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Summer Term!

Welcome back to the Summer Term - as you are aware, we are working hard towards our SATS in May.

Our topic this term will be linked to Science and interdependence and adaptation.

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Spellings - Test on Friday 1st May

1. sacrifice 2.secretary 3. shoulder 4.signature 5.sincere 6.sincerely 7. soldier 8. stomach 9.sufficient 10.sugge...

Homework - due in Wednesday 29th April

English Homework Unit 18 - Sentences - page 42 & 43 YOU WILL NEED TO READ THE INFORMATION ON THE PAGE CAREFULLY Maths Homework Page218 - Re...

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docx.gif: Day 5

Day 5

File size: 657KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Day Four

Day Four

Sweets, Wheat, Snails and Frogs Legs!
File size: 2MB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Day Three

Day Three

File size: 2MB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Day Two

Day Two

Sunshine and Smiles!
File size: 2MB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Day One

Day One

File size: 1MB (Word 2007 File)

pptx.gif: French Residential Trip

French Residential Trip

Information regarding the forthcoming Year 6 French residential trip.
File size: 663KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

pptx.gif: E-Safety Meeting Presentation

E-Safety Meeting Presentation

The presentation that was given at the E-Safety Meeting on Thursday 23rd October. For more information or details, please contact Miss Monnery
File size: 69KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

doc.gif: Parents Curriculum Letter September 2014 Year 6

Parents Curriculum Letter September 2014 Year 6

An explanation of the curriculum for the Autumn term.
File size: 69KB (Word File)

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