holidays are now upon us and when I see you next you will be in year 6, the oldest children in the school. Wow, can you all believe it? Miss Ballard is so excited to teach you next year with lots of fun things planned.


I have really loved being in year five and I am so sorry we didn’t get to  finish the year together. Thank you so much for your wonderful gift, flowers and cards, you have all been so generous and I am truly grateful. I looked forward to September and hearing about all your adventures over the Summer.


Have a wonderful Summer Holiday.

 Thank you

 Mrs Kilkenny

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Year 5!

Today would have been a special day today, it would have been transition afternoon, the day you get to go into your new classroom and meet your new teacher, Miss Ballard.


Because we can’t do that this year, the teachers have all made a transition powerpoint for their new classes, and we’ve all scheduled this afternoon for your transition activity. You can find it in the “Back to School” tab ( This way you still get to find out all about Miss Ballard, and there is an activity so she gets to learn all about you too!

It’s not quite the same as a normal transition afternoon, but hopefully it will help you to feel a bit more ready for Year 6!


Miss Gorstige

Monday 13th July 

Good morning Year 5! How are you today? Did you get up to anything lovely at the weekend? My pizza Friday using the new pizza oven was brilliant!


Can you believe it is already the last week of term? Time seems to have flown by. One thing that always happens over the summer break is the library’s Summer Reading Challenge! This year it is still going ahead, even though everything isn’t quite the same this summer.


Below I have attached the poster with all the information you need if you would like to complete it!

Reading is one of the best things you can do to help get yourself ready for Year 6 over the next few weeks! Being a good reader also helps you become a better writer, and reading lots of different types of books and authors means you get inspiration for your own writing! If you haven’t done much reading over lockdown, maybe this challenge could help you to get back into reading regularly?


Also, don't forget I'm doing my final round of calls today to discuss reports with your parents! I've spoken to some of your parents already, so even if you're near the end of the register, I may be calling quite soon after I get started at 9am!


Have a lovely day,

Miss Gorstige

Friday 10th July

Happy Friday Year 5! It’s my all-time favourite day of the week, Pizza Friday! My outdoor pizza oven has finally been delivered after months of waiting for it! It can cook a pizza in 60 seconds! I had to make the dough yesterday evening, so that it will rise and be ready to make into pizza today! I can’t wait!



As usual on a Friday, we can spend a bit of time reflecting on our week about things we have achieved. What can you think of?


Here are some things I managed to do this week:

  1. I finished another book
  2. I hit my goal of walking 10,000 steps a day
  3. I made some successful pizza dough
  4. I finished the home learning packs for next week – our last ones!
  5. I grew a tomato! There’s a ripe one on one of my tomato plant that hasn’t been there before!


What are 5 things you achieved this week? I bet there’ll be a lot!


Have a great weekend, and I’ll speak to you on Monday!

Miss Gorstige

Thursday 9th July

Good morning Year 5! How are you today?


Last week, we had another Thankful Thursday. This week, I thought we could have another Thoughtful Thursday, as we’ve only done this one once. If you can remember from last time, Thoughtful Thursday is all about kindness! It’s about doing things for other people, being selfless and putting them ahead of ourselves. It can be really hard at the moment, because we’re all spending so much extra time with our households – mums, dads, brothers or sisters! It’s very important though, that we try our best to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and treat others as you would like to be treated. It is our school motto after all!


Today, pick someone in your household. It would be nice if it was someone who you’ve maybe argued with, or taken for granted, or not been too kind to recently. All you have to do is one thing to make them smile! You could draw them a picture, or make a card. You could offer to help them with something, or do something for them. Just one small act of kindness can make someone’s day!


Miss Gorstige

Wednesday 8th July

Good morning Year 5!

It’s half way through the week already, can you believe it?! Have you been keeping busy and active yet this week? 


Do you remember me telling you about the Virtual Sports Day on Monday? We’re going to be busy completing some of the challenges today in my group at school, if the weather improves! If you haven’t yet, you could try some of them today too, so it’s almost like you’re with us!


Also, don’t forget to send pictures to Mrs Harrington for the newsletter if you participate in a challenge! I’m will be trying to remind myself too when we do some of them this week.


Have a lovely, active day!

Miss Gorstige

Tuesday 7th July 

Good morning Year 5!

How are you today? I’ve woken up today in such a good mood, and that’s all because of you! I can’t stop smiling! Seeing you really brightened my week, as I’ve really missed seeing all your smiling faces every day. It was just so lovely to spend some time together again, play games and have a bit of fun. I also can't believe how much some of you have grown! You all looked so grown up and ready for Year 6! I really hope you had as much fun as I did. Thank you as well for your fantastic behaviour, you did a great job at keeping your distance, you listened well to instructions and made me very proud! smiley


I also must say a great big THANK YOU to you and your families for the generous and lovely gifts I received yesterday! They are all so thoughtful! smiley 


Have you started your scratch-off bookmark design yet? I’ve been having a go at some of the spare ones I had, I will have to post a picture when I finish one!


Miss Gorstige

Monday 6th July


Good morning Year 5! How are you today? Did you have a lovely weekend?

I am VERY excited today, I can’t wait to see your lovely faces and play some games on the field! I hope you’re looking forward to it too! Talking to you on the phone and seeing pictures in the newsletters and emails has been really great, but it doesn’t compare to actually seeing you in person.


I know a lot of you are probably very excited, but it’s really important that we remember to keep each other safe and abide by social distancing still! Unfortunately, that means no hugs or high fives (unless they are air high fives) and we need to try to keep at least 1 meter apart still. I’ll also have to ask you to wash your hands a bit more. However, we’ll still have a lovely morning!


See you later!

Miss Gorstige

Friday 3rd July

Happy Friday Year 5!

It’s the best day of the week! Not only is it the start of the weekend, and a day of celebrating all our achievements for the week, but it’s also Pizza Friday! I know a lot of you have your own special routines on Friday night too, and you know mine is pizza! I’m making my own tonight! I wonder what toppings I could put on it? I know a couple of you have been making pizzas recently with some excellent topping choices – pineapple definitely belongs on pizza! What would you put on yours?


As usual, let’s spend some time thinking about the people we have appreciated this week! I must give my appreciation to Miss Hollington, who has been working with me this half term.  She has been the queen of anti-bac, organising trays and anything and everything else! She definitely gets my head teachers award this week! Who has been really helpful to you this week? Why not make them a certificate and present it to them to show how much you appreciate them? I bet it will make their day!


Have a lovely weekend, and I will SEE you on Monday for our class games on the field! I hope you are as excited as I am! laugh


Miss Gorstige

Thursday 2nd July

Good morning Year 5! How are you today?

Let’s have another thankful Thursday, shall we? I haven’t sat down for a while and think about everything I’m grateful for, and there are lots of thinks to be thankful about!


1. The lovely weather recently! At school we’ve been able to spend lots of time outside!


2. The fact it has rained a bit between the nice days! I know rain means that we can’t go and enjoy the outside as much, but my garden plants and lawn really appreciate the water they get when it rains!


3. Ice-cream! As we found out yesterday, July is national ice-cream month! It’s been so hot recently, my favourite after school snack has been an ice-cream. I’ve needed it to stop myself melting from the heat!



4. Paper plates and bowls! The amount of different creative crafty activities you can do with them is mind blowing!



5. The supermarkets have flour again. I use a lot of flour to make bread, pasta and to bake things. It’s nice to be able to actually buy it without having to search all over for it!


Can you think of 5 things you are grateful for today? Have a lovely Thursday!

Miss Gorstige

Wednesday 1st July

Good morning Year 5!

Can you believe it is July today! I can’t believe we’re now over half way through the year already.

Would you like some fun facts about July?


1. Most countries who celebrate an independence day do so in July. One of the most famous is American Independence Day, celebrated on July 4th


2. July is on average the hottest month in the Northern hemisphere


3. The month of July was named after Julius Caesar, an emperor of Rome who was born in July. It was originally called Julius


4. July used to be the 5th month of the year until 450AD when January and February were added to the calendar


5. July is national ice-cream month – I will definitely make sure I celebrate this fact!


6. No month ends on the same day of the week as July unless it is a leap year, when January does


7. July is the birth month of many famous and historical people, including artist Frida Kahlo, actors Will Ferrell and Tom Hanks, author E.B. White (he wrote Charlotte’s web) and Nelson Mandela. July is also the month my very first nephew was born! July is also the birthday month of one member of our class! Do you know who it is?  


Who knew there was so much to learn about July?!

Miss Gorstige

Tuesday 30th June


Good morning year 5! How are you today? I am feeling quite tired today, so my morning run felt very hard today! I did a bit of a walking at the weekend, so I think my legs are still recovering! Today, I need to send pictures from my walk to Mrs Harrington for the Keep Active newsletter. Have you submitted any photos of you keeping active yet? If not, remember to take pictures of all the different ways you’ve been staying active, whether it’s been in your house or out and about. I love reading the active newsletter and seeing all your faces and what you have been doing!


Also, have you started this week’s Virtual Games yet? I know from speaking to you that quite a few of you already do it every week already, which is fantastic! I'm really proud of how well Year 5 are being represented! Those of you who don’t should have a go this week! We do it every week in our bubble at school. I know Mrs Harrington has been really impressed with our school, our participation is going up every week! Let’s keep it up!


Have a lovely day, and make sure you keep active!

Miss Gorstige

Monday 29th June 


Good morning year 5! How are you today. Did you know that today is a very special day for our school. It is the Feast Day of St Peter and St Paul, which means it’s the feast day of our school’s Saint. St Peter was one of the twelve apostles who he denied Jesus three times, but Jesus still trusted him greatly. Jesus gave Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, which is why he is usually pictured with a set of keys. This is why as St. Peter's, our logo is a set of crossed keys!


Today would normally be the day that we all walk down to church together and celebrate this special day with a mass. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do that today, so here are some resources to look at if you would like to celebrate and learn more. Wednesday Word have uploaded a special edition for this special day, and there is an information booklet about St Peter and St Paul too:


Mrs Claffey has posted some information about St Peter for you to have a look at on the Religious Life of the School page:


If you would like to watch a Children’s Liturgy for the Feast Day today, watch the video below.


Have a really lovely day, and try to learn something new about St. Peter today! 

Miss Gorstige

St Peter and St Paul - Children's Liturgy (28/06/20)

Friday 26th June

Happy Friday Year 5!

How did you get on with the duck brain teaser? Did you count them all? There were 15! Some were snuggled up close together, and some were teeny tiny! If you didn’t spot them all, go back and see if you can make it!

How has your week been? Can you think of some things you have achieved this week? Maybe you managed to get all the home learning tasks done this week! Maybe you got some really good scores on this week’s Virtual games challenges, or perhaps you achieved your own active goal for this week! It could be that you’ve done something extra special for someone, or even just finished a book!  I know a lot of you have been doing some brilliant and amazing things from my conversations with you, so I’m sure you can think of something!

Whatever it is you have achieved and done this week, you should feel proud of how well you are doing! As today is the last day our ducklings are with us (I may cry when they leave!) they thought they’d come celebrate you too!



Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend? I’ll definitely be trying to spend lots of time on my garden! Whatever you do, have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you next week!

Miss Gorstige

Thursday 25th June

Good morning Year 5! Hasn’t the weather been better this week?

Have you checked on the ducklings yet this morning!? You may hear a familiar voice!

As I can’t get enough of ducklings at the moment, shall we have a duck themed brain teaser today?


See if you can work it out and I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow!

Miss Gorstige

Wednesday 24th June


Good morning Year 5! I’m still very excited about the duckling! I’ve been checking the page every day to

see how they are growing. I can't believe how big they are getting!


It was lovely to speak to so many of you yesterday and hear how you've been getting on. I've been very impressed with the dedication to staying active, and I'm so pleased to hear how many of you are going running! I heard about lots of lovely books you are reading too, and even about an award winning baker in our class! I'm so impressed with all of the things you are all doing, I couldn't be prouder of how well you are handling everything!


As you may remember from our lessons together, drawing is NOT my strong point. Most of you are far better at drawing than I am. Because of this, I’ve been trying really hard to get better. I’ve been doing some of the Draw with Rob videos I’ve been putting in the creative time tasks. They aren't the best, but I think I am improving! I know a lot of you have enjoyed these too. I bet yours look way better than mine!


Miss Gorstige

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning year 5! How are you today? Have you started this week’s virtual games yet? If not, give them a go! I will be doing them when I’m working with the Key Worker children over the next few days, they’re always a lot of a fun! It’s also really exciting having a few attempts and trying to beat your best score.


Remember as well, if you aren’t as interested in this week’s Virtual Games challenges, you could come up with your own Keep Active challenge! All you need to do is film your short clip and email it to  and Mrs Harrington might put it up and feature it! It would be lovely to see some of you setting the rest of us some interesting challenges, I know there are a lot of great athletes in year 5!


Miss Gorstige

Monday 22nd June

Good morning year 5!

Did you have a lovely weekend? Did you do anything nice? The weather was way better than the forecast said! My garden plants enjoyed the weekend weather, my tomato plants now have 4 or 5 tomatoes growing! I've never grown anything before, so I'm very happy with their progress! I know a lot of you have been helping in your gardens too recently. What have you been growing?


I’ve also been very excited and eagerly awaiting the duckling updates today so we can see how they are doing. Have you checked the duckling website yet to see what they are up to?


Keep an eye on the page all this week to keep up with the ducklings!

Have a lovely Monday everyone!

Miss Gorstige smiley

Friday 19th June

Happy Friday Year 5!

It’s the best day of the week again already! Even the ducklings are going to celebrate with us today! Have you checked the duckling page for an update? Yesterday 4/5 had hatched!


As usual, I want you to think about everything you accomplished this week, give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself well done! You’ve done a fabulous job of working hard and trying your best for another week, I’m super proud! You should also remember to take the time to find someone else in your house you could say well done to! Has someone helped you out, or made some food for you, or been extra kind this week? How could you show them you appreciate them today? Before you finish your learning for the day and start relaxing for the weekend, make sure to thank those around you and show them you appreciate them.


Have a lovely weekend, and look for more egg-citing duck-dates next week!


Miss Gorstige


Thursday 18th June

Good morning Year 5!

Just a note to remind you if you haven;t done already, there is still time to complete the Virtual Games challenges and upload your score. There is also still time to email your own active challenge videos in, or to email some photos for the Keep Active Newsletter! Mrs Harrington is eagerly awaiting them!


Shall we talk about the ducklings more? Have you looked at the duckling page for today's update?


I’ve got some ducky jokes that will have you quacking up!


1. What do you get when you mix ducks and fireworks?




2. When do ducks wake up?

The quack of dawn!



3. What do you call a duck that steals?

A robber duck



4. What did one police duck say to the other?

Let’s quack this case!



5. What did the duck say to the waiter when he ordered more food?

Put it on my bill!



6. Why do ducks quack?

Well, they can’t moo, oink, bark or meow!


Can you come up with your own duck themed jokes and make someone else quack up today?!

Miss Gorstige

Wednesday 17th June 

EGG-CITING NEWS! Do you remember last year when we had some ducklings stay with us for a few weeks? We’ve got some more! They’re currently snuggled inside their eggs, and we’re eagerly awaiting the moment for them to hatch! Take a look at them:


In honour of the arrival of our ducklings, here are some egg-citing facts about ducklings for you:

  1. A male duck is called a drake, and a female duck is known as a hen
  2. Ducks are found on every continent other than the Antarctic
  3. Ducks quacks do actually echo
  4. Ducks feathers are waterproof
  5. Ducks have no nerves in their feet, so they can’t feel the cold
  6. Ducks have 3 eyelids


Go astound someone with your new duck knowledge today!

Miss Gorstige


Tuesday 16th June 

Good morning Year 5!

Are you ready for another day? I’ve already been running this morning! Getting active first thing really helps me to get my brain going and sets me up for a good day! That’s why I always put PE first on our timetables!


Mrs Harrington told me last week that we were 5th in East Grinstead for participation in the Sussex Virtual games! Isn’t that amazing?! Make sure you keep it up and participate in this week’s challenges too! We've been participating every week in the Key Worker bubble at school. Remember you have until Friday to submit your scores.


Miss Gorstige

Monday 15th June

Good morning Year 5!

Did you have a nice weekend? Did you get up to anything exciting? My garden DIY projects continued.....Saturday was spent digging a pond into our garden! I hope some lovely frogs decide to come lay frogspawn in it soon so we can watch the tadpoles grow!


Speaking of eggs and hatching and growing, something egg-citing is going to be happening this week……….

Can you guess what it is? wink


All will be revealed later this week!

Miss Gorstige