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Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the E-Safety meeting in school.  A copy of the presentation and relevant information is available on the website.

Just a reminder that there won't be any homework for half term.

The children were given letters asking for volunteers for our Egyptian Day on Wednesday 5th November.  Please complete and return the reply slip if you are able to help us!

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Spellings - Test on Friday 24th October

1. category 2. cemetery 3. committee 4. communicate 5. community 6. competition 7. conscience 8. conscious 9. controversy 10. convenience

Homework - due in Wednesday 22nd October

English Homework Nelson Grammar pages 18 & 19 - Check Up Maths Homework KS2 Maths - page119 Exercise 1 and 2 Work for at least 30 minute...

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pptx.gif: E-Safety Meeting Presentation

E-Safety Meeting Presentation

The presentation that was given at the E-Safety Meeting on Thursday 23rd October. For more information or details, please contact Miss Monnery
File size: 69KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

doc.gif: Parents Curriculum Letter September 2014 Year 6

Parents Curriculum Letter September 2014 Year 6

An explanation of the curriculum for the Autumn term.
File size: 69KB (Word File)

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