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Summer 2015

This term our topic is Fur, Fins, Feathers and Flora.  We will be learning about classifying animals and how plants grow.  We will also investigate what living things need to grow and stay healthy. 

Please see the curriculum letter below for more detail.

Further information will be going home with homework books and reading diaries and keep an eye on the school newsletter for diary dates and updates.

Mrs Coster

The children in Class 2 held a football tournament on Thursday afternoon.  They organised their own teams and came up with the names.  It would appear we have lots of budding footballers - great fun was had by all. The worthy winners were the aptly named 'Thrashers'!
A big thank you to the Playleaders who helped to set it up.


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WINNERS of the Year 2 Football Tournament

WINNERS of the Year 2 Football Tournament (282KB)


Chelsea (274KB)

Fire Benders

Fire Benders (293KB)

Football Stars

Football Stars (275KB)

The Flash

The Flash (269KB)

The Lightning Strike

The Lightning Strike (267KB)

The Thrashers

The Thrashers (274KB)



































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doc.gif: Maths Assessment

Maths Assessment

View the maths assessment criteria for Year 2 2015.
File size: 90KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Writing Assessment

Writing Assessment

The assessment criteria for writing for the end of year 2 2015.
File size: 76KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Reading Assessment

Reading Assessment

Have a look at the assessment criteria for the end of year 2 2015.
File size: 74KB (Word File)

ppt.gif: Harvest Liturgy 2014

Harvest Liturgy 2014

File size: 4MB (PowerPoint File)

docx.gif: New Maths Curriculum 2015

New Maths Curriculum 2015

This is what we will be learning in Maths this year.
File size: 19KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: New English Curriculum 2015

New English Curriculum 2015

These is what we will be learning in English this year.
File size: 22KB (Word 2007 File)

doc.gif: Parents Curriculum Letter Summer 2015

Parents Curriculum Letter Summer 2015

File size: 66KB (Word File)

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Number Facts Bingo

Play games of Bingo to help learn your number facts.

Stop the CLock 3

Using 5 minute intervals.

Stop the CLock 2

Using quarter past and quarter to.

Stop the CLock 1

Using half past and o'clock.

Hit The Button!

Use this great game to practise your times tables, doubles and halves and number bonds.

Number Facts

Use this website to help you remember all your number facts.

Counting Practise

Practise your counting skills with these fun on-line games.

Spelling Practise

Why not use this simple online activity to help you practise your spellings.

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