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How Are The Governors Organised?

The main governing body governors  are:-
John Donohue (Chair- Foundation Governor ), Mrs Claffey (Head Teacher), Terry O'Neill (Vice Chair- Foundation Governor)), Carmen Monnery (Staff Governor), Ross Hickey (Local Education Authority Governor), Fr Steven Purnell (Parish Priest), Dame Lorna Boreland-Kelly (Foundation Governor), Raymond Mutimba (Parent Governor), Ruth Longley (Foundation Governor), Mike Thorogood (Foundation Governor) and two Associate Governors, Nicola Mason and Brendan Geraghty. 
The body of governors would normally consist of twelve individuals.
Currently there are ten governors (and two associates) with a vacancy for a Foundation Governor and a Non-Teaching Governor.
From September 2012, the body has merged its two main sub committees (Building & Finance and Staff & Curriculum) back into the main body.  When we had the sub committees, it was found that Headteacher and the Chair of Governors were attending six meetings a term, including two Full Governing Body (FGB) meetings.  Also the other governors were attending at least four meetings a term.  This caused a lot of repetition and the meeting were often very lengthy.
We are currently having two FGB meetings a term and have set up working groups/parties for appropriate projects/subjects if and when needed.  The idea being these working groups will deal with the ground level detail and report back to the FGB and seek the FGB approval on major/key decisions.
There are statutory committees which meet when required which are:-
Staff Dismissal Committee
Pupil Discipline Committee
Admissions Committee
Pay Performance Review Panel                                
Headteacher’s Performance Management Review Panel

There are special positions on the Governing Body and these are filled as follows:-
Inclusion Governor (SEN) - Dame Lorna Boreland-Kelly
Health and Safety Governor - Nicola Mason
Link Governor –Ross Hickey
School Uniform - John Donohue

One of the Governors roles is to establish links with the subject leaders in the school and make visits to meet with those leaders and look at how the school is carrying out its responsibilities in the various subjects.
The Governors Allocation of Subjects is as follows:

R.E. - Fr Steven Purnell & Ruth Longley 
English –Ruth Longley 
Maths - John Donohue
I.C.T. - Raymond Mutimba
History – Brendan Geraghty
Geography – Brendan Geraghty
Science – Raymond Mutimba
Design & Technology - Brendan Geraghty
EYFS Reception - Mike Thorogood
Modern Languages (French) - Ross Hickey
Music - Terry O'Neill
SEN – Dame Lorna Boreland-Kelly
Creative Curriculum - Emma Humphreys
P.E. & Art – Terry O'Neill
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