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Happy New Year!

Year 6 will be having a Class Mass on Monday 19th January at 2:30pm in their classroom.  You are more than welcome to join us.

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Spellings - Test on Friday 23rd January

1. pronounce - pronunciation 2. protect - protection 3. imitate - imitation 4. consider - consideration 5. separate - separation 6. ventilate - ventil...

Homework - due in Wednesday 21st January

English Homework Unit 10 - pages 24 & 25 - Suffixes Maths Homework Page 198 Pie Charts Read the questions carefully

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pptx.gif: E-Safety Meeting Presentation

E-Safety Meeting Presentation

The presentation that was given at the E-Safety Meeting on Thursday 23rd October. For more information or details, please contact Miss Monnery
File size: 69KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

doc.gif: Parents Curriculum Letter September 2014 Year 6

Parents Curriculum Letter September 2014 Year 6

An explanation of the curriculum for the Autumn term.
File size: 69KB (Word File)

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