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Year 6 have arrived in Dover and are on their way home!
We expect them at school at
Updates will be available here.

We have arrived all safe and sound and accounted for!

Our First Day – Journey and Arrival
Our journey to Rue was uneventful with a pleasant crossing across the Channel and coach trip into the French countryside.  Just to report no one was ill on the trip, we were all relieved about that.  Amazing how many times the children thought they had spotted the “Eiffel Tower”. 

Arrived at the Chateau late afternoon and the children have now all eaten and are enjoying the Chateau Olympics – involving wearing a giant nappy, a wellie boot and a helmet whilst racing. Everyone is having a great time out there.  Let us hope they sleep well tonight.

Internet is very slow and we need to go and unpack so will upload some photos for today, tomorrow morning.
Day 2

I am endeavouring to put some photos on and I have put some in the documents further down.  I think internet is run on snails so it could be a slow process but children are all fine, slept well, breakfast has been eaten and they have all enjoyed their first activity session this morning.  We are off out to the sweet shop and the wheat farm this afternoon.  Photos to follow.

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A special Happy Birthday

A special Happy Birthday (264KB)









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Our Last Day

Our last day has arrived. We are currently getting the children out of their beds and what a task it is this morning. Bleary eyes are tryi...

Is it the end of the trip?

Is it really the end of our trip? The days have flown past and it is evident that the children are shattered after their time away as the coach this a...

Day 4

What a glorious day! The weather is fantastic, a little on the chilly side but absolutely beautiful. We all slept exceptionally well last night....

Day Three part 2

Just back from the camp fire which was great fun, lots of storytelling and singing and a walk through the woods in the dark with torches lighting our ...

Day Three has started

And what day is now? Oh yes Wednesday! Everyone slept really well last night, therefore we were all awake and raring to go this morning. ...

Activities and trips out .......

Day Two – Active Morning and a Trip out in the afternoon. All slept well and were up bright and breezy at 7am (for bright and breezy substitute ...

One more day and we are off!

Don't forget to pack toothbrushes and toothpaste, a torch, maybe a book to read when you have a quiet few minutes (not many of those) as well as t...

Are we there yet?

Preparations are in place for our Year 6 Residential to Rue. I know that suitcases have been lying on bedroom floors, piles of clothes dotted ar...

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docx.gif: Our First Day

Our First Day

File size: 714KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: French Visit Information

French Visit Information

Some notes following the meeting of 23rd February 2016 with details needed for parents prior to our trip. Please do ask if there is anything you are unclear about. Please remember that Tuesday 8th March is an important date as we need passports, EHIC cards and spending money to be brought into school.
File size: 14KB (Word 2007 File)

doc.gif: Parents Curriculum Information 2016

Parents Curriculum Information 2016

Information for parents regarding the curriculum for the Spring term in Year 6
File size: 68KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Parents Curriculum Information Letter 2015

Parents Curriculum Information Letter 2015

Information for parents regarding the curriculum for the Autumn term in Year 6
File size: 69KB (Word File)

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